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Help ? New or Old
Iโ€™m a wedding planner of 14 years . At year 5 I started coaching planners in years 1-3 of their careers . I did group coaching , one on one , speaker presentations and then it simply became exhausting. Iโ€™m now in a different season in life and excited to put some new offers into the world for fellow wedding industry creatives . My question is do I weave this into my existing social platforms where I also market and connect with my couples or do you recommend starting new community and socials just for marketing to wedding industry creatives
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New comment 5h ago
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Honestly, I think I would need to know more about you and what youโ€™re looking for for your OWN lifestyle and also how you can BEST serve your clients without feeling overwhelmed.
Bundles? Effective or No? ๐Ÿ’ต
Has anyone seen consistent lead gen from being part of a bundle? Meaning, have the leads generated actually turned into ideal clients for your business? Please select in the poll ๐Ÿ˜Š below!
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New comment 7d ago
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@Kelly Kotanidis Ahhh ok! Makes total sense!
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@Lucy Reyes Thanks!!!
Preventing burnout
There is so much pressure in the hustle culture to extend ourselves beyond what is good for our wellbeing, what's your go-to practice for self-care in business and preventing burnout?
New comment 3d ago
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Trying to โ€œtalk yourselfโ€ out of burnout is a waste of time. Youโ€™ll cycle back to it again. The issue is a stuck nervous system, which most likely took years or even decades to get to this point! I teach a proprietary method of getting back to your own self trust via nervous system grounding and balancing tools + reset of the vagus nerve. Iโ€™ve tried EVERYTHING else as an entrepreneur!
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@H S True!!! It is difficult though to prevent burnout IF an entrepreneur has a history of trauma, energetic breaches in childhood, chronic stress and burnout for decades prior and/or genetic or mental health history.
ThriveCart Memorial Weekend Deal - Thought you should know
Just wanted to share that ThriveCart is running a memorial day sale on their lifetime plans. I've been using them for YEARS and love that it's a course hosting/landing page/funnel builder/checkout processor in one. They for some reason don't publicly share the discounts to the public, but because I'm an affiliate for them I get notified. Thought it would be cool to share with you all! Here's an article for more in depth & to get the special link: Admins if you don't think this is allowed please take down my post. But wanted to share this as it's a limited time offer and I wish I bought ThriveCart a while back on a discount. But alas, thought it would be cool to share with the group!
New comment 25d ago
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Whatโ€™s your take Convertri?
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@Christina Lopez ThriveCart just acquired a funnel building software called Convertri. They just launched a promo on integrating them last week. Convertri has been around for a while! Yes ConvertBox is awesome!
Thoughts on the value of creative courses in the age of Ai.
With the incredibly rapid advancements in AI technology, there's a growing concern about its potential to render traditional creative processes obsolete. I have been pondering the value of creative courses in this AI-driven age, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts. How do you see the role of courses and eduction amidst the rise of AI tools, and what steps do you think we can take to ensure that creative education remains relevant and effective, safeguarding against the looming threat of redundancy?
New comment 11d ago
3 likes โ€ข May 20
Itโ€™s very clear when writing is AI generated, and lacks depth and personalization (mainly oneโ€™s own experience). This is just how I use it, to process and structure information and to create outlines and structures. It helps to streamline and create clarity. Iโ€™m sure there will be many who use it to create things, all depends on the โ€œartistโ€ and use.
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