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High Level - anyone using this?
Anyone using high level and what do you guys think about it? Did you transition to using it or you started your business with it? Is it easy to navigate? Pros and cons?
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@David Allen I bet. Did you learn it yourself?
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@David Allen yeah I've been using CF for years, thinking of switching. Thanks for your time!
What should I do to get to my youtube ads budget?
Wondering what Brian advice to do to people starting out.
New comment Apr 12
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$50-$100 per day. If you want to see faster traction then up to $200-$300/day.
Need help optimization VSL FUNNEL
I really can't get my ads for my vsl funnel to work. The problem is the optin rate, which is horrible. (5,5%) here are the stats: Last seven days 149 vsl optin page viewer 9 optins. VSL View Page to booked call is 14% which is okay. Tried different headlines on the optin page but results stayed the same. Ad messaging is congruent with optin page headline. Ad Campaign targeting is custom intent with the top 10 intent keywords. My offer is b2c make money opportunity. Ad messaging is: "How you can make more money than I doctor with writing and have location and time freedom Optin page headline is: "How you can use the proven copywriting master system to make more money from home than a doctor with writing" Any ideas what I can improve? I'm in the german market, so I don't know if it helps when I share the link to the funnel.
New comment Mar 21
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@Michael Schafhauser I lucked out with 28% because i did a documentary that went viral for a bit so the realistic numbers are 12%
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@Michael Schafhauser it all comes down to testing. I personally think VSL to call funnels are quite dead for MMO.
Ads disapproved by google ads/ YouTube
How do I go around not getting my ads disapproved by google ads/ YouTube. See attachment. Here is my script: Hey real quick if you’ve been suffering from knee or joint pain for what feels like eternity now and everything you've tried so far to eliminate your joint pain is failing you and if want to address your pain to avoid surgery or even if you had surgery without significant results then I want to share with you in this video something that I think you will find enlightening. You see, I was in a similar place like you for a long time. I was suffering from pain, stiffness and inflammation in my left knee for years. I did two knee surgeries but both surgeries did not fix my knee issue . I tried everything to heal my joint pain but nothing was working. I was told I should seriously consider a total knee replacement surgery.That's when I doubled down on my search for a solution and was able to finally heal my damaged knee using natural solutions after years of pain and suffering.It's now been over 4 years since my pain is completely gone and now enjoying normal life with my family and friendsIf you'd like to learn more about this topic we put together an amazing video below where I will go deeper into this to show you how to address your joint pain to manage and recover its functionality naturally within a few months so you can get back to your normal routine, enjoy life and your family. Now that you’ve seen this, I want to invite you to sign up for my free video training where we’ll dive deeper and show you Exactly how to address your joint pain.When you click the link below you’ll get to a page to register and get instant access to the free training to learn how to reverse your knee or joint degeneration and repair its damage using the same natural solution that healed my left knee 4 years ago . Click the Link
New comment Aug '23
Ads disapproved by google ads/ YouTube
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Usually my ads get disapproved the first time, and I appeal. Sometimes it's successful, other times it's not. I just reupload and it gets approved. Try that.
Does YT Ads affect Organic
I was in a call with a prospect and it didn't end up closing because one of his main concerns was that he heard from a friend of his that when he ran yt ads it tanked his main channel even though it was on a separate YT channel. He said that google knows when you run ads on YT and tries to limit your organic so that you rely on ads more. He didnt want to sacrafice his organic traffic for yt ads. I don't think this is the case but I just want to verify. Is this true? Do you guys get this objection sometimes? How do you guys handle it if so?
New comment Aug '23
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This is not true. If anything, it helps your organic reach!
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