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For a while, I was thinking about starting my own YouTube channel and documenting my life and business there, but I was afraid of my English accent cuz I'm an Egyptian guy, and my English is not that good, especially in speaking, I tried to learn it myself by watching 90% of the content in English in the past 2 years. So, after a couple of weeks, I decided to start my own YT channel 🎯 and uploaded my #1 video in a couple of minutes. It's an introduction video, not too much information but it's a good one for starting. I want you to see it and if you like comment there "Creator Skool" 📈 I just wanted to get your opinion!! Should I upload videos without editing and focus on the value of the information in the video or focus on editing and creating engaging content from day #1?? 🤔
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Lowkey Approach to VIP Days
I've been going back and forth for a while now on this but after talking with some creator friends of mine I finally decided to DO IT. I've had my automated content business for the past 2-3 years and I finally feel confident in sharing with my audience the strategy of how to build an automated content business that has: - Passive income only (these VIP days may change that up a bit lol) - no team members - fully automated - no sales calls It's literally been two years in the making and part of me is missing my coaching days tbh, but not the long term client engagement - so this is where I think VIP days may fit the bill. The strategy so far (idk we'll see how it works when it does): - Survey at the end of my daily emails teasing out the invite only 1:1 offer to my list. If they click the button then it would auto segment them - Automatically tags the subscriber to a "promote my VIP Day" automation (just a one email) - scheduled 4 emails towards the end of the month for natural urgency and deadline (I'm only opening up 4 spots) - Simply google docs offer page, no fancy sales page. It's kind of crazy tbh. 3-4 years ago I had a coaching business where part of me needed to sign clients in order to generate cash in my business. Fast forward to now I'm in a position where I get to "choose" if I want clients, it also allows me to be pickier with who I choose to spend and invest my time with. And that's solely because I have the cashflow in my creator business to allow me to be picky. Long story short, if there is a will, there's a way! Don't give up!
Inspired By Mariah - My 30-Day 1000 Member Target 🎯
New to Skool (but selling online courses since 2016) I launched my initial free Skool at the start of the month. Scouring the Skool community for inspiration, of all the incredible stories I heard, it was @Mariah Coz's "1000 Members in 30 Days on Skool" video walk-through from August which resonated most. Taking similar steps during set up and launch, 22 days after launching and 7 days before the end of the month, we're at 653 members and I've just posted a video in my own community asking for member support. All going well, I'll also be recording my 1000th member on Loom next week! Thanks for the inspiration Mariah 🙏🏼
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Feeling Grateful, Some Wins!
Hi everyone! The start of this year has been busy but things are kicking off to a great start. I really need to credit the Map Your Model course from Mariah it’s been beyond helpful with clarifying my goals for the year! Our wins: - our $9 Daily Content Generator presale is going well, I’m literally one sale away from hitting our sales threshold so I’m feeling super pumped it’s going to happen. - I’m 5 spots away from being fully booked halfway through the year for freebie swaps! - I’ve booked 4 podcast guest spots and my goal is 30! - I’ve outsourced an editor for my YouTube channel! And we’re not even done with January! I’m not trying to brag but honestly I’m really just fucking proud of myself. I want to front load as much work as possible in Q1 so I can just chill for the rest of the year (we’ll see how that goes haha) What’s next? - automate freebie swap pitching (and book the rest of the year) - Automate our short videos to social media channels - Pitch to more podcasts to hit my 30 podcast goal this year! What are your goals? What are you working on?
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Another weekly email OUT! {Fearless CEO Challenge, Day 7}
If you've seen any of my other posts, you know I have several businesses. I do have support (WHEW!), but there's still a lot. I ran into a time period when I let 2 of the businesses be neglected. No weekly emails, no social media, NOTHING. Just paused. I'm working to delegate more and plan ahead, and I'm excited about that! Until that's 100% sorted, I've had to really stay focused and on schedule. So I'm pretty stoked that today I got out the weekly email for the business I *most* want to grow, out the third week in a row. AND... I've planted the seeds for a mini launch incoming. AND... I'm understanding the dynamics much better about why I've delayed so much. AND... I've streamlined a lot of the business that overtook my life. SO MUCH GOOD HAPPENING! #fearlessceochallenge
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