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Dec '23ย 
Synthesizer Accelerator
ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS: To everyone who has access, you can find the Rapid Progress Protocol and Synthesizer Accelerator here --- ORIGINAL POST: Feel like you're not making progress in monetization/audience-growth as quickly as you'd like to? Enter: Synthesizer Accelerator (1 90min GROUP coaching call with me. You ask me whatever you want, I help you solve your problems and help you progress. It's group coaching, so you'll be able to hear everyone else's questions. Ask whatever you want... monetization, audience growth, synthesizing etc.) Price: $3 Free bonuses: 1. Diary of a Synthesizer (1 Loom video sharing what I've been working on, and some income generating opps I see) 2. Rapid Progress Protocol (Video of me explaining my best progress-making framework, which helped me make $1,000,000+) Why I'm making this: It feels like I've lost connection with Synthesizer School's most engaged members. This is a way for me to directly help the most engaged members of this community through a Zoom call where I can answer your questions. And a Loom video to share what I've been up to. This will be an experiment, please don't expect it to continue forever, or be frustrated if I only do one call. Timing: - This offer will be available for 48 hours - The first group call will be on the 22nd of December, to define your strategy for the new year. - The first Diary of a Synthesizer will be in the early new year, to share my strategy for the new year - The Rapid Progress Protocol will be available upon purchase (when we manually grant you access) How to join (VIDEO TUTORIAL): 1. Leave the Synthesizer School community (click settings, leave group) 2. When you rejoin, you'll see there's a $3/month option 3. Pay that 4. We'll manually grant you access to Synthesizer Accelerator within 24 hours 5. Cancel anytime in Skool settings
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I've paid you $10,000 before... what's another $3? I'M IN!
Nov '22ย 
The Synthesizing Method of The Highest Paid Copywriter in the World
Eugene Schwartz, an epic synthesizer, once got paid $50,000,000 (FIFTY MILLION) to write a textbook on natural health. Imagine getting paid 50 MIL to write a book?! And in 1966, he wrote a book called โ€œBreakthrough Advertising" which is now widely regarded as the 'holy grail' of copywriting books. So how did Eugene Schwartz (one of the highest paid synthesizers to ever live) become such a great writer? He did two things - a lot: He read and he wrote. When he read, he read things that interested him. And when he wrote, he wrote about things that interested him. But he did so with structure... He always wrote using something called the "The 33 Minute Rule." Here's how: Every morning Schwartz would chose ONE topic he wanted to work on that he knew would require a lot of focus and concentration. He then turned off all notifications & unplugged his phone. Anything that could distract him (like his dog) was in a separate room. He then set a timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. For those 33 minutes and 33 seconds, Schwartz only allowed himself to do two things: 1) Stare at the page. 2) Write on the page. NOTHING ELSE. He said, "I would often get so bored of staring at the page, that after a couple of minutes I would just write to overcome the boredom." "But once I began writing, I began flowing, and it was effortless." And once the timer went off, whether he was in flow state of not, Schwartz took a mandatory 5 minute break. During this forced break, Schwartz deliberately took his mind off writing completely by playing with his dog, making a cup of coffee, speaking with a friend, stretching, or using the men's room. After his 5 minute break, Schwartz would reset the timer for another 33 minutes and 33 seconds and return to either: Staring at the page Or Writing more. Schwartz said he would go on to repeat this 33minute/5min process until 4-5 hours had elapsed. The rest of his day he took off work and just lived his life how he wished. If you want to become one of the best, and highest paid synthesizers you know...
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@Alan Paul yep!
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@Zac Mason ๐Ÿฅ‚ thank you!
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$10,000/month wisdom
I've been earning over $10,000/month online for the last 3 years, and here's the truth: having a $10,000/month+ business is a simple balancing act. at all times, you need 4 core pillars dialed in: 1. A great offer 2. Great content (which grows your audience) 3. A simple sales process 4. A great delivery process (which comes from a great team) And u need to keep updating them so they don't become out of date. Now at the same time as balancing those 4 pillars, you as the CEO need to be focused, which means constantly scanning your life and environment and removing distractions as they come up. this means not checking ur phone as soon as u wake up... this means setting aside 2-3 hours a day to do nothing but WORK on a predetermined task and it's strange how, as hard as running a business already is, a lot of us unconsciously make it harder than it needs to be by complicating it... tiktok today, instagram tomorrow, youtube yesterday, free community this, affiliate that, headline this, thumbnail that, shiny object where, new guru who, membership whut, low ticket wow, black friday can't resist... there's a never ending pit of 'i should do's' when you lose focus on your 4 core pillars. if you really step back, take a deep breathe, you can simplify your business - forever. but just like meditation, where you have to keep coming back to the breath... in business you have to keep coming back to the 4 core pillars. 1. How's your offer? 2. How's your content? 3. How's your sales process? 4. How's your delivery? if you can nail those 4 core pillars, in that order, you'll win. because ultimately, all you need to succeed with this great online game is great content that pitches a great offer. from there, you just need a simple sales process people can go through (like a check out page or a calendar page so people can book a call) now ur making money! once you're making money, you just need to take some of that money and pay people (team mates) to help make your content, sales process, and delivery as fun and effortless and efficient as possible, both for you, and your clients.
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@Rolf Schmidt ๐Ÿฅ‚
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@Lee Meyers changed my self image to that of a winner. Winners can't hang w losers for long. In person peers.
Aug '23ย 
Should Andrew start an in-person Synthesizer University?
I'm currently in Russia, visitingย Moscow University. Now all I'mย thinking about howย is beautifulย it is that some people devote 4+ years of their life to STUDYING 1 topic at a campus like this... in person! Not online. Not alone. But in person! Together. โ€‹โ€‹Pencil & paper in hand. I wish I could have done this for learning online business... Instead I had to learn it all on my laptop at home, alone. The 1 time I got to meet @Andrew Kirby in person felt like I was at school again, studying something meaningful - and it felt right. But imagine going to a beautiful campusย surrounded by friends for 4 years to absolutely MASTER online business? That'd be SO FUN, wouldn't it? I love geeking out over business... all the nitty gritty's... Like: โ€ข How to craft irresistible offers โ€ข Understanding sales psychology โ€‹ โ€ข How to create amazing content โ€ข How to build a teamโ€‹ โ€ข How to grow a cult-like following โ€ข How to sell without being salesly โ€ข How to work with clients/customers to make sure they're always happy โ€ข How to write amazing sales copy โ€ข How to design beautiful webpagesโ€‹ โ€ข How to type fasterโ€‹ Etc etc Think Hogwarts, but for making money online with digital products & services, like coaching and courses. I'm super curious now... โ€‹โ€‹If @Andrew Kirby created an in-person university for teaching online business with the purpose of helping us get to $10,000/month as fast as possible, would you attend? If we rented a University classroom, and dove deeply into online business mastery over the span ofย 3 months, would you attend?โ€‹ Comment below with UNIVERSITY if you would consider attending and let's start this conversation. Best, Tedโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹
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@Andrei Roncea like y combinator?
Mar '23ย 
When you go from pixels to IRL...
There's no lag. No audio issues. The connection is better. Conversations are funnier. Memories are more easily created. Just remember to bring some fruit. And get a selfie. Real Life > The Internet #YOLO
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@Griffin A. Hamilton haha yee
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