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Psychological Safety Team Workshop Ideas
I am going to facilitate a workshop on the topic of Psychological Safety. In this workshop, I aim to facilitate discussions among our colleagues about what can enhance psychological safety at work and what might prevent them from feeling safe to speak up or share ideas. Does anyone have relevant experiences in this area? Do you have any suggested agenda/exercises that we can incorporate into the workshop? The workshop will have fewer than 30 participants. Any ideas, experiences, or suggestions are highly welcomed! 🙏
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This is such a great thread...watching it... Psychological safety is such a big one. A really big need. Would love to learn more about this...
Generate HMWs with AI
Really cool to discover many tools out there for generating HMWs with AI... From various places: - - - From ChatGPT: - - - - What do you think? What's your experience with these tools? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 🚀
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@Keri Lickfett I've been looking. There really isn't any. Uizard is the supposed to be good (but I haven't found it actually useful for a real project) and everyone is raving about Creatie (which I have yet to try)
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@Kieran McMillan I've just tried some of them for a second and it was impressive to see the output completely different that what I would have come up on my own
How do you really get clients?
Share how you got your most recent client so we can all learn from each other. Here's the format: - My most recent client is someone who needed... - I found this client via... - I delivered/provided... - The lesson I learned... I'll go first!
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- My most recent client is someone who needed...a basic website. - I found this client via...a community WhatsApp group he randomly posted on. - I delivered/provided...a basic website. Then he reached out to me for another website and I delivered that as well. Most recently, he requested a small adjustment to that website. - The lesson I learned...don't underestimate small work because it can accumulate.
Payment of workshops / projects > in advance or afterwards? 👀
Dear all, I would like to hear and collect your thoughts about the payment of your services. I'm located in Munich, and in these days I have to pay most of my products and services in advance. However, when it comes to workshops and sometimes coaching sessions, it is common to invoice the client after the workshop. What is your common way? I'm curious to hear your opinion and ways of doing. @Rebecca Courtney @Jonathan Courtney How do you handle it at Aj & Smart?
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ONLY get paid in advance. End of story. I don't even want to discuss it.
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@Svenja Floberg Thiel thank you! If you want to be the waiter taking orders, charge differently. But if you want to be the expert they look up to, charge in advance and never have to worry about that money or continuously proving yourself to your client so that they for sure pay you after you deliver the work...
Any UX Workshoppers here?
Do any of you focus on UX consulting and run UX Workshops? If so i'd love to connect and share notes.
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@Jyotsna Clarkin happy to connect with all of you too
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@Rebecca Courtney not sure if this gif is exactly what I'm going for, but hope my excitement comes across :-)
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