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Looking for icebreaker ideas
Hello everyone! I am going to facilitate a workshop helping the team to turn their visions into actions. In the workshop, we will be discussing what actions we have to take to achieve the visions and reaching agreements within the team. I would like to incorporate a suitable icebreaker/ a energizer in the beginning of the day to lighten the mood and get the participants ready to input ideas. There will be 5 participants for this workshop. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks a lot in advance! 🙏
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@Jean-philippe Favre Thanks for your suggestion! I will check it out! ☺️
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@Jan Keck Thanks a lot for your response! Yes, I've read your article! Very insightful! Do you have any recommendations for icemelters (to start a workshop/meeting) suitable for teams that are already familiar with each other?
Turning Visions into Actions
Hello everyone! I'm going to facilitate a workshop for a team to help then turn their visions which have been set into agreed actions. Does anyone have relevant experiences? What was the agenda like? I will be very glad to exchange ideas and explore new/innovative ways to do this! 😁 Thanks in advance!
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@Salah Bouchma Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I like the way you suggest the workshop flow! It makes the suggestion more concrete and easier to follow! For the icebreaker, do you have any recommendations? Is there a fitting one that you know?
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@Salah Bouchma Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I will look into these ideas!🙏
Facilitation style assessment
Hi there! Do you have some facilitation style assessment to recommend? :) Or any cool article or book to understand possible styles. Thanks!
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@Bogdan Grigore Thanks for the great resources!
🥶 The best icebreakers - and why they fail (plus my alternatives)
You’re looking for an activity to kick off your meeting, workshop or training, but you’re tired of the same old icebreaker activities you’ve seen on every list? You’re in the right place! 😊 I believe that most #icebreaker activities are not effective for most groups. So, in this first post of my #FixMyIcebreaker series, I will explain why they don't work and provide alternative activities that work so much better (including facilitator tips). If you’re looking for fresh and new activities, check out my full post here: In today's post, I am fixing: · Fun Facts 🤪 · Two Truths & One Lie 🤥 · Never Have I Ever 🙅‍♂️ And here are some comments the first few readers have left already: "I've bookmarked your article!" "💡I had a great “aha” moment with his analysis of “Two Truths and One Lie.” I have used this one in the past, but he made me rethink it, and I’m taking it out of my repertoire." "Great ideas! I like how you can adapt Show Yourself to the session content by changing the questions." If you like this type of content, let me know what other icebreaker activities I should fix next 👇
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I really bookmarked your article! Thanks for sharing it!
Lean games for 30+ people
Hi everyone! 😀I’m looking for some activity ideas for a team workshop which promotes becoming “lean”. Does anyone have any experiences in holding “lean activities/games”?
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Hello Craig, thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences!
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