Another weekly email OUT! {Fearless CEO Challenge, Day 7}
If you've seen any of my other posts, you know I have several businesses. I do have support (WHEW!), but there's still a lot. I ran into a time period when I let 2 of the businesses be neglected. No weekly emails, no social media, NOTHING. Just paused.
I'm working to delegate more and plan ahead, and I'm excited about that!
Until that's 100% sorted, I've had to really stay focused and on schedule. So I'm pretty stoked that today I got out the weekly email for the business I *most* want to grow, out the third week in a row.
AND... I've planted the seeds for a mini launch incoming. AND... I'm understanding the dynamics much better about why I've delayed so much. AND... I've streamlined a lot of the business that overtook my life.
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