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Mental Health
how to build a mental health gpt?
New comment 9d ago
2 likes • 23d
You go to "Create a GPT", then you give it instructions related to mental health and publish it.
0 likes • 16d
@Stephanie King Mattingly It can be on whatever you want it be, there are not really restricted.
Clients service Chatbot
Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well! Which Chatbot you would advice me to use in order to manage messages from my store (hosted with Shopify) but also from social media accounts and which is enough intellegent so I don't spend a lot of time on Chat, but only to answer questions that machine cannot do it :)? Thanks in advance for your feedback and help! *if you are a coach or expert, please don't propose to teach me anything, unless it's for free ;)
New comment 21d ago
0 likes • 21d
@Stephanie Brown I have no tone- you are reading in your own voice. Please don't project. You for sure did misunderstand, but I am not here to argue, espically over semantics and projections. Enjoy your day.
0 likes • 21d
@Moataz Kanj I think Closebot has a HubSpot integration, you should check them out.
Multiple ghostwriter personas
If I’m creating content for multiple different businesses and wanting to not only create marketing content for them, but also more personalized content using their tone, what is the best way to go about this where I simply just say: “write a post about ____ as if you were Tommy” or something of the like. I have multiple clients wanting content written out for them but i currently outsource it. I’d rather find ways to take my research on their businesses and make posts, blogs, etc in their “voice” using previously created content of theirs. I’d also like to then continue to “teach” the gpt about the content that generates engagement vs leads, etc. Again this is for multiple people and different types of businesses. Whats the best way to do this? Not just what platform, but literally HOW do I separate out thev personas and what does it need to have in my prompt or pdf, etc to get the correct message across?
New comment 20d ago
0 likes • 22d
It would make more sense to create a GPT that does this for with a framework. You have them answers questions and the rest is generated. Super easy.
Auto-updating a custom GPT
I created a custom GPT that I feed industry news stories, drama, or whatever and it gives me a potential response to that. What I'm doing now is taking what it generate and completely rewriting it to fit my style better and to focus in on what I feel important rather than what the AI does. What I'd like to do is add a step to the process where I feed it my version of the output and it learns from that (both style and content) dynamically. Is there any way to achieve this or is it still currently beyond the abilities of ChatGPT?
New comment 21d ago
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@Curt 'Mex' Nicol DHP DD PhD A GPT can not update itself in any form or fashion. No A.I does that. It is trained on information given or connected to an API to always pull relevant information.
1 like • 23d
@Curt 'Mex' Nicol DHP DD PhD Also to clarify "start a new one and everything it's 'learned' from the other one is gone" - that is not how that works, I understand your point though. Which is why you would use a KB.
Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs!
Title: Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs! Hey AI Enthusiasts, I’ve been thinking about the incredible potential we have in this group, with so many of us building custom GPT models. Each model represents a unique perspective and skill set that we can all learn from and be inspired by. I propose that we create a shared list of our custom GPTs and take the time to explore and try each other’s creations. This could be a fantastic way to gain new insights, improve our own models, and foster a stronger sense of community. Here’s how we can do it: 1. Share Your GPT: Post a brief description of your custom GPT, what it does, and the unique features it offers. Include a link for others to try it out 2. Try Others’ GPTs: Spend some time exploring the GPTs shared by other members. Provide feedback, ask questions, and share your experiences. 3. Collaborate and Improve: Use the feedback and experiences to refine and enhance your models. Let’s support each other in pushing the boundaries of what our GPTs can do. Our phase one goal is to A. Have at least one of our GPTs hit 500 conversations B. Each of us share at least one GPT with a potential new user of Ai. I believe this initiative can be both fun and enriching for all of us. Looking forward to discovering the amazing GPTs you’ve created! Best, J. Poole
New comment 17d ago
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@Julie Helmer It is fun. This month I will putting putting them across HuggingFace, and Coze. Already getting so much traffic :)
2 likes • 23d
@Julie Helmer Within the GPT itself. Almost all my GPTs are connected to Stripe or a database to authenticate a user. I would share a video but we cant, as it counts as self promo.
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