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Hello and greetings from Switzerland
Hi all - my pleasure to join this group😀
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@Yuwei Liu willkommen in Zürich (wohne 50m neben der Stadtgrenze😃)
@Jean-philippe Favre there was a nice and inspiring kick off meeting for Facilitators in Zürich last year. Unfortunately the follow up meeting in December had to be canceled on short notice. If you want to find out more, check out the Zürich Facilitator Meetup Group. I think it might be a base to take it probably from here to become a Swiss Group covering the French and Italian speaking regions as well ? The contact for the group is @Adamma Stekovics and she already mentioned that co-facilitators might be a good idea😊
How do you price your work?
Going right for the dirty word: Money! I have been asked to facilitate a one-day event. I will need additional information to understand what is required, what type of event it is, how they want it run and so on. My question is simply: how do you estimate how to price your work? Days of preparation + delivery? Organization's size? How big the audience is? I'd be interested in knowing how others approach it. (I usually added up delivery + preparation, but I tend to massively underestimate the prep and the associated time. Are there other parameters you consider?)
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In my personal experience the overall ratio 3:1 has proven to be quite reasonable for creating and setting up new workshops: triple the workshop time presence to cover preparation work and follow up activities. The scope of action regarding pricing is usually determined by the following points: 1. Market price/competition in your economic region and working niche 2. Covering your time and costs 3. Your individual goals and values eg providing a lower price to charities/NPOs and SME, willingness and financial means for an Investment/learning opportunity if you are new in the market but keeping in mind that prices set to low are not a sustainable approach. 4. A good facilitator is worth the money. If lowering the price is a constant debate from the very beginning, I usually don’t take on these kind of customers. To me it’s as a sign that money is more important than having a good workshop as a basis for creating results with added value. 5. Tipp: I find it often very helpful discussing/offering 2-3 Workshop scenarios in order to help clients to understand what‘s the difference between them (if there is a given budget you have to define what you are able to offer for this amount of money and what would be potential add ons you like to present and recommend). This kind of transparency empowers the client to make an informed decision and it’s about expectation management.
Icebreaker/Energizer Ideas Needed for my workshop
I'm facilitating a workshop for startups. It's going to be an LDJ about how to enhance their collaboration. I need ideas for an icebreaking activity and an energizer, as the workshop will take place in the afternoon right after lunch. I want to ensure the participants are engaged and energized throughout the session. Any suggestions for an activity that can help kickstart their energy levels and create a vibrant atmosphere? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
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You might find a good idea here if your group is not a big one: (by the way I have some of the Pip Decks and I do like them as a useful tool for any facilitator
@Kristy Taise happy if you find it useful😊
@Facilitators in the greater area Zurich/Switzerland
Are you interested in creative and inclusive facilitation methods combining brain and hands, playfully working on and solving serious challenges? Then you might come to Impact Hub Zürich Colab next Monday on November 27 for a Makers Play - LEGO® Serious Play® Taster Session.
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Market need
Hey Community In my job in different larger companies as C-Level Member (Executive) I was always wondering, why there is so much waste on unimportant things. I hardly tried to change - but honestly: all the board members (deciders) did not want to change anything, as the want to have all under control. Same experience I made in Start Up - the more investors get onboarded, the more wast was generated. So: I think, if we achieve to formulate the problem, how we solve the problem and at the end how we contribute to a potential competitive advantage, the more chances will we have to sell facilitation and workshops. What are your thoughts about that?
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It’s not directly answering your question Marco, but I think the following resources provide some valuable insights and food for thought to consider when designing workshops/facilitation approach and working on getting buy in from C-Level Curious to know: What do you think?
@Teresa Middleton thank you for your feedback and your thoughts about it, happy if you see some value in the resources😊
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