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"How Quickly Can I Start Making Money?"
One of the most common (and understandable) questions I get asked is:
"Ted, I want to sign up for your VIP Academy and have my entire business set up in a weekend, but how quickly will I be able to start making money once I'm set up?"
The answer: Right away. Within 1 minute.
You could sell your mom/dad/sister/friend as soon as you're done.
But how long will it take you to start turning people who don't know who you are into paying clients?
If I was able to predict that I'd be a BILLIONAIRE with a private future prediction agency lol.
Nobody knows. Not me. Not you. Not your astrologist.
I have some clients who start converting conversations with prospects within 48 hours after completing my weekend set up program.
Others start landing clients within a week.
Others within a month.
But how can I possibly know how long it will take for YOU to start landing clients?
I don't know your work ethic... how many hours are you putting in per day? Are they quality hours or garbage hours?
I don't know your discipline level... how likely are you to do slack off? How likely are you to do the hard things?
I don't know your focus level... how easily do you get distracted? How long can you work on 1 task?
I don't know your health stats... are you energetic or depressed in bed?
And even if I did know these things with 100% accuracy...
I still can't force someone to pay you money just to meet my timeline πŸ˜‚
If you need that much certainty, you'll have to rob someone at gunpoint.
Just like my team & I don't know how much money we'll make next week, I can't possibly know how much you'll make, either.
And that's because business does not exist in a closed system or a controlled environment.
Business exists in an open system with outside forces, and other people at play.
So look:
Rather than asking "How quickly can I make money?" try asking a higher quality question like: "What can I do right now (today) to give myself the best chance at landing a client the fastest?"
When you ask higher quality questions like this, you get higher quality answers that can ACTUALLY help you land clients.
If you want the fast track for getting clients, here's what I'd suggest:
Step 1: Go through the course material in this community.
Still don't have clients?
Step 2: Attend one of our live offer clarity calls - usually on Thursdays.
Still don't have clients?
Step 3: Hop on a free 15 minute clarity call with us to find out why you still aren't getting clients.
Still don't have clients?
Step 4: Consider working with us 1 on 1 so we can make sure you do everything right.
Still don't have clients?
Step 5: DM me: "HELP" to hop on a weekly private Zoom call with me personally and I'll get you sorted.
Ted Carr
"How Quickly Can I Start Making Money?" (Free)
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