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Hello! Welcome to the Synthesizer Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Educational Content Creators and Consultants reach Financial Freedom by mastering the META for the Great Online Game - Synthesizing. Here are some links you might find interesting: - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - Impact, Income, Fun - University I also hope that the community will be more valuable than the classroom. To kick things off, please create a post to introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. The type of content you love the most 2. The problem you're currently working on Then feel free to ask questions, add value, ask for help, or share any cool content you've recently found. Enjoy.



Michael Ye
Andrew Kirby
Anne Boufadene
Charlie Lyons
Matthew Hartman
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    Thanks for creating this group, Andrew. I'm just going through some of your content now and it's super helpful already.

Synthesizing is beautiful. - It changed my life - It can change yours - It can change the world So I want to spread the word. SYNTHESIZER PODCAST COMING SOON.



Juan Carlos Recalde
Jeff Harrison
Cleymand Mgiba
Andrew Poli
Son Nguyen
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Changing who you Subscribe to is a very high leverage decision. It takes 2 minutes, and can benefit you for years to come. After all... You Become who you Consume. --- So, in order for us all to improve our information diet, let's share who we subscribe to on YouTube. Find out by clicking here. Or on the left side of YouTube on browser. Or at the bottom of YouTube mobile. Comment below. I'll go first.



Andrew Kirby
Paul Masters
Owen Sheasby
Gavin Wiener
Cleymand Mgiba
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    This post is a goldmine. Goona check some of these people out :) thanks Andrew. Great Q.

There are A LOT of similarities between video games and this Great Online Game. Here are 3 insights that I picked up from spending 10,000 hours climbing the ranks of Runescape. For context: I was obsessed with Runescape from from ages 10 to 18. I played at least 2-4 hours/day - ideally (a lot) more. I climbed the leaderboard and eventually became rank 4 in the world for a skill known as "Firemaking." under the username: Trev_Frank Attached are a couple videos showing me firemaking (some 'fans' screen recorded me) to show how repetitive this process was - and how obsessed I was. Here are 3 lessons I learned which I'm now applying to the great online game of entrepreneurship. 1) You gotta do WHAT you love - and what you love is typically what you're good at. I loved fire making. I lit fires all day. & I thought I was the GOAT from day 1. Now, I love synthesizing. I love simplifying concepts and sharing them and I think I'm pretty good at it, too. 2) You gotta do it HOW you love. My process for firemaking was very simple. Here was my process for becoming rank 4 in the world which I followed for YEARS: - Run to the bank teller to withdrawal logs - Run to the far end of the screen - Light the logs - Run back to the bank teller - Repeat this same process for HOURS (you can see this in the video attached) Now, for synthesizing, my process looks like this: - Study successful people in my niche - Write out an insight - Record insight on video - Send viewers to a freebie (pdf or mini course) containing more insights - Study successful people in my paid program When you love the process, there's no procrastination, because you genuinely deep down enjoy doing it. (I love writing posts like this for example, so much so, so even if this all gets deleted, I won't care because I love writing it more than I love publishing it.) When it comes to dialling in your process, everyone has their own flow and ideal way of doing things. All of the best athletes train differently.



Corey Bennett Boardman
Paul Masters
Ted Carr
Siebren de Vos
Chelsea Karabin
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    @Siebren de Vos interesting, thanks for sharing dude! For me, "Exploration is necessary only to find new sources of treasure, or improved ways of wringing points from it."

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    @Chelsea Karabin Cool! What was the partnership with Ben & Lewis for? To become a fitspo influencer?

#The Heart Of Content Creation says: to go viral, make something people really want, to stay consistent, make something you really want, and to go viral and stay consistent: Find the overlap. So last night I set the timer and spent 30 minutes scrolling through my entire YT library looking for the videos with the most views + the ones that were the most enjoyable to make... I think I found a potential overlap! Thanks Andrew.



Stephen Lee Orenia
Juan Carlos Recalde
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just a quick inquiry. I was a level 5 badge...but now I am a level 4. Can we go backwards?



Fedor Shatukho
Andrew Kirby
Ted Carr
Juan Carlos Recalde
Jeff Harrison
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    @Jeff Harrison cannot combine the two.

https://youtu.be/WUjegInWdYE Seeing that first clip was really inspiring!



Callum Rylance
Ted Carr
Alan Paul
Zain Miah
Andrew Kirby
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    Wow bro. Those opening clips... so inspiring! Reminds me of the come up story of Russ...

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    @Andrew Kirby He's my fav artist/rapper and he told everyone he was goona blow up LOOONG before he ever did. He had so much belief in THE PROCESS, despite how bad he sucked when he started, he just always knew if he kept at it, he'd blow up. Come up story: https://youtu.be/eY8OF0IDe30 << He's got a lyric here that goes: "The come-ups documented, you should scroll down and peep game. You can say he changed 'cause he went and achieved fame, but he landed where he aimed" Another song about always knowing is: "Always Knew": https://youtu.be/XihOTHpmcVM Lyric from that song: "I always knew that second guessing was the opposite of truth I bet my future on my faith and let myself do what I do Now my gambles looking like they weren't gambles after all I always knew, I always knew... Yeah, I always knew"

Hypothetically speaking, If Skool did not exist, and Andrew were to have built this community inside a FB group, would you have joined it? And if you would have joined it on FB, do you think you would you be more active, less active, or just as active as you are now? I'm asking because I have a FB group with nearly 3,000 active members in it, but since I love Skool, I'm tempted to try n get everyone to migrate over to a Skool group and grow a free Skool group to replace my FB group.


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John Mavrick Reyes
Gabriela Toderean
Andrew Kirby
Deepak M
Earnie Boyd
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I love masterminds. The best phases of my life have all been after I joined a mastermind. . - It was a mastermind that encouraged me to upload my first YouTube video (Only God knows where I’d be now if I hadn’t). - It was a mastermind that embedded in me the principles needed to grow my YouTube channel to 600,000+ subs. - And it was a mastermind that helped me how to grow from $2,000/month to $30,000/month in six months. And then later brought me all the way to financial freedom (peak $100,000/month). (I talk about these masterminds in this, and this video.) . It seems that whenever I join a good mastermind, my life has a severe upgrade. I’m not 100% sure why masterminds are so effective for me. But whatever the answer, but one thing has always been clear to me: When the time is right, I need to start a mastermind. And now is that time. . Introducing: SYNTHESIZER UNIVERSITY. Entry requirements: - You are a Consultant earning $10,000+/month - Or an Educational Content Creator with 10,000+ subscribers/followers (If you don't meet these requirements, sorry. Please read message below.) . Synthesizer University is a mastermind to help you: - Magnify your impact - Grow a large loyal audience (loosely defined at 100,000+ Subscribers/followers) - Reach Financial Freedom quicker (loosely defined as $1m cash) - And to help you build something beautiful… The internet is the canvas. You are the artist. Let's paint something magical. - By mastering the new META for the Great Online Game (the game you’re playing) . THE NEW META - The Synthesizer Model:



Fedor Shatukho
Andrew Kirby
Onur Degirmenci
Mang Li
Paul Masters
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    Signed up. No brainer. If you're on the fence, just hop on a call w Andrew 1:1 to find out what he can help you with.

Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Make your first piece of content Step 2: Get in the habit of creating Step 3: Make your first dollar Step 4: Get 10,000 followers Step 5: Make $10,000/month Step 6: Financial freedom A note about habits: Reaching all six steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only creating content for views, followers, or money, then you probably won't make it. In the beginning, you won't get those things. So you'll quit. The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you. A note about money: Money is important. But I don't think it's our end goal here. Content is growing exponentially. Our attention is limited. The role of the synthesizer becomes more important every single day. Our end goal is to commit to solving the 'disjointed knowledge problem' full-time. Now that's a meaningful goal. A note about $10,000/month: It is possible to earn much more than this through synthesizing, but this is roughly the point where your happiness stops increasing as you earn more. A note about Financial Freedom: The goal isn't to sit on a beach and drink cocktails. The goal is to use this freedom to make art. To create something beautiful for the other people on earth. At this point significant impact can be made. A note about "Celebrations": This community has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy and aliveness. I didn't quite realise how strongly being synthesizers would resonate with you guys. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I've added a "celebrations" post category. I think this will add to the energy of the group. Whenever you hit part of the roadmap, make a post! We will keep track of how many people are at each level. Also feel free to post other celebrations not on the roadmap. Final notes: This roadmap is definitely not final. If you see any problems with it, comment below. If you can think of anything you think should be added, comment below.



Connor Widmaier
D'rion Sutherland
Deepak M
Ted Carr
Andrew Kirby
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    "The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you." Any tips for this, Andrew?

You guys loved the last season of free mastermind calls, so we're bringing them back. These calls are a place for Synthesizers of all skill levels to come together and make magic happen. They're great for accountability, connecting with other Synthesizers, and brainstorming how to grow. - You can find call times in the Calendar. - @Wiktor Romanowicz will be hosting again. I will not be present. This is a place for you guys to meet, not for me to get involved. - Only available for members Level 3 or above. To give us a rough indication of interest, please comment "Attending" if you're planning on coming to one of these calls.



Benedek Santa
Cotton Sam
Marvin Gramkow
Owen Sheasby
Jasper de Muynck
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If you lost all your knowledge and experience today, which 3 SPECIFIC things do you want to remember ?



Ted Carr
Tatana Siweya
Andrew Kirby
Shubham Yadav
Massimo Maimeri
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    Remember that books contain all the knowledge I forgot Remember how to read Remember how to synthesize what I've read and help others with it

#Write privately what is your favourite thing to write about @Andrew Kirby? Brainstorming ideas, reflecting on the day, writing stories, scripts, or what?



Andrew Kirby
New comment Aug 30

#How to grow on YouTube jaw dropping value. thanks Andrew



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