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FastBots Now Integrates with WhatsApp! 📲
You can now connect your chat bots to your WhatsApp Business number and respond to customer queries seamlessly using your company’s data. This integration is perfect for: - Providing instant customer support on WhatsApp - Answering FAQs directly in WhatsApp chats - Offering quick responses to product or service inquiries Linking FastBots to WhatsApp is fast and simple. Just log in and click on "Integrations" in the FastBots platform. Ready to upgrade your customer interactions? Give it a try today at #FastBots #WhatsAppIntegration #CustomerSupport #BusinessChat
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FastBots Now Integrates with WhatsApp! 📲
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@Damian Smith WhatsApp was our most requested feature Damian since day one.
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@Damian Smith We will be adding Google Drive integration soon.
FastBots White Label Agency Closing Shortly ⏳
The response has been overwhelming, and spots are filling up fast. 👉 If you missed the webinar, you can watch a replay here. Here's what you need to know: ✅ Only a few spots remain in our FastBots Agency Program ✅ The program is closing very soon and won't reopen for months ✅ Everything you need to start your own AI Chatbot Agency ✅ Our white-label solution lets you brand chatbots as your own ✅ You only need to sell TWO chatbots to make in profit We are very close to releasing some awesome integrations for the chatbots so they can not only act as website customer support but also deal with incoming messages on WhatsApp, Slack, FB Messenger, and Instagram too! These services are highly in demand, and with our agency, you will put yourself in a great position to be getting paid by the millions of businesses crying out for these services over the next few years. 🚀 Find out more at:
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FastBots White Label Agency Closing Shortly ⏳
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@Mike Ferry Think of this as the regular Agency plan paid annually and as a result you get a massive bonus.
Help with email prompt
Is there anyway we could get the email lead prompt to pop up after someone says certain key words or when they seem interested enough
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@Cameron Ewing Support for FastBots is at rather than here 👍
Need tips to seperate myself from other chatbot companies in price
so im using and its hard to set myself apart from the people charging alot less fore message credits how can i work around that @Jason West
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What value are you adding Cameron vs them signing up themselves with a company?
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You have no chance of doing this if you are trying to offer your services at the same prices as the DIY platforms. This is just the same as the web design industry. You have hundreds if not thousands, of web design platforms like Wix, Godaddy, Shopify, Wordpress etc that companies could just use themselves to build their own sites. They all have good tutorials and support BUT the companies that like like to do it themselves are NOT your potential clients. They suck. They will just price compare you. Your job is to offer a bespoke chatbot creation and maintenance package, charge a set up fee and monthly fee. You are targeting companies that DON'T want to get involved or do this for themselves. You are their trusted man who can do it all for them, which means you can charge more and they expect to pay for your time and expertise. I could go on, but that is why we created the FastBots Agency program to help people like you.
Live Webinar - Fastbots AI Chatbot Agency 🔥
Hi everyone! If anyone in this community is interested in launching a profitable AI chatbot agency under your own brand, you might like to join me on a live Webinar Thursday at 8pm (UK TIme) We have added so much value to our agency program on FastBots, and we think you're going to love it. REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR Date: Thursday the 27th of June 2024 Time: 8pm (UK Time) 2024 might just be the biggest opportunity since way back in the early 2000s, when everyone needed a website. Now businesses need AI, and there is no more effective and simple way for an online business to use AI than a chatbot. This is your opportunity to create a long-term recurring income and a real business that helps companies and institutions around the globe. Perfect for : ✅ Web designers ✅ Digital Agencies ✅ Entrepreneurs ✅ Internet Marketers ✅ Experts/Influencers If this sounds interesting to you, then please register for the webinar, as there are limited spaces to attend and join the Fastbots Agency. See you soon! 👋🏼 Jason West PS: Yes, I will send out a recording IF you register. If you want to ask questions, though, you will need to come to the live webinar. 🙌
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Live Webinar - Fastbots AI Chatbot Agency 🔥
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@Tony Baker Well done taking action and making things happen 🙌
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Hi Folks - We had some screen sharing issues on the webinar so I am sending you a link to watch a recording of the last one we did:
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