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Landed first 2 hour workshop for $4k
Last week I facilitated a 2 hour workshop for an insurance company that wants to introduce a new offer to grow and change direction due to new California law that is killing its cash cow offer. To put things in context, in the past I charged $2k for a day. But, it never hurts to ask even thought the thought feels frightening. Best of the experience is that this was the first time I run this type of workshop - “The Story Framework Sprint” and in a new Indutry. Quote from the CEO - “we have too much knowledge in our head that it’s confusing to make sense of it in a simple way”. This helps to simplify our focus.
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Lisa Rothstein
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Jonathan Sharp
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Excellent work! What are some more of your takeaways?
FREE Virtual Summit on Community [TODAY]
hey all! wanted to share that a two day virtual summit is happening right now [and tomorrow] on all things community. If you have a community that you're part of or lead, this is chock full of great info. Also, I'm emceeing :)
Pricing for Design Sprint and Iteration Sprint
Hey Community Does anybody have experience with the pricing of Facilitation Workshops such as Design Sprints and also some insights how many are makeable monthly? Thanks for answers.
Bryan Guzmán
Marco Reber
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Victoria Cumberbatch
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@Marco Reber 💯💯💯💯💯
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@Marco Reber I don’t have thoughts on your original question; but I do agree with weaving in empowerment/leadership into every workshop regardless of what the clients wants 👀 because to me, at the root of many team woes are communication + misunderstanding of where people are coming from (cultural beliefs et al) and by adding some aspects to tackle these subtly → it simply adds such flavor to every workshop. I intentionally add it in always and always will
Facilitation. Moving into the zone of genius
When you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to no one. Facilitation is a powerful tool. It can streamline a difficult decision, ease the process of idea generation, offer clarity, save time and money and the list goes on and on. A gift and a curse. Because you cannot put your finger on it unless you experience it first-hand. And even then it's quite difficult to identify all the use cases. After more than 5 years facilitating all types of projects (persona generation, business plan development, internal process redesign, you name it!) I have decided that it’s time to stop waiting for clients to “get it” = understand what facilitation is and identify on their own the situations in which it can be extremely useful. It’s our job, as facilitators, to articulate a specific value proposition, relevant to a specific group of people. I’m still figuring out my zone of genius (as @Gay Hendricks describes it in his book “The big leap”) + who are the people I can serve best with my innate abilities and the know how I have gathered until this point. I don’t know how long/difficult this process is going to be but what I do know is that I’d rather put it in the work to find out than being everything to everyone, tempting as it may be 💰 Have you found your “zone of genius”? If so, what was your process? I’m just asking for a friend 🤓 P.S : I found this list of facilitation niches. I don't know about you, but I needed a moment:) BOARD FACILITATION CHANGE MANAGEMENT COACHING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT CONFERENCE FACILITATION CREATIVE FACILITATION DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSION FOCUS GROUP FACILITATION GRAPHIC FACILITATION INFORMATION SYSTEMS FACILITATION ISSUE RESOLUTION MEETING FACILITATION OPERATIONS REVIEW ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PARTNERING SESSION FACILITATION PERFORMANCE CONSULTING PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROJECT PLANNING STRATEGIC PLANNING TASK FORCE FACILITATION TEAM ACTIVATION PROCESS TEAM BUILDING TRAINING CREATION/CUSTOMIZATION
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This is a great post and I live for ZoG. I do a workshop in this LOL, but the main gist is creating a vent diagram. Left side is WHAT LIKE and right side is WHAT IM NATURALLY DOPE AT and middle is my ZoG. Give that a shot @Alina Balan !
My first proper workshop
Hi everyone I wanted to share that I recently conducted my very first workshop, drawing upon all the new knowledge I've acquired here. I am incredibly happy with the outcome. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned, I'm pleased with the structured nature of our meeting. We made clear decisions on the next steps and successfully pinpointed the core issue that we'll address in upcoming workshops. Thank you all!
Shari Bare
Coco Curry
Benedict Odjobo
Jacobo Senior
Reimo Rehkli
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Fantastic work!!
I'm Viki!
Hiya! Please call me Viki :) Originally from New Jersey USA and currently living in Denver CO. I got to Denver via living van life during the pandemic [do not recommend]. I'm a leadership coach and on my certification journey currently I facilitate authentic leadership, self discovery, and engagement workshops I also facilitate and host my own masterclasses, open conversations, and womens' circles Lastly, I offer VIP Days and power hours for those needing community engagement! I'm usually reading, watching a movie, getting tatted, traveling, and/or playing volleyball!
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@April MacLean OF COURSE!
Books about questions
Hey all 👋, if you could recommend one book about questions, what book would that be?
Jakub Michalski
Adam Egger
Bogdan Stefanovic
Alina Balan
Mathew Georghiou
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This has been instrumental for me; short yet impactful:
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