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Issues w/ High-Ticket Group Coaching Program - Sales Funnel
Hi, I'm enrolled in High Ticket Hybrid and I’ve been following Mariah's framework: 1) people are invited to apply for the program/free training 2) if accepted they are entered into a sales email sequence that links to the sales page with an on-demand video embedded on it (the free training webinar) 3) social selling happens to check on them and make sure they watched the training and answer any qs they have However, I tried the above and noticed these issues: - Conversion Rate has only been 3.37% overall in the past 3 months since I launched. Mariah's examples tend to show 20-30% conversion rate. - I believe most people aren’t watching the entire webinar all the way through. I’m not sure if an on-demand video just pasted on the sales page is the best idea. (Important Context: my clients are high schoolers - and their parents - trying to get into a top college) - For my other signature self-study course, I do a traditional funnel where they can immediately register for a webinar via EverWebinar. The rate at which ppl who registered watched the ENTIRE webinar is much higher (like 50%). So I thought it would be better to have them register for a webinar happening at a specific time instead to increase these rates. It would also give me more data on who watched and who didn’t. - If I did this, the sequence would then be: 1) Invite to apply for the program/free training 2) If accepted, they are entered into an email sequence that invites them to register for a webinar happening at a specific time 3) Automated emails leading up to the webinar time slot they chose 4) After the webinar, they are then entered into a sales email sequence to encourage them to enroll in the program. - But other business mentors are telling me that I'm making it too complicated and they don't think I should have the application process (which i think is important for qualified leads). Would really appreciate some advice here. It's my goal to increase my conversion rate to 20-30%! (Or at least 10% would be nice). I'm also remaking the webinar to be a lot better.
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@Mariah Coz I've given it some thought and I like it! I will try it out :)
Customer Service & Social Selling Tool??
Hi everyone! Looking for recommendations for platforms to handle inbox management, social selling with Insta DMs and SMS, chatbots, etc. I specifically need a platform that does the following: - Multichannel: email, instagram, SMS (Twilio) - Customer Service Chatbots that use AI: web widget AND Instagram bot - The bot needs to take customer service questions and give answers based on our FAQ knowledge base. If it can't answer it, it will be handed off to an agent. - I need to collect lead information (name and email and custom info) and then use integrations to add them as a ConvertKit subscriber. I can hopefully do this if it allows an API and integration with Make (my automation platform). - Fabulous customer service with fast response time So far I have found that FreshChat offers all of these things, but their customer service is so horrible that trying to do anything with them is a dreadfully painful process, and I'm truly fed up with them. Hubspot doesn't offer Instagram and several other features I need. I've done a lot of research but it seems there's nothing else that offers everything I need. What are other people using? I really just want something to help manage and automate customer service messages and also use it as a tool for social selling / DM closing. Are there any workarounds? Also, I am a small team of just me and my VA, so if there are any affordable options or ones that offer startup discounts, that would be ideal. Thank you so much.
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What platform do you host your course content on?
In the spirit of platform switches, I'm curious what everyone else is using right now.
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@Jenn Zellers me too! it's great and easy to use. love the one time payment.
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