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Guys! 🥳 Where/how do you store all your content ideas? 😄
Especially the ones that you haven’t yet turned into posts/videos. 🧐 I’m currently: ✅ sending them to my work phone Whatsapp ✅ sending them to my work IG account as DM’s ✅ have a note app on my personal phone ✅ have a google sheet on the computer. Help! 🤣🤣🤣
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I use Asana for this! I have a whole system for idea generation, planning, organizing, creating, scheduling, and repurposing my posts. I use a combination of the board and calendar views to accomplish this. I highly recommend Asana for these types of systems. It actually runs my entire business lol.
What platform do you host your course content on?
In the spirit of platform switches, I'm curious what everyone else is using right now.
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New comment Oct '23
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I just switched mine over to Squarespace. They just started offering that option and it made sense since my website is there. It made it so easy, since my branding and everything was already set up!
Another weekly email OUT! {Fearless CEO Challenge, Day 7}
If you've seen any of my other posts, you know I have several businesses. I do have support (WHEW!), but there's still a lot. I ran into a time period when I let 2 of the businesses be neglected. No weekly emails, no social media, NOTHING. Just paused. I'm working to delegate more and plan ahead, and I'm excited about that! Until that's 100% sorted, I've had to really stay focused and on schedule. So I'm pretty stoked that today I got out the weekly email for the business I *most* want to grow, out the third week in a row. AND... I've planted the seeds for a mini launch incoming. AND... I'm understanding the dynamics much better about why I've delayed so much. AND... I've streamlined a lot of the business that overtook my life. SO MUCH GOOD HAPPENING! #fearlessceochallenge
New comment Oct '23
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Going Live
Do you think it's necessary to go live during launches and flash sales? I'm in Profit Architecture and starting out with the flash sale for the course I already have, and I'm wondering if the live aspect is absolutely necessary? I just really hate going live. I'm an awkward being live just isn't my thing! I'd love to know all of your opinions on the topic! Thanks :)
New comment Nov '23
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@Mariah Coz Thank you!! I actually just watched the video in PA about being adaptable and flexible, which made me more confident in my choice not to go live as well! I may consider it for a webinar. I would rather go live in a situation where people sign up, rather than just randomly on social media.
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@Éva Raposa Yes definitely! And I've done a ton of things that have been scary and have expanded me, and I continue to do new things. But going live on social media is just something I hate to do - haha. So, for now anyway, I'm going to make the decision that going live in that setting is just not something I do in my business. Just like Mariah doesn't do sales calls!
DELEGATE to celebrate! {Fearless CEO Challenge, Day 6}
I just spent 5 minutes sending a message to my assistant. She will then do a task that would have been annoying for me and taken an hour or two. It's as good as done, and I can do the next thing. EVERY TIME she does things for me, I feel like I need to celebrate! I believe with all my heart, that I need to spend the bulk time upgrading my mindset and sharing the best that only I can within my business. If I spent the bulk of my time doing admin tasks, that would be impossible! Do you have an assistant? What do they do that makes your world THAT much better?! EDITING to add the hashtag for this challenge!! #fearlessceochallenge
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Yes! Delegating is so important and definitely something to celebrate! A huge time-suck (and a skill I don't have) that I delegate is editing my YouTube videos. So grateful to have my VA to do that for me! As an OBM and Asana systems specialist, my clients also delegate to me and it frees up so much of their time so that they can focus on what they love and what really moves the needle in their businesses.
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