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bye bye, old me 👋 hello new era!
On Feb 1st I got sick and was stuck at home, mostly in bed for over a week. That day, I started this document - see attached (I'll share the entire 20-page doc in an upcoming video walkthrough)... I started outlining a whole new... everything. Updated product suite + pricing, new courses, lead gen plan, website, automations and more. This spiraled into a separate plan for a brand new newsletter (another 22 page doc)... That spiraled into a brand new content system (and 200+ new high-value content ideas to share with you)... That spiraled into a new website (built on a different platform)... That also translated into revamped offers, new course ideas, and more. (All my planning docs and one sheets really help me tame the chaos in my brain - I'm excited to share them with you as resources soon too.) I feel like I am rebuilding my business from the inside out right now. I wonder if from the outside the new shift will feel as significant as it feels from where I'm sitting. Maybe you'll just see a new website and some new emails and be like "cool, same Mariah, different day". But something about the shift I'm in feels significant to me. More grown up. Closer to how I have wanted to show up for a long time but didn't have the confidence to. I'm in heavy creation mode this month. It's not easy putting together all the assets. ✅ New website ✅ New newsletter and audioletter ✅ New services I've never promoted before ✅ New content It's a lot, but it's all flowing creatively. I'm owning my expertise in a way I've wanted to for years but had so much mindset junk around. I'm not being shy about it anymore. What sparked this whole big project? There was a catalyst. There's always a catalyst 😂 Have you ever had a whole plan for exactly how your year is going to go and then something happens and you're like, "welp, none of this is going to go how I planned..." Yep. One of those. In a moment, I discovered 2024 was not going to play out how I had anticipated.
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I'm excited to see where this is going. I know that I am making big shifts in 2024 and see so many others doing so as well.
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@Mariah Coz Yes! After a 4-year long winter. 😂
Double my usual price
I just booked someone for double my regular price. Does it mean it should permanently become my new price?
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@Hemant Sajwan Did you offer a payment plan to the ones that didn't book? If not, I would try that before lowering the price back down. Have you set up the webinar to be evergreen or are you still running it live? If your pipeline isn't full, a live round may help.
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@Hemant Sajwan You want to keep a steady flow of new leads coming into your pipeline. If they don't book, add them to a follow up later sequence. How are you attracting leads to the webinar?
Questioning my whole structure….
I’ll try to make this a long story short. I help local service businesses (chiropractors, landscapers, contractors, etc) profitably grow their businesses by implementing Profit First and other finance strategies, as well as overall consulting on how to grow and streamline other systems of the business. I did Mariah’s High Ticket Hybrid program a long time ago and, for a long list of reasons, the program I created is my lowest priced item. Current pricing: $497/mo for 9 months - group coaching $1195/mo - one on one coaching, two calls a month $2395/mo - one on one coaching, call every week (Other fun value adds of course but I’m putting it all simply here) My group program is empty right now and so easy for me to make a fresh start. I’m really tired of being tied down one on one with people (even though I do love my clients). We’re planning on having baby #2 within the next year and last maternity leave I had to literally just shut down my business for 3 months and not make any income. SO I’m thinking it’s time that I raise the price of my group coaching and make that my core offering. Really raise the one on one prices and make it very limited who I take on there. One of my concerns is that most of my current leads to and that one on one touch. I don’t want to make this shift and lose closes because I’m making this change. Am I crazy here?? Or do I need to get over it and make the jump?
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I think that it is vital that you build something that will be 'energy-friendly' to what you expect your life to be in the next year. So it makes perfect sense to focus on the group coaching - how will you run this while taking time off? What could you add to a lower price point in the offer stack that you can sell on auto-pilot to make up the difference? Something that would nearly eliminate you so you can take time off guilt-free.
Charging too little- but in my industry its a challenge
@Mariah Coz (and anyone else with wisdom to share!) I am watching one of your videos where you discuss high touch (like Q+A, community and loads of support) as being a premium offer ($ 1k - 4k) I am in the dog training business and offer a very successful 4 week training course for new puppy owners, and I charge (after affiliate payouts and discounts) $167. The normal price is $227. Last year I hit my 100k revenue goal! 🙌 Here is my question: I don't know how to offer a "signature course" as you are describing for the dog training world. And, I don't think people would be willing to pay more since I am already on the upper end for online dog training courses. I am considering adding more "evergreen" low ticket offers for perspective students that lead into my 4 week course... and "evergreen" digital products for students after they graduate to give them a way to keep learning and growing after the 4 weeks. Should I keep my course as it is (since it is doing well) and focus on building my funnel (low ticket/high ticket) ? Or is there another way for me to add higher premium offer that I am just not yet seeing? Any advice or guidance is appreciated. And, thank you for all your educational materials. I am learning a lot as I rethink my business strategy! 🤓
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If what you are doing is working, I would not rework that offer for now. Do you feel that you are getting as much qualified leads as you could? Do you think that a LT offer would make upselling your 4 week course easier? Do you think that the past students could benefit from a LT ongoing membership? I think it is totally possible for you to add a LT to the front end of your offer stack and then add another offer for recurring to the backend.
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@Dre Nolon I do design and tech stuff mostly - I tried to niche to just travel agents, but I noticed I generally just work with people doing awesome stuff. I also have an info-based business to help them succeed because the tech is usually too much for them and I'm pretty good at getting people out of their own heads so they can focus on doing the things they need to.
Where to store the lead magnet e-Book?
I have created a lead magnet e-book (PDF). I have a landing page ready on Convertkit where one needs to provide their email to get the e-Book. When someone provides their email in the ConvertKit landing page, I can send them an email to download the e-Book. My question is - where should I store the e-Book? The usual approach is that in the email that users get, there'll be a "Download ebook Now" button, but where should that button take them? The e-Book is currently on my Google drive. Is that where the download button needs to redirect them? Or is there a better, more professional-looking way?
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I usually just store them on google drive or dropbox. Both have options to create a force download so that end user doesn't really notice where you have it stored. However, since I am now creating a community here on Skool (thanks to Monetize!) I am creating a spot for a "Freebie Vault" where all of my lead magnets will live and I will just redirect people to join the community to access it.
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