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Which traffic source is your main focus?
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New comment 1d ago
Which traffic source is your main focus?
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YouTube and TikTok are a killer combo
YouTube Thumbnail Designer Needed!
We are looking for a thumbnail designer who can help us take our YouTube thumbnails to the next level. Here's our channel: Looking for someone who would get to know us and our channel, watch the videos, collaborate on ideas and produce some good work. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please click on the Google form linked below and submit your information. Or pass it along to someone you know might be interested. After we have received the submissions, we will select 3 people to complete a paid test project. Please let me know if you have any questions. CLICK HERE TO APPLY
New comment Apr 16
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@Ted Carr thanks mate! that would be awesome.
Need a brutally honest feedback.
I am experimenting with a mission-driven ad for my community, and I need your help to see what I can't see. What Emotions do you feel when you watch this video? Were you able to stick to the end? What would you add/remove to this video? It's different from my other sales videos. It is not a sales video at all. I wanted to focus on positive psychology in this video but does it make it worse or better than being salesy in terms of conversions?
New comment Apr 7
Need a brutally honest feedback.
2 likes • Apr 5
the main thing I noticed was that I wasn't quite sure what the video was about until several seconds into the video. given that its an ad that is right before something someone wanted to watch, I find it hard to believe they will stay and watch long enough to get into the guts of it.
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@Himanshu Bisht it's a great message
First video impressions
Hello Synthesizers I’ve taken the plunge and uploaded my first video on YouTube. I’ll admit it’s not the greatest as I had to chop a lot up as I kept messing up what I was saying, but it’s a learning process. I’d appreciate any feedback on the video itself, so I’m able to improve moving forward 🙏
New comment 2d ago
First video impressions
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thumbnail -- "I wish I knew sooner" -- why would I watch this? do I care about what you wish you knew? maybe, maybe not, really have no clue. (unless the title is giving me more context). congrats on your first video !!!
Turn Audio Notes Into Videos, Images, Blogs, Tweets and More...
Hey guys thought you might like this video that explains how to turn an audio brainstorming session (that you can do on a walk) into a YouTube video, Blog, Newsletter, Tweets, Image Carousels and more. It uses a lot of AI and automation to make it happen. I cover: ✅ Using your phone to record and sync into the cloud ✅ How the automations turn audio into other types of content ✅ How to design scalable ways to run the entire process
New comment Mar 25
Turn Audio Notes Into Videos, Images, Blogs, Tweets and More...
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@Corey Bennett Boardman only the beginning
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@Mike Morales that made my day! 🙏
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