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Hi, has anyone done an organizational design workshop before? Meaning, looking at the current organization and finding out if the work planned for the next year fits, if the team setup is correct, and if not how the teams should change to fit the strategy and roadmap? Also if people need to be hired. Any tips on how to best tackle this would be greatly appreciated!



David Newman
Boris Petrovitch Njegosh
Amanda Perkins
Marwaan Sasman
Jacobo Senior
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    I think you need to have a clear common vision and mission. From there you do analysis about trends and markets. Then you create strategical options and afterwards you need to have a look on your own company: do we have the resources (financial, competencies etc.) just to make sure, that there is no strategical GAP. This is how I normally act in strategies - Plan, Do, Check and Act. Another cool tool is: NABC.

What do you think are the most relevant differences between DT and DS? When would you recommend to apply Design Thinking and when Design Sprint?



Tim Höfer
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Hey Community In my job in different larger companies as C-Level Member (Executive) I was always wondering, why there is so much waste on unimportant things. I hardly tried to change - but honestly: all the board members (deciders) did not want to change anything, as the want to have all under control. Same experience I made in Start Up - the more investors get onboarded, the more wast was generated. So: I think, if we achieve to formulate the problem, how we solve the problem and at the end how we contribute to a potential competitive advantage, the more chances will we have to sell facilitation and workshops. What are your thoughts about that?



David Newman
Teresa Middleton
Marco Reber
Nkl Blg
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    @Teresa Middleton thank you for your feedback

Hey Community Does anybody have experience with the pricing of Facilitation Workshops such as Design Sprints and also some insights how many are makeable monthly? Thanks for answers.



Bryan Guzmán
Marco Reber
David Newman
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    @Bryan Guzmán I think it really depends on the marketing approach - maybe a combination of both - just to answer the market needs - might be a good thing

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    I also think - workshops and facilitation combined with empowering leadership will work out.

Dear Community. How do you aqcuire new customers and with which argument to engage you as a facilitator? Which is your "sales" channel - Social Media, Personal contact - a mix of both of the two?



Adamma Stekovics
Marco Reber
Ren Yee Quek
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Hello Everyone. 👋 My name is Alex. I am based in Lyon (France). I am new to this club and very excited to take part in conversations around facilitation and sharing tips and tricks to better engage our groups in trainings and workshops. I have started facilitating 5 years ago and boy! It has been a great journey where I found myself always learning and trying new things. It has been a blast but now I am ready to take it to the next level. This is why I am here. Looking forward to sharing with you... 😉



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    Welcome to the club. What is the next level for you?

Hi all - my pleasure to join this group😀



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    @Yuwei Liu Freut mich - danke für die Nachricht.

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    @Adamma Stekovics Hello und Willkommen

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