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Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
Pacha was not where she wanted to be financially. She was unclear on her offer and didn't know which niche to focus on. But instead of signing up to work with me, she thought: "I'm not good enough to work with Ted yet." So she stayed unclear on her offer... Stayed confused about her niche... Stayed stuck. But then she got SICK & TIRED of wasting time trying to figure out everything on her own. She bucked up and booked a call with my COO Benny to find out more about our program. (Here's the link she used.) She was surprised by how affordable it was to work together privately. A few days later she decided to sign up for "The Family," one of my private mentorship programs where she gets direct access to me + my COO, Benny. The first thing I did with her was get her clear on her offer. Second thing I did was show her how to sell it. Benny assisted her with everything in between. Within 30 days, she made $24,000 USD by following our exact advice πŸ₯³ πŸ† Want results like Pacha? Even if you only want to make $5,000 - $10,000/month, here's what you'll need: - An irresistible high ticket offer. - A niche to sell it to. - Clear messaging that gets people to want to buy it. - The ability to deliver on your offer. - Someone in your corner giving you feedback & course correction every step of the way. - Someone in your corner to break your limiting beliefs along the way. Now if you want some help with all of the above (the same help Pacha received), here's what to do: Step 1: Book a free call with me/my expert team of coaches to see if working together with me makes sense for you right now. Here's the link to chat with us about what you've got going on: Step 2: Show up to the call. On the call, you're not allowed to buy anything from us. This call is purely to see if we can help you get to $10,000/month and for us to point you in the right direction of your next step.
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Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
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πŸ₯³ Absolutely Awesome! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration!
Hey, I mean...are we having fun yet??? This is Life...One Shot.
So, I'm loving the excitement and fun I'm having now, (building and refining) and the fun and excitement this is creating for the future. (I mean, can you imagine bringing in πŸ’° $10,000 - $20,000 a month? Wouldn't that be TOTALLY FUN!!! Like a back flip into a pond!!! (or on a basketball court.) (You see that gif...? It's so funny I!!!) Okay, so, if you've been stressed like I have too, then, I think a little FUN INFUSED "makin' it happen" is truly what could be next on our list. So, check out these gifs... Then...take your building and offer crunching and pitching seriously after a bowl full of laughs.
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Hey, I mean...are we having fun yet??? This is Life...One Shot.
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How to Get People to Pay You Money FAST:
Watch this video to see how the words you speak will instantly determine if someone will pay you money or not.
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How to Get People to Pay You Money FAST:
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Accountibility Post: I'm going LIVE using ZOOM and LINKEDIN today but I don't know how yet.
Hello Awesome Community People, When I feel like taking action... ...sometimes I let people know for a few reasons. 1. It helps me follow through 2. It helps others take action. 3. there are probably more reasons. So, I'm going out on a limb here and am just going to figure out how to GO LIVE, baby! What about you? GO LIVE today!!! Somehow. Someway. To your continued growth and bright future...
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Accountibility Post: I'm going LIVE using ZOOM and LINKEDIN today but I don't know how yet.
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EDIT: The price has now been doubled. We now charge $197/month. Original post: If you go to bed feeling stressed out only to wake up feeling crippled about your lack of money... And you'd rather go to bed feeling relaxed and wake up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning... Ask yourself this 1 question right now: "If I HAD to succeed, and I had NO CHOICE but to succeed, what would I do differently this June?" If you answered honestly, what you would do is likely very different than what you did in May. My answer, if I were you, would be something like: "I'd get some help from a professional who can look at what I'm doing and tell me where I'm going wrong and tell me exactly what to do." When I was broke, I got help from my friend Joey. He sat down next to me and helped me set up my entire business on my laptop. Without him, I wouldn't be typing this post with millions in the bank. And now, because Joey helped me, all I do is help others get out of the same financial situation I was in. Look: ALL of the people who get rich online with their business are the ones who get help. And ALL the ones who stay broke think they can do it alone. Last month (for example) I helped two of my new clients earn over $40,000 on Skool with their first Skool community to win the Skool games. Meanwhile, I had 30 other people tell me they could do it alone - but they never did. Classic, but sad. If you're serious about going from $0/month to over $10,000/month with your own coaching program or membership, and you're DONE f&cking around already, read this: Today (June 1st) is your last chance to work directly with me and my team inside of Contentpreneurs at a massive discount.
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So good! πŸ’ͺπŸ’–
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