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YouTube Ads Generating 0 Leads But Lots Of Clicks?
Hey guys, My YouTube ads in the last 3 days have generated 231 clicks but not a single lead. Even if my landing page was absolutely terrible, I still feel like I would have got at least 1 lead come in so I'm wondering is there a technical flaw with my funnel that I'm not seeing? I'm going to rework the head line to remove "Leaky Bucket Agency" as maybe people don't understand what I mean by that. I'm also going to make the thumbnail "clickable" to open the pop up - but again, I don't think this is enough to get 0 leads from 231 clicks... Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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Google will send alot of clicks esp on brand new accounts and low quality data on your conversion events. Is this the case for you or is your account fairly warmed up with a ton of lead data?
Monday Motivation - I spent the weekend watching the UFC with PBD, Donald Trump, and Nate Diaz πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’₯
Happy Monday Ad Men, Today, I want to share something pretty EPIC with you, and then I want to hear from YOU too! This past weekend, my wife surprised me with tickets to the UFC 299 event in Miami, and the VIP experience! This was the FIRST time I was able to actually watch the fights LIVE in-person right next to the octagon!Not only that, but we were sitting right next to ALL the UFC fighters too. Here's a pic of me and Nate Diaz (attached lol) Then Donald Trump walked in, and the whole arena went NUTS! Patrick Bet-David was there, Russ the famous music artist was there, Sneako... It was a crazy cool experience for sure.Even crazier? I got recognized twice that night lol. Shoutout to the two Ad Men who said what's up to me at the fights and told me how you liked my content πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ Anyways, the reason I share all this with you is because if you remember LAST year around this time... We went to the fights in Miami and actually shook hands with PBD in person. Then a few weeks later, we closed the deal with him and ran all his YouTube/Google Ads for his VAULT conference. But it was THAT night back last year, that my wife and I made a promise to each other that the the next UFC we went to, we'd be sitting on the floor too! And sure enough, she made it happen for us lol... talk about the best gift ever. On top of that, I got to spend some time with my parents, hit the beach, and relax/recover from a wild February... We brought on 11 new HYBRID clients last month, and so far this March, we're already at 4!But this is ONLY the beginning. The results are coming in left and right, and my team is working harder and longer than ever... None of this would be possible without my team, and YOU for being here with us along this journey too. Sometimes we can get in our own heads about what's going WRONG... vs. everything that we have that's going RIGHT! It's important to take a weekend like this past weekend and really sit back and reflect at just how far you've come.
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Amazing dude! Keep on crushing the game
Ad Men of the Month - February⚑️
Hey Ad Men Happy Friday! Now that we are starting a new month we want to make a huge shoutout to the 10 most participating people in this community. People who have posted, shared, commented & liked. People who have been active throughout February! πŸ˜‰ Huge shoutout to: @Uzair Farooqi @Luke Alderson @Willi P @Mike Morales @Giovanni Cristiano @Michael Schafhauser @Luca Orlando @Matt Penas @Konrad Schure @Simon McFadyen Thank you to each of every one of you for making this happen & have an amazing weekend! ⭐️
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Boom! Always willing to learn more and keep contributing Thankful for this community
New Campaign Structure
What current campaign structure do you guys currently use when launching YT ads? We spend 100K's a month at the moment. This is our structure. Structure: Campaign β†’ Ad Group In Market 1,2,3 β†’ Ad 1 Lets bounce of some ideas of each other.
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to test and give enough budgets to all ads we have a 2 phase setup. phase1: 1camp-1adgroup-1ad to test Phase2: 1camp-1-3adgroups-3-5tested ads that are proven and give ROI
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@Kos Timos anything we are feeling and have high confidence of during that week or month. Can be different custom segments, IM audiences, Affinity Audience for conversion camps
Scaling Budgets
Hey guys, When scaling budgets, what increment increase is best practice and what should you look for/at to see if the increase in spend is too much for the audience you’re targeting? TYIA
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@Simon McFadyen Defs depends no clear answer on this. Some of the process in this decision making is you need to look at your KPIs and your overall cost/conv (as this affects you either increasing/decreasing your bids) As you increase camp budget your cost/conv might go up hence you can look to increase your bids by 20-30% to raise the ceiling alittle bit ... if you start noticing you ROI dorpping you then look to descale the budget while maintaining the higher bid (this should increase your rank in the bidding algo) lot more to say but this is the base level info haha
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@Simon McFadyen For camp structure seems like you said its a warm/hot retarging camp. I wouldn't really look to scale camps horizontally when it comes to RT. I would just play around within the current camps and scale those
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