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3 things I learned making $137k last month from YouTube Ads
Just made our best month ever at $137k cash collected in May. ​ I spent $200K to buy almost every coaching program you can imagine from the top guys in our industry and hired about 13 closers. Out of 13 closers, only 3 were worth keeping on the team. ​ Here’s what I learned: ​ 1. Most of them call themselves closers after taking Cole’s course or Dan Lok’s course but don’t they don’t understand sales fundamentals and how to communicate without causing any friction. ​ 2. Really good closers are already making good money. If they’re broke, it means they don’t know how to sell themselves to a good company, if they can’t sell themselves, they won’t be able to sell your offer. ​ 3. Don’t remove yourself from sales until someone can match your performance. Biggest mistake I made was to remove myself too early from sales because I was tired of it. Suck it up, get better and learn to enjoy sales. It will serve you a lifetime. ​ That's why I fired all my old sales team and decided to do all the setting and closing myself again. ​ Not gonna lie, I'm starting to feel a maxed out as I took over 100 live demos as the founder on top of calling over 600 new leads. ​ Our bottleneck right now is the appointment setting. ​ My goal is to bring on an appointment setter this month to at least remove myself from that part so I can take 120-140 live demos and reach $200k/mo cash collected. ​ For setters, unlike closers, I don't think they need experience to succeed fast. The main thing is looking for someone eager to learn, with a TON of drive and hunger. ​ When I was 16 years old, that was me. I had dropped out of high school, with zero skills and zero income but I was disciniplined and driven. ​ 7-figures seemed so far away and I could have never reached it simply because I was lacking a lot of skills. Looking back, the first skill I should have learned was appointment setting because it doesn't matter if you're good at closing if you have no calls in the first place... ​ Anyways, hopefully this can inspire some of you guys in here.
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3 things I learned making $137k last month from YouTube Ads
Anyone knows a great setter?
I'm looking to hire a setter. OTE is $6-8k/mo. DM me for all info!
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Who's a sales manager in this group?
We have a spot opened for a sales manager role in our company - I'm looking to connect with a few sales manager / sales director in this group 🤝
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Our Closer Made $8K In 30 Days Thanks to YouTube Ads!
Ring the bell! 🔔 Can't believe our closer made this much with no high-ticket sales experience! ​ A big part of this is because our offer is so unique: YouTube ads for real estate agents. ​ He only collected half of the units so next month he’s on track for $16k lol ​ We actually have too many leads wanting to work with us that he can handle… and I’m looking for a 2nd closer. ​ YouTube Ads is the way to go! Gotta capitalize on this opportunity we all have!
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Our Closer Made $8K In 30 Days Thanks to YouTube Ads!
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