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Proudest Moment as a Creator
Calling all mentors and motivators! What's the most rewarding moment you've had as a CREATOR? Share your proudest memory in the comments! 🌟🙌
Draven Grey
Brittany Berger
Christina Lopez
New comment 1h ago
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I think this actually happened more recently. I pretty much took a whole month off in my business and did no work and my automations, content, and no work strategies made me one of my highest income months ever this year. I also think it’s great that this is the first November where I’m not “cramming” to get sales and I only rely on my automations and passive income only. I’ve built a business with No sales calls No team Only passive income
What's your fave cyber monday deal? 👀💲
Are you doing a special Cyber Monday deal for one of your offers? Feel free to share it in the comments below! Are you grabbing anything fabulous on sale for Cyber Monday for business owners (software, tools, etc) - share it in the comments! I hope everyone who's doing a BF/CM sale has been having a wonderfully abundant weekend!
Lauren deVane
Christina Lopez
Mallory Whitfield
Netiva Heard
Catrina Craft
New comment 18h ago
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Omg Thrivecart! ( Hands down the best checkout platform, landing page, and course hosting platform in one - seriously I love this platform. It’s $100 off (which I’ve never seen before!) That’s one out of the “Creator List” I created in this article I’ve also been buying appsumo lifetime software deals. Right now appsumo is offering 10% off on certain software. It’s perfect timing since I can align my goals for next year with the software that I need to purchase to make it happen 🤗
Signature course title – your thoughts?
It's finally time! I've been working through Mariah's Launch Your Signature Course and I'm about ready to run my validation webinar. So excited to release this content, but feeling a little hung up on the title for my course & the webinar. My working course title is – Decondition Your Sh*t: Clear Your Stickiest Triggers and Patterns without Years of Therapy With a working description of: Learn a simple process to regulate your trigger responses and change your disempowering patterns so you can have healthier, happier relationships and more self trust. I want to run this as a 4 week LIVE, and then make it evergreen. For my rapid validation webinar I was thinking of doing the "1st module" preview, and essentially teach week 1 which is all about understanding how conditioning works + getting clear on your triggers + how to get emotional leverage to make a big change. Working title: How to Manage Emotional Triggers Description: Discover your personal blueprint to prevent nervous system dysregulation and respond to your triggers from a calm and empowered state. I tried to make the titles sexier, but couldn't manage it! Went for clarity instead. Would LOVE to know your thoughts as this feels like a sticky point for me! And a tangential side q: If I run the webinar as a preview of module 1, does the actual module 1 need to be significantly different?
Christina Lopez
Waqar Ahmed
Lauren deVane
Jessica Alfaqih
New comment 2d ago
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What about a title of How to stay calm when someone is pushing your triggers/trigger button? I feel like how to manage emotional triggers is too basic imo. Something like get X without (pain point) For simpler course title how about Clear your sticky trigger patterns without years of therapy
What are your cash injection strategies?
Or low effort but high return on time offers? I have a 5 figure goal that I want to hit but I’m thinking that the offer has to be a version of high ticket. Some high level thoughts are: Done for you Voxer days VIP days (Insert your thoughts)
Grace C
Draven Grey
New comment 3d ago
Async Podcasting Anyone?
Okay I just had to share this software that has a Blackfriday lifetime deal on Appsumo. It’s called Spoken (formerly) Rumble and is an async podcasting software - which I freaking love as I would love to do/be on more podcasts going into 2024 but finding a “meeting time” has always been a challenge. I’m not an affiliate but I do think it’s worth sharing with the community! I won’t bore you with all the details of the deal, check out the page yourself
Grace C
Christina Lopez
Paul Dittus
Lynyetta Willis, PhD
New comment 3d ago
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@Paul Dittus I would check them out!
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@Grace C interesting. Did you purchase it?
52 Weeks of Freebie Swaps - Looking for Collaborators
Hello everyone, I'm doing some 2024 planning and collaborations & email list growth is my top priority. So I figured, why not try both? Ideally I'd like to send my audience one new freebie every week for 2024. I have an automated newsletter that I send out to my audience and it gets a 35%+ weekly open rate and I figure it would be a great opportunity for some exposure! Since this is a SWAP, I'd like to also be able to promote my freebies to your email list as well. I'm currently looking to collaborate with individuals who target the creator niche - specifically content creators (think bloggers, youtubers, etc.). There's no audience requirements but I've created a collaboration form to get the conversations going. If we are a good fit to work together - perhaps we can collaborate! You can fill out the form here.
SEO Help
Hey everyone! To those who dabble in SEO - how has traffic been going for you these past 6-12 months? I ask because I've focused on SEO now for about 4-5 years and have done really well - at one point I was getting 100k visits to my website a month and had about 1200 new subscribers joining my email list each month. Since about April it's been tanking slowly but surely (with the occasional bump up but the overall trend is traffic declining), and if anything I'm putting out longer, meatier blog posts since the beginning of this year, doing occasional refurbs, getting unique backlinks from reputable high domain authority websites etc. Now, just to clarify, my website traffic isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but this never-ending decline is making me a little worried. And I can't for the life of me work out why there's a steady decline. I'm an authority on my subject, I have a growing body of work on my website etc. I'm going to hop on a call with my SEO specialist but I'd love to hear thoughts from others too. Thanks 😊
Christina Lopez
Leigh Norén
Victoria Kurichenko
New comment 8d ago
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Tagging in @Victoria Kurichenko shes literally the queen of SEO
What's coming next in the online learning space?
Are you seeing the same success with course and mastermind launches? I've seen a big decline in course and mastermind enrollments. It might just be me but what do you think has shifted and what do you think people want more now? I'm thinking for bite size, specific content and membership maybe? Would love to know what you're seeing and doing right now in the online learning space
Christina Lopez
Susanne Rieker
Abagail Pumphrey
Suzanne Chadwick
Zahida A Khan
New comment 18d ago
8 likes • Oct 30
I think people are shifting into more mini courses that gives one specific result as opposed to very big time consuming course content. Also, I would say maybe more lower ticket pricing. The courses that I’m buying more are like $150 or less but they’re super specific in one thing
What are your predictions for 2024? ⚡
I love predictions - I love to think about them myself and I LOVE to hear what other people think is coming in terms of trends, shifts, and where we're headed as a community and the creator space as a whole. So.... what are *your* predictions for the creator space, online biz, etc for 2024 and beyond? 🔮 Let's share in the comments!
Éva Raposa
Kassy Pajarillo
Marcia P
Mallory Whitfield
Jessica Alfaqih
New comment 20d ago
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- more low ticket courses with one tangible outcome as opposed to full on programs. More hyper specific outcomes - Content that is short, specific, and bingeable. Gone are the days of 5+ hour courses - Time > money. I feel like the selling points now would be how much time you save more than how much money you make - More of a shift into one person business models over large complex teams - Less is more, more simplicity going forward
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@Kassy Pajarillo hiiii what a small world we live in haha!
👋 Introduce yourself right here!
This is the introductions thread. Say hi, tell us what your business is all about! In your introduction, answer these 3 questions: ➡️ What is your name? (feel free to share pronouns if you’d like!) ➡️ What is your business or platform? Who do you serve, what do you sell, etc ➡️ If you were to host your dream party, and the sky was the limit, what would the theme be? We can’t wait to meet you!
Kori Tomelden
Kristin Boyd
Trish Martin
Sophie Bidard
Debra Larson
New comment 20d ago
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Hello everyone my name is Tina I help content creators scale their content, impact, and income with no code, affiliate marketing, and email marketing Join my newsletter and get my content idea generator template
Any Worldschooling creators out there?
I'm doing a workshop for an upcoming summit about earning online while travelling with your family specifically running your own business with info products like courses, ebooks, summits etc. If you do that (or know someone who does), can you please share? I'm looking for more real-life examples to share to inspire people. You'll get full credit and a link in the download. - no MLMs - prefer non-travel content - the quirkier the better! - it has to be financially supporting you. Not new, unproven businesses. Thank you! It's proving to be very difficult to find people, so any leads are very welcome!
Christina Lopez
Mariah Coz
Melinda Cooper
Kelly Kotanidis
Emma Powell
New comment 24d ago
1 like • Oct 31
I have an online creator business that’s completely automated and brings in revenue. But it’s not my full time gig, partially because I do like my 9-5. But I don’t have kids. Not sure if I fit the bill, totally cool if not. Just putting that out there 🤗
Cleaning up cold email subscribers 🧹
I am FINALLY "cleaning up" my list by removing cold subscribers who don't raise their hand to stay on our list. Over the next week or so, I am sending 3 emails to a huge segment of subscribers who haven't opened our emails in a while. Giving them one last chance to let us know they'd like to stay on our newsletter... Then we're removing them! I always thought this process would be super scary. I avoided it for so long (literally this has been on my list for years, and has been at the top of my list for 9 months while I diligently ignored it and bumped it to next month 10 times). But now that I'm doing it, it's really not that bad! I wrote the 3 emails. Created a "link trigger" in Convertkit for people who want to stay on to click. And I sent the first one out this morning. Would it be helpful to you all to see the emails I sent after I'm done with this process? Personally I found that every example email copy and template I found online wasn't that great and sounded really formal/awkward, so I wrote my own to match our brand voice. Happy to share them as I'm sending these over the next week if it's helpful as an example!
Rafeh Qazi
Mariah Coz
Rebecca Muriuki
Paul Lester
Venessa Rodriguez
New comment 24d ago
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Is this automation only to your cold audience? If so, how did you determine that?
Prioritizing Rest in Your Business
Hi all!!! I'm curious how everyone prioritizes rest while running your businesses. As a business owner currently in limbo (I never closed my business down completely and still have a few lingering clients that I work with), I know for a fact that my ignoring rest and self-care led me to this place. I'm currently trying to figure out where to go from here, but I'm nervous I'll fall into the same traps again. So what do you do to prioritize rest and take care of yourself as a business owner? I'm also very interested in doing things more passively, as well as with a small team or even just on my own. So any tips would be AMAZING.
Dave Foy
Amanda Creek
Britt Malka
Sean Mize
Amy Miyamoto
New comment 24d ago
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@Amanda Creek so happy you joined! And yes there will be some helpful content coming down the pipeline. Happy to have your join our content creators club community (newsletter). Believe me trying to figure out a way to automate “not checking” my email is on my list of things to do. I’ll be testing a couple of platforms I saw recently so maybe it may be able to happen!
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@Nicole Enesse plenty! Here you go!
Native Video 🎞️ Hosting?
Where are you hosting your videos if you have already switched to Skool?
2 members have voted
Waqar Ahmed
Christina Lopez
Marcia P
New comment 25d ago
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Komodo decks I got a lifetime deal on appsumo
If you could travel back in time to the inception of your BUSINESS, what advice would you give your younger self, knowing what you know now?
Christina Lopez
Charles Merkel
Suzanne Chadwick
Natalie Sperling
Waqar Ahmed
New comment 26d ago
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Focus on investing in coaches that have the ideal business model rather than the amount of money they make. Over the years I’ve realized that there are a bunch of ways to make money online. But not every one of those ways is the lifestyle I personally wanted to have. I wish I focused on passive income first and building streams of daily income (which I have now) rather than worrying about closing a client. So yeah, that’s one thing!
1 like • Oct 27
@Waqar Ahmed I was a former coach now turned into content creator. Coaching was so fulfilling but ultimately I didn’t want the lifestyle of being on calls to make money. So that’s where pivoting to content creation helped as I can provide knowledge and help without needing to rely on time to make money. By business has shifted entirely to passive income since then. It’s been great
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