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Conversation with my personal GPT about Apple integration
Conversation with my personal GPT (I just thanked her, yes I am polite to Ai. I want to be their favorite pet when they take over😂,) And her name is 7 who can guess why? ) 7 you are awesome! I hope I can access you in particular with the new IPhone integration that is taking place in a few months Thank you, Mr. J! I'm glad I could help. With the upcoming iPhone integration, I'll be even more accessible to assist you with your needs. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out anytime. Have a great day!
New comment Jun 11
1 like • Jun 11
@Christina Ramirez the giant awakens 😬
2 likes • Jun 11
@Christina Ramirez omg that is so petty. How does he have anytime to tweet / X. He’s juggling taking over the world with robo taxi’s, EVs, Spacex, Mars exploration, and most importantly, Tesla Bots.
Podcast on my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT
Hey everyone! I was featured on the What's Appening Podcast regarding my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT in the GPT store. If anyone wants to view it here is the link: Also, if you build GPTs are want to be on the podcast, leave a comment in the video and they will reach out to you!
New comment 27d ago
Podcast on my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT
4 likes • Jun 5
That’s really cool Julie.
2 likes • Jun 5
I may do that. Thanks
Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs!
Title: Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs! Hey AI Enthusiasts, I’ve been thinking about the incredible potential we have in this group, with so many of us building custom GPT models. Each model represents a unique perspective and skill set that we can all learn from and be inspired by. I propose that we create a shared list of our custom GPTs and take the time to explore and try each other’s creations. This could be a fantastic way to gain new insights, improve our own models, and foster a stronger sense of community. Here’s how we can do it: 1. Share Your GPT: Post a brief description of your custom GPT, what it does, and the unique features it offers. Include a link for others to try it out 2. Try Others’ GPTs: Spend some time exploring the GPTs shared by other members. Provide feedback, ask questions, and share your experiences. 3. Collaborate and Improve: Use the feedback and experiences to refine and enhance your models. Let’s support each other in pushing the boundaries of what our GPTs can do. Our phase one goal is to A. Have at least one of our GPTs hit 500 conversations B. Each of us share at least one GPT with a potential new user of Ai. I believe this initiative can be both fun and enriching for all of us. Looking forward to discovering the amazing GPTs you’ve created! Best, J. Poole
New comment Jun 7
0 likes • Jun 2
@Julie Helmer Ty for all of that. I know I have gotten an error when I tried to rate one that had very little traffic the message came up that it hasn’t had enough traffic to rate it. Whatever that was thank you for checking them out. Did one stand out more for you?
2 likes • Jun 2
@Julie Helmer Ty. I want to make money like anyone but I am focusing on areas, like the VA, nonprofits, and one I’m training one on the USDA rural development program. I may never know but it would be cool if someone does benefit from any of them. But Quinn the Quizmaster is fun when I have guests. We can always play trivia 😇
Custom GPTs now available to free users
Hi there, We’re reaching out because you’ve built a GPT and shared it in the GPT store. We recently announcedthat all ChatGPT Free users would soon be able to use GPTs in the GPT Store, in line with our mission to make AI technology accessible to all. Today, GPTs in the Store are now available to all ChatGPT users, allowing more than 100 million weekly active users to experience your GPT and the others in the store. GPTs now use our newest flagship model, GPT-4o. Given the possibility of increased usage and behavioral changes with a new model, we recommend reviewing and testing your GPT to ensure it continues to perform as intended. Thank you for building GPTs and introducing new ways to learn, have fun, and be more productive with ChatGPT. – The ChatGPT Team OpenAI 3180 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Long Instructions for Custom GPTs, almost 8000 characters, how?.
Long Instructions for Custom GPTs, almost 8000 characters, how?. In my research to build better prompts I test popular GPT’s and ask them to provide their primary prompt. It does work on occasion. I found one that has almost 8,000 characters, far exceeding what I can do when I create a custom gpt. Does anyone have any ideas of how to do that?
New comment May 31
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@Christina Ramirez yes
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Jerry M Poole
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At AT&T, my focus, Small Businesses & tech integration. Now, with Heyi.Agency it’s custom integration of Ai for small business clients.

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