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Multiple ghostwriter personas
If I’m creating content for multiple different businesses and wanting to not only create marketing content for them, but also more personalized content using their tone, what is the best way to go about this where I simply just say: “write a post about ____ as if you were Tommy” or something of the like. I have multiple clients wanting content written out for them but i currently outsource it. I’d rather find ways to take my research on their businesses and make posts, blogs, etc in their “voice” using previously created content of theirs. I’d also like to then continue to “teach” the gpt about the content that generates engagement vs leads, etc. Again this is for multiple people and different types of businesses. Whats the best way to do this? Not just what platform, but literally HOW do I separate out thev personas and what does it need to have in my prompt or pdf, etc to get the correct message across?
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@Julie Helmer lots of detail... it takes time... thank you! #nugget
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@Jerry M Poole deleted! Thank you for that...
AI Detection tools & Journalism
What is the AI detection tool used by news outlets like Newsweek, Free Press, and so on? Thank you in advance.
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I'm learning something new every hour, not every day... checking out GPTZero now... #nugget
ChatGPT scripts
how would I go about having ChatGPT write me a script for like 30-45 second videos ? What all would I need to include ?
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@Mukul Verma #nugget
How To Create A Prompt For ChatGPT (with example)
When creating a prompt for using ChatGPT, follow these basic guidelines: Guidelines 1. Define the Objective: Clearly state the goal of the prompt. 2. Specify Requirements: Explicitly mention what you need. 3. Be Clear and Concise: Use straightforward and precise language. 4. Provide Examples: Include relevant examples to illustrate your point. 5. Include Constraints: Mention any limitations or specific conditions. Example Prompt "You are a social media expert at creating engaging content. Create a social media post for my Facebook group that promotes [INSERT PRODUCT]. The benefits of my product are [INSERT 1], [INSERT 2], [INSERT 3]. Ensure the post is no more than 150 words, includes an engaging call to action to click on the link, and does not include hashtags." Tips - Provide Detailed Input: The more you explain about your product, the better the output will be. Avoid being too general. - Revise as Needed: You will likely need to revise a few times. This above is your main prompt, then you list revisions. - Standardize Successful Formats: Once you find a post format you like, inform the AI that this is the format you want for future posts.
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@Julie Helmer got it! #nugget
ChatGPT Can Help You Make More Money
I just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel to show you how you can leverage ChatGPT 4o Vision to boost your website or landing page conversion rates. 🚀 🔗 Watch the video here: Use ChatGPT 4.0 to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate 📈 Video Highlights: • Step-by-Step Feedback: Learn how to get detailed, actionable feedback on your website. • Copywriting Tips: Discover how ChatGPT can help you craft compelling copy that converts. • Real-Life Example: Watch a practical demonstration of ChatGPT in action. Ultimately, if you can increase your website conversion rate by even 1% it can make a huge difference to your annual profits 💰 Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more content like this! Cheers Jason
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ChatGPT Can Help You Make More Money
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Thank you for the post!
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