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Customer Service & Social Selling Tool??
Hi everyone! Looking for recommendations for platforms to handle inbox management, social selling with Insta DMs and SMS, chatbots, etc. I specifically need a platform that does the following: - Multichannel: email, instagram, SMS (Twilio) - Customer Service Chatbots that use AI: web widget AND Instagram bot - The bot needs to take customer service questions and give answers based on our FAQ knowledge base. If it can't answer it, it will be handed off to an agent. - I need to collect lead information (name and email and custom info) and then use integrations to add them as a ConvertKit subscriber. I can hopefully do this if it allows an API and integration with Make (my automation platform). - Fabulous customer service with fast response time So far I have found that FreshChat offers all of these things, but their customer service is so horrible that trying to do anything with them is a dreadfully painful process, and I'm truly fed up with them. Hubspot doesn't offer Instagram and several other features I need. I've done a lot of research but it seems there's nothing else that offers everything I need. What are other people using? I really just want something to help manage and automate customer service messages and also use it as a tool for social selling / DM closing. Are there any workarounds? Also, I am a small team of just me and my VA, so if there are any affordable options or ones that offer startup discounts, that would be ideal. Thank you so much.
New comment Sep '23
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One platform i been hearing about is called Front. It offers a multi channel where you can have all your messages come to one place and setup tons of automations and rules. check it out
Slack or Skool?
@Mariah Coz do you still use Slack for your higher ticket programs for the communities or will you be using Skool for those as well?
New comment Sep '23
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@Marisa Pell we will be using Skool for all communities now.
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@Marisa Pell While it's up to individual preferences, we've chosen to maintain two separate Skool accounts: one dedicated to our free/LTO audience and the other exclusively for our premium courses. This approach ensures a clear distinction between the content and experiences for different user segments. If you opt for a single account, it would be crucial to create private sections to provide exclusive content and direct attention for your premium clients, like a members-only podcast. You can also configure settings such that the paid courses remain inaccessible to free members. This ensures value is maintained for your high-ticket clients while still offering a robust community experience for all.
WE DID IT! Celebrating 1000+ members in 30 days! 🎉
It's official! We just crossed over 1,000 members in the Creator Party community in about 30 days of opening the doors. THANK YOU EVERYONE who is a part of this community, we could not have done it without you. ❤️ Thank you for your contributions ❤️ Thank you for your wisdom in the comments ❤️ Thank you for the deep conversations I appreciate you! And though we are celebrating a quantifiable milestone today, it's the sheer *QUALITY* of the humans in this group that make it special. We consistently hear from members that this is the most fun, generous, and engaging group people have ever been a part of, and I am deeply grateful for the space we've created *together*. 🥹 Special shout out to everyone who invited their friends, it means so much to me and this group! We are truly just getting started. So many fun things to come! ➡️ In the meantime, if you love "behind the scenes" like I do, I recorded a training on everything we did to reach 1,000 members in 30 days in here - the emails, the promos, the set up, etc. I hope it's valuable to you! Today I am celebrating the beginning of this community and dreaming about what it can become. WOOHOO!
New comment Sep '23
WE DID IT! Celebrating 1000+ members in 30 days! 🎉
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