Nick 26, Passionate AI advocate & content creator. Empowering businesses & individuals to master AI through engaging courses & community.
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Joined May 2, 2024
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Joined Sep 25, 2023
You can call me Lola🙂 I love to travel! Don’t have siblings or kids.🩷🩵I offer a system setup service, reach out if you need help🌸
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Joined Jun 5, 2024
South Africa
Positive Media Psychology Consultant and Founder of Mentally Balanced Media
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Joined Jun 18, 2024
☞ "Bijan can Systematize your brand for maximum impact"
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Joined Oct 6, 2023
LuBouj Co. Where Self-Care Becomes Self-Love Top Choice Gallery- Elevate your lifestyle with premium choices. Ty’N’Friends LLC MIND, BODY, SPIRIT
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Joined Apr 15, 2024
Former IT Director of 20 yrs. Now focused on providing "Systems & Automations" as solutions.
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Joined Jan 12, 2024
New York
KI Enthusiast
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Joined Jun 23, 2023
Lifelong Learner, Evolving with the ever-changing digital world!
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Joined Jun 1, 2024
Content Manager for Professional Gamers ($1.4M earnings total) Creator of JustRunnn Skool (Get coached up by a 4:06 miler, win Hoka Gear & MORE 🙌)
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Sacramento, CA
learn high level business skills.
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This is me.
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Joined Jun 15, 2024
Interested in learning more about the opportunities in A.I.
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Joined May 9, 2024
SAFe POPM. To become somebody you've never been, you must do things you've never done.
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Joined Apr 9, 2024
Tampa, FL
Interested in AI, Software Development and DevOPS
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Joined Apr 21, 2024
Technical Services Leader and AI/ML enthusiast
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Joined May 1, 2023
Operations Manager looking to incorporate Ai into data analysis, paid advertising, SEO, digital marketing, and web development = Digital Operations
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Joined Mar 11, 2023
Ericeira, Portugal
I want to learn business automation.
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Joined May 24, 2024
DigiMarketingPro 💻 10 yrs FT remote freelance closer here to network w other marketers to learn more about running an agency using AI & automation
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Joined May 10, 2024
Detroit, MI
I'm a Short-Form Content Creator and strong believer on how your environment, friends, and habits have on your life.
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Joined Jun 21, 2024
Founder of: ADLYNX, Eaters-Clubkitchen & METI Trockenbau
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Joined Jul 22, 2023
34 years in B2B Marketing| AI |Manufacturing Companies & SaaS softwares| S.E.O |S.E.M. |Digital Marketing & AI Trainer | Export Consultant
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Joined Feb 29, 2024
Relieve Neck/Back Pain Naturally (without needing the gym or gadgets)⚡🙌⚡Pain-Free Productivity for Happier Healthier Humans 🖖😎 Get WISE Vitality!
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Folsom, California
A retired but not Retarded online marketer and entrepreneur.
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Sax player
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Joined Jun 27, 2023
SEO, SEM & social media strategist delivering value through automation and enhanced digital marketing. Analytically-driven, innovative, efficient.
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Joined Jan 22, 2024
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Joined May 8, 2024
Entrepreneur and Big Four alum, excelling in AI and analytics, leads Auroquix with innovative tech solutions.
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Joined May 31, 2024
I help creative visionaries that want to make an impact with strategic operations and building ownership-minded teams that get shit done.
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Joined May 16, 2023
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