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What's your decision making process?
Super curious. I have a few big decisions to make in the business and I've always felt like I make fast decision and assess things well....but for some reason am struggling to make these decisions. Would love to know how you make decision and if you have a simple way of doing it? Might help me to move forward to hear from a few people :) thanks in advance
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This may seem a bit different than a tactic or piece of business advice, but I work with somatics, and the root of indecision sometimes resides in nervous system dysregulation and lack of self-trust due to disconnection to your own felt sense and intuition!
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@Kerttu Pentikรคinen I teach various somatic exercises, grounding and balancing tools and nervous system reset exercises, but really itโ€™s not so much about the tactics or tools per se but about consistently building and expanding capacity to hold success (both personal and business) at a high level. A tool is good, but building capacity does take time!
Apps to record testimonial interviews
I am looking to get record some client interviews for testimonials purposes. Any recommendation for which tool to use? E.g. where sometimes both parties are shown 50/50 on the screen and then sometimes it switches 100% to the person who's speaking.
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VideoAsk by Typeform!
Course Hosting on Website vs Platform
Hi! I know there are a lot of course creators out there, and want to get some ideas from the group. I currently host my course on Thinkific and there are some conveniences there for sure! But I am considering hosting my courses on my own website platform (assuming I can find the right person to help with this and it is an investment that makes sense). Has anyone here hosted their course on their website or considered it? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
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Why not host them here in Skool?
Help ? New or Old
Iโ€™m a wedding planner of 14 years . At year 5 I started coaching planners in years 1-3 of their careers . I did group coaching , one on one , speaker presentations and then it simply became exhausting. Iโ€™m now in a different season in life and excited to put some new offers into the world for fellow wedding industry creatives . My question is do I weave this into my existing social platforms where I also market and connect with my couples or do you recommend starting new community and socials just for marketing to wedding industry creatives
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Honestly, I think I would need to know more about you and what youโ€™re looking for for your OWN lifestyle and also how you can BEST serve your clients without feeling overwhelmed.
Bundles? Effective or No? ๐Ÿ’ต
Has anyone seen consistent lead gen from being part of a bundle? Meaning, have the leads generated actually turned into ideal clients for your business? Please select in the poll ๐Ÿ˜Š below!
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@Kelly Kotanidis Ahhh ok! Makes total sense!
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@Lucy Reyes Thanks!!!
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