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Fractional Ownership
I just watched the new Colin and Samir video titled 'Why MrBeast should sell his channel' about Fractional Ownership. I can recommend the video for all creators interested in new and creative ways to monetise, and I can recommend their whole channel for when you're looking for a good mix of entertainment, but still on topic to the creator economy. I liked the video for two reasons. First, it got me thinking about ways we can all collaborate together on one project as a community. I'm still in the really early days with this thought, and I have no idea how it would pan out in reality, but I think something really fun and rewarding could happen with the most active members of this community. The newsletter is step 1 on this process. Second, it taught me a lesson about thumbnails and titles. If I had to summarise YouTube success in a few words it would be this: Make videos people want. In Colin and Samir's example, not many people think they want to watch videos about Fractional Ownership, but lots of people want to watch videos about MrBeast. I think I need to do a better job at tailoring my videos to be more aligned with what people want. I recently recorded a video about 'How To Be Consistent', but I think it would do even better if it was titled something like 'How Is Ali Abdaal / Graham Stephan So Consistent!?" Same contents, but framed in a way that people want. So a really important question for us all to ask is: what content to people want? Where is attention? I made a list: 1. Big YouTubers 2. Celebrities / Actors / Movies 3. Web 3 / Crypto 4. Politics 5. News I'm wondering what would happen if 95% of videos I made had a theme related to the above. Charisma on Command grew their channel using Celebrity clickbait, but I don't watch any movies/know about celebrities. Web3 could definitely fit into the occasional piece of my content. E.g. Web3 for content creators, or if I'm making a video about staying focused, I can use Web3 as an example of a distraction that eats attention.
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btw, I'm surprised at the rejection of Politics since it's so closely linked with what you create. I always viewed your general channel as "Here's how to live your life to the fullest". And politics is that very same statement at a larger scale, which necessitates it's far more intricate and complex as well which may be a turn off at hindsight.
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Glad I've been of use. That was an amazing article too. There was a part that said "One true fan is worth 1,000 social media followers.". I found myself pushing that one true fan is probably worth more than 10,000,000 social media followers that consume your content then go back to watching shows, playing videogames, or partying. But the one true fan that decided to change himself because of you... History has shown what one human being is capable of. They could easily bring way more value in the long-term than the 10 million sheep.
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Founder of Shopify: "Our life job is to acquire wisdom and then share it"
Just found (and fell in love with) this quote: “I believe that the job we all have in life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom and then share it" - Tobi Lutke, founder of Shopify. Source:
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Idk if it was a typo or Tobi Lutke misspoke but instead of "the" it should be "A job we all have in life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom and then share it". Because there is much more responsibility on the shoulders of mankind
Increasing Productivity
I assume a lot of us are hard workers. But sometimes it very difficult to continue a specific activity for hours. When we take breaks, it always ends up becoming 10 minute break or an hour break. In other words, the break is a lot more than what we planned for. However, instead of taking a break when you are feeling the most exhausted. Take breaks when you are feeling the most excited. Here's an example. - You like to draw so you practice drawing a circle. All of your circles come out rubbish and you have been going at this for hours. The moment you draw that circle you like so much. Drop the pencil. That feeling of "FINALLY" is a positive emotion. When you go on break, you will be thinking about that positive emotion or feeling thus warranting a trip back to your "work". This increases productivity for me, so why don't you guys try it out. Tell me what you think.
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Wouldn't you want to keep working when you're motivated to maximize productivity? Not sure if I'm understanding right. Is it to take a break when you've accomplished a task or when you're motivated to start/work?
Good evening everyone, First of all, I'd like to thank Andrew and his team for his time and dedication, as well as for his content that have been quite refreshing and heartwarming at the same time :) There are many things that usually grab my interest - albeit not all being of equal values, like kitten and puppy rescues videos (damn). 1. My main interests are : - Health and medical related content, especially on the nutrition/dietitian side : I can spend hours listening to videos about insulin resistance, (mainly western) health issues, metabolism. I learn concept and pathways like people learn to count from 1 to 10, even though I have a hard time with arithmetics and algebra once letters are involved. - Self-development, on the spiritual side, and enlightenment : some authors can appear to be quite esoteric, if not mystical, yet I focus more on the practical side : how can I be a better person, have peaceful and appeased relationships with myself, my own mind and others ? - Sports and training : I practice a lot on rings, and I have started recently to take yoga classes. I believe it is as important to be well in your body as in your mind, "mens sana in corpore sano". 2. The problems I am currently working on : Overall how to become a decent person and especially a man in a society which has broken down many structuring pillars. For the best or for the worst ? I know not. All I know is that I still have to learn, and for this purpose to unlearn many of the premade thoughts I have been fed during my upbringing. Some are still useful, some are not. Gratitude is of paramount importance here, because it is quite easy to become bitter and resentful. I have been fortunate to read and view some of Jordan B Peterson's content. It might not be your cup of tea, and I respect that. On the more personal side, it's been more than 4 months that I have been "retaining", and you can only understand how powerful this tool is, even merely on the physical, physiological and psychological aspects once you start practicing it. I am only a beginner, and forever a student :)
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Nice to meet you! My goodness, what a diverse background. You're sure to be buzzing with amazing experiences and ideas to share!
I'm a little frustrated
So many people here have started their channel already, or are so far along. I'm not like comparing myself, but I really want to be on the first step! But rushing it wouldn't help much... There are just so many projects I'm excited about! Man, I'm gonna finish the short story I started & send it to my teacher... Then I'll wrap up the Christmas gifts and then all my attention belongs to making my first YouTube video! (This is fine. Right??? Anyone else struggling with this?)
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I feel many people go through this, including me. What helped me gain perspective is the quote "We overestimate what we can do in a day, but underestimate what we can do in a year". I just schedule in a productive hour or two everyday and stay consistent on it, which is easy now that I've deleted most of my social media. Time clears up like crazy.
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