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People trying to enter funnel again immediately
How do you deal with someone trying to enter your funnel more than once? For example, people will join my webinar training through a link on my website, then a few weeks later try to re-join via an email I've sent out or a link I shared on social media. Of course, since they've already gone through the webinar, their deadline has passed and it's expired for them. Then they'll email me saying they signed up, but can't get in. What do you say to these people? Do you just manually readd them to the funnel? I'm getting a handful of these emails and it's making me wonder how many leads I'm losing, people who are trying to re-enter my funnel and NOT saying anything when they can't get back in.
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@Mariah Coz They're messaging saying they can't get in to the training (which expires along with the discount)- rarely they're upset, asking why they can't get in to the training if I'm sharing about it. Mostly they're confused, saying 'I put my email in multiple times and I can't get into the training'. No one is trying to get in every week, I think these people genuinely forget that they've gone through my webinar already. For context, we do have the timers set to reset every few weeks - the tech is certainly working as it's supposed to, I'm just fumbling on the customer service side. I'm not sure how to explain the evergreen funnel system to someone from the outside: how to explain that their opportunity has passed, but I'm still advertising it to other people.
Sales Tax/VAT for online courses
How are you handling sales tax/VAT for your online courses? Especially curious to hear from those who are using Stripe and PayPal as their payment providers. Do you have an accountant to help you with quarterly filings?
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What's the best new productivity tool you've discovered in 2023?
AppSumo fans, tech tool early adopters... this question is for YOU! Open up your treasure chest and surprise us with something we haven't seen or used before. Any takers?
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Loom! I use it to send video messages/screen recording with my team and it has saved me SO much time and meetings. It auto adds captions and I can watch at 2.5x speed. I can refer back to a video and see exactly visually what someone is referring to (or I can show exactly what I mean) ... I love it! Maybe not a 'productivity tool' per say, but it's the thing that's saved me the most time and miscommunication in the last year.
Afraid to start an email list...
It feels absolutely ridiculous to write that title... "I'm afraid to start my email list". Why am I afraid? Because once I start the list, I know there's no going back. I will have to regularly create more emails and send them out. Honestly, I can't bear the idea of creating a list where people are just sitting there and I'm not communicating with them. That seems like a good thing, but not when your next thought is... Because there's no way I have that much to say. My entire career and training has been about staying neutral, listening to all sides, coming up with solutions that benefit an entire community. I don't take stands, in fact, I have learned too many times that the answer can be both yes and no, black and white, left and right. I have seen that too often you alienate people when you take a closed view of a matter. So this leaves me with... Because I don't have anything to say that people will want to hear or read. And this my fellow creators is what stops me in my tracks. This is why I am too afraid to start my email list. Please help... Do you have any genuine advice to share that can help me find my voice... so I can make more of an impact without going against what I believe - that there's no one way or point of view that is 100% right?
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It sounds like you are a really considerate, conciousess person. And whatever you choose to share in your emails, can be exactly that. You don't have to 'preach' at anyone or give 'definitive answers'. You can just share your experiences, stories, and things that you've been learning. When I started my email list, I only emailed them when I had something new to share - and sometimes that meant I didn't email them for MONTHS! And it was fine! Even now that I have a decent size list, I don't email them on a regular schedule. And, like everyone else is saying, just starting doesn't mean you can never go back. Many years ago I started an email list for a different segment of my business (not for my courses) and over time, I've let that one go. I still have the list and if I choose to go down that business path again, I'm glad I have those contacts. But it's totally fine for that email list to sit there and do nothing for the time being. <3
What platform do you host your course content on?
In the spirit of platform switches, I'm curious what everyone else is using right now.
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@Sara Miles Same! I'm on Thinkific and I've searched and searched, but haven't found anything that suits my particular needs. Or that is compelling enough to make that painful switch.
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