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What would you pay monthly that's valuable to you?
Lately I've been feeling pulled in two different directions and your vote would be helpful! Some context: So often I get two questions, "how did you build an automated content business?" I have so many templates, workflows, and guides that can probably be it's own membership. On the other side, I always get the question "How do you find collaboration opportunities?" I have an entire database of collaborators, bundles, and partners that I currently leverage. What would you pay monthly for? Automation templates -> to help you build an automated content business Monthly collab list -> to help you identify who to pitch & collaborate with If you can share in your poll (in the comments) what pricing you'd be open to paying monthly for that would be helpful as well!
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Expiring Bonuses or Discounts?
Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of updating my digital product funnels. I'm curious, what makes you want to "buy now" Expiring Bonuses or Expiring Discounts?
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What would you pay for automated content repurposing?
Currently I have our Daily Content Generator workflow (just linking for more context) that I'm selling for $9. It's my content repurposing automation that automatically takes one piece of content and repurposes it with AI & automation 365 days/year. It's honestly been one of our best sellers because it's aiming to solve creator burnout and it helps you automate the largest piece of any content business: content repurposing. The one question that's been pondering my mind is: how do I create some more recurring "low energy, high return on time" revenue in my business. I've gotten some great testimonials for individuals who've implemented this in their business but I do know that there is people that haven't implemented it because: they're not technical wizards they're so overwhelmed with being in their business they don't have the time to create it. So I've been thinking about creating an offer that offers recurring revenue, done for you element for the client. Essentially it would be: one time set up fee of daily content generator (idk what would you pay) recurring investment to have us maintain and run it for you on our end. The client doesn't need to incur any additional software expense (the monthly fee will cover it) and we will handle any errors if they come up. My q's: would you actually want this? How much would you pay for a set up fee? recurring fee? This offer will essentially be some type of hybrid offer between saas and I'm thinking agency.
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Hope that helps provide more clarity! Happy to answer questions if you have any!
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@Marisa Pell what questions did you have? I’m always open for feedback or ways I can improve or make more clear the sales page!
Got the first 30 contributors to my first bundle 🎉
I want to shout it from the rooftops: Recruiting my first 30 contributors for my 'Build Your Coaching Business' bundle, happening in the second half of June! 🙌 What a journey it has been—overcoming procrastination, diving deep into mindset work, and summoning the courage to announce and invite contributors. And guess what? Many said YES! 🎉 Some apologized and some just didn’t reply. And guess what? I’m still here, nothing bad happened 😉 Here’s to more success to you and me 💜💪🏻
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I believe I signed up for this bundle! The coffees on me subject line definitely got me to open haha. Congrats!
Ideas for course bonus?
Hello! I'm planning a 5-day offer sale (one offer per day) and will be selling my 9-month online course one of these days. I'm looking to add an enticing bonus as well as a discount and would love some creative ideas of bonuses that don't hinge on me offering 1:1 support (which would be my normal go-to but right now I'm heavily pregnant :)) Idea I'm currently thinking of: - lifetime access to the course (I've never offered this before and feels like an easy bonus to create and motivate)
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What about a voxer ask me anything hour for the first x people And then maybe for the rest a presubmit Q’S email? As in they need to submit a q and then you send a newsletter style email to all people who got it by x date. That way can all benefit!
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