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Hello! Welcome to the Synthesizer Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Educational Content Creators and Consultants reach Financial Freedom by mastering the META for the Great Online Game - Synthesizing. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - Impact, Income, Fun - University - Work with Andrew To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What project you're currently focused on See you in the comments!
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    @Harry Peacock Don't worry about it, you can always change your profile picture later. Oh I know misfortunate coincidences like that, you'll have to outsmat is by trying stuff out ;D
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    @Arjun Khemani Interested in psychology? Philosophy? Thinks the traditional education system needs a reform? 15? Arjun, I'm Ame and I think we'll get along
The Synthesizer Roadmap
Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Make your first piece of content Step 2: Get in the habit of creating Step 3: Make your first dollar Step 4: Get 10,000 followers Step 5: Make $10,000/month Step 6: Financial freedom A note about habits: Reaching all six steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only creating content for views, followers, or money, then you probably won't make it. In the beginning, you won't get those things. So you'll quit. The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you. A note about money: Money is important. But I don't think it's our end goal here. Content is growing exponentially. Our attention is limited. The role of the synthesizer becomes more important every single day. Our end goal is to commit to solving the 'disjointed knowledge problem' full-time. Now that's a meaningful goal. A note about $10,000/month: It is possible to earn much more than this through synthesizing, but this is roughly the point where your happiness stops increasing as you earn more. A note about Financial Freedom: The goal isn't to sit on a beach and drink cocktails. The goal is to use this freedom to make art. To create something beautiful for the other people on earth. At this point significant impact can be made. A note about "Celebrations": This community has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy and aliveness. I didn't quite realise how strongly being synthesizers would resonate with you guys. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I've added a "celebrations" post category. I think this will add to the energy of the group. Whenever you hit part of the roadmap, make a post! We will keep track of how many people are at each level. Also feel free to post other celebrations not on the roadmap. Final notes: This roadmap is definitely not final. If you see any problems with it, comment below. If you can think of anything you think should be added, comment below.
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    @Alan Delmontr Other than finding problems it's always a good idea to keep knowledge distribution in mind. I think digital products & memberships/ subscriptions (along with ckient work, although I don't know if that applies to you) is the best way to gain income. Congrats & happy creating!
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    @Vincent Dowd Most definitely! I find that, in a world full of creators, those who combine knowledge from different places get the furthest :D
A few months ago something clicked in my head, and I understood the severity of the 'disjointed knowledge problem'. I recall painful years of grind and struggle, trying to avoid the shitty life I was on the trajectory towards. Yet no matter how hard I tried, I made no progress. It felt like something was stopping me. I now see that the thing stopping me wasn't external. It was internal. I didn't have the knowledge needed to understand which causes would lead to the effect I so desired. That caused me to waste a lot of time making no progress. And I can see clear pivot points in my life after consuming certain pieces of content. There's an obvious before/after, once someone had imparted their knowledge onto me. So why is there not a better, more efficient way to provide life-changing knowledge to the right people at the right time!? The internet has provided us the technology needed for this to happen. If someone knows the solution to a problem that I have, and the internet has provided the tech needed for that solution to be shared, WHY do I not know about it? Why are there billions of people suffering from problems that have simple solutions? I tried playing my part to solve this by creating my own YouTube channel. If it took me 10 months to learn a lesson, and I could share that with people in 10 minutes, what more value can I bring to this earth? But I soon realised that I was not enough. I don't know everything. In fact, I possess an infinitesimally small amount of the world's knowledge. That's why I created Synthesizer Skool. And I'm incredibly excited to announce we've just hit 1,000 members. Together, we have an absurd amount of power. And if we leverage that power in the right directions, I really believe we can make some magic. This might sound too hypey, but The Synthesizer Revolution is here! EDIT: We've now hit 2,000 members! Read my post about it here:
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    Ein Hoch auf uns! Time to revolutionise the internet and how we consume & produce content...
I won't count it as step one because it's only the intro and not a full video... But still, I feel so happy and strange and !!!!! What do you think of it? It's my first animation, so it isn't perfect, but I am still proud of how it turned out :D (What do you think of the channel name, banner, description etc.? Some feedback on that would be great as well, thank you so much!)
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    @Jj Villafane I'd be happy to work with you! Reach out when you have something :D
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    @Abiola Afolabi thank you!!! More coming where this came from B:^)
I'm giving up.
That's what I felt like doing a year ago, last March. I started my channel January 3, 2021 (STEP 1) and posted several videos. I was excited and put a ton of effort into it. But then I hit the "Dip". People weren't watching and I got out of bed with a "vulnerability hangover" every day. As my feet hit the ground next to my bed I thought, "I will just stop and delete it all of it. Who do I think I am?" 🤢 Then in April, a video that I had previously posted, somehow latched into ranking in search and started to pick up steady views. I'd like to say that I was strong enough to keep going by myself, but this little push was desperately needed. Mother Algorithm threw me a bone. She's not all bad. 🦴 After that, I took months to put out a few different videos, but not because I was procrastinating anymore, but because I was learning what I needed to learn to put out videos that more matched the vision I had for them. I still wasn't completely happy, but I was getting better on all fronts of the Youtube creation cycle. By September I was cranking out fresh videos consistently along with breaking up older longer videos and releasing them as more digestible clips. (STEP 2) A few of these then even got picked up by Browse and Search as well. Plus, I felt like my content was getting better. My first video was no cuts with a title card and a sprinkle of music. Now my edit timelines look like a murder scene. 🔪 I even started to make money on Anchor by releasing my videos as podcast episodes (STEP 3). By the end of December and into January I had spikes on multiple videos. But then it fell back down. Was I a failure?! No, the numbers just fell back to about November's average, but I had already adapted. The reality is that I had a spike, and I'm still picking up subs. But it won't be exponential every day. And part of me wants to blame the recommendation system, but I know it's actually on me. I need to make a better product, especially in the thumbnail and title department! Quantity plus quality WILL get seen. I've already seen it happen. Just do it again. And again. And better. And then again.
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    You scared me there for a second lol But I was really glad to hear about the rest!
The problem with the internet that no one is talking about
I just became a "video creator" i guess. i've made 2 videos and honestly, I feel like I'm learning a lot about myself in this process. I don't know tho. Am I really a "creator"? Maybe the algorithm is the creator, and I'm the pawn. I don't know. Here is a video by struthless that talks about the flywheel problem for creators
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    I rewatched it and!!!! This is such a good video!!! Like struthless is really good at keeping things calm and simple, but this video really did it for me. Thanks for sharing :D
Speaking of processing content: "Morning Pages"
#Synthesizing Made Me $1,000,000 -- This is another video that I had seen prior to joining this group, and seeing it again is helping me to organize my thoughts around it better. As with the previous videos, this is some great material. Regarding Andrew's second point: I learned through profound personal experience the power of journaling on a regular basis. I was first turned onto the habit by reading the book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I cannot recommend this book enough; one of the two main tools that she advocates throughout this "twelve step" program for "recovering creatives" is to journal daily in the mornings. She advised three pages a day, and if you couldn't think of anything to say, just write, "I have no idea how I'm going to fill up these three pages," over and over again until... well, the thing is, you won't write that for three pages. Your brain and your hand will conspire to start you down the path of writing something else, and before you know it, you're clearing your brain of all the gunk and getting to the good stuff that's underneath it. I haven't gotten to Andrew's "15 Books Everyone Should Read," but if Cameron's book isn't on that list, it should be. By writing morning pages every day, I transformed my life in relatively short order; within a few months I had changed jobs, moved across country with the woman I would eventually marry, improved my financial situation, and really just made massive improvements. It's a workbook. You probably already have enough assignments on your plate. Too bad. Get this book into your library and start on it as soon as you can. It's divided into 12 weeks' worth of exercises, and they are not onerous at all. But, they will make a positive difference. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Do it!
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    Oh, I've heard of morning pages!!! I need to try them out
We must do THIS to become successful! #Clickbait
Anybody up for a WhatsApp or Telegram-Group? Idea: Reinforce the synthesizer-identity not only on, but throughout the day; leveraging the bings, dings, and pings for our personal success AND accountability. Preferentially it should be only a few guys/gals, because otherwise the group is full of passive readers. We must naturally be active and tell others what we've achieved that day. I'm looking at you, Top Five @Corey Bennett Boardman @Amelie Schmid @Shivam Jha @Amrin A @Allan R. but of course everybody is welcome. Who's up for it?
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    I haven't been very active (for now!!! I'll come baaaaaaack) but a smaller, more focused group would be kinda nice! (Even considering what @Corey Bennett Boardman said :)⁣
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    @Allan R. I struggle with the same stuff, something more focused really would be great!!!
1. BARRIER • Create without practice • Publish your first videos • Try the creating process out 2. IDEA DIRECTION • Get to know your "space" on YouTube • Help the algorithm figure out who your channel and your audience is • Make a system for creating ideas that are successful 3. CORE SKILLSET • Understand the YouTube algorithm • Improve body language, talking & on-camera presence • Immerse yourself in your industry • Improve creating ideas & titles for videos 4. TRANSITION • Grow & maintain your community • Improve your "subscribeability" • Improve creativing thumbnails. • Perfect your "call to action" (asking people to subscribe, support you, buy something etc.) 5. REPLICATE FORMULA • Understand YouTube analytics • Create viral videos • View time improvements • Leverage the YouTube community feature. 6. REVENUE STREAMS • Build an information product • Sponsorship strategy, recomending affiliates, YouTube membership/Patreon etc. (Focus on one before moving on) 7. BUILD AUTHORITY • Deep dive analysis & adjustments • Focus on expanding channel audience • Work outside your channel (collaborations, podcast guest, industry sources etc.) 3 success factors: • Time: Important but overrated • Skillset: Very important, the basis of quality • Strategy: Underrated, extremely important.
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I'm a little frustrated
So many people here have started their channel already, or are so far along. I'm not like comparing myself, but I really want to be on the first step! But rushing it wouldn't help much... There are just so many projects I'm excited about! Man, I'm gonna finish the short story I started & send it to my teacher... Then I'll wrap up the Christmas gifts and then all my attention belongs to making my first YouTube video! (This is fine. Right??? Anyone else struggling with this?)
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    @Allan R. I really need to catch up with your channel!!! Expect some feedback from me soon :D
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    @Allan R. looking forward to it lol :D
10 days 8 videos 30 subsribers and 12.9 hours watch time.
this is my last 10 days. I've started posting videos every day 10 days ago, missed 2 days in between. it changed everything. now I'm getting better at speaking on mic and editing videos. it's not huge but it's my game changer. :) Everything was possible because of all the support got from this community and the encouragement of my elder brother. I know this is just the beginning. I've started a 20 days 20 video challenge and @Niclas N. is my accountability buddy. Thanks, Niclas :D Thanks, everyone wish me luck for the journey ahead.
Niclas N.
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    @Amrin A thx, you too dude
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    @Shivam Jha He's Coder Amrin on YouTube, same profile picture ;)
We've all worried wether this is worth it or not and we've all struggled with finding motivation. I think I may have a solution: Ask yourself, how will your life look in 1/5/10 years if you take the first step of the synthesizer roadmap now? How will your life look like in the same amount of time of you don't?
Amelie Schmid
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What do you think would get more views on YouTube?
Curious to hear your guess.
83 members have voted
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    Interesting enough, a great YouTube creator called Lefie recently went from posting every few weeks/months to posting daily... It is still too early to asses results though
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    @Allan R. That's a really interesting perspective! Thank you for sharing your experience :D
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    But then people need to take initiative and spent time sith you on a call... I don't see that happening often unless you offer value in return. I think keeping a closer circle of supporters on a membership basis or something makes more sense (although it is probably harder to build)
Putting Andrew's advice into action
#How to grow on YouTube So after finishing this course I decided to take a whole new approach thanks to Andrew's/Mr. Beasts advice. Here's what I tried different compared to my other videos: - Cut out ANY dead time/points of low interest in my video - Started with idea that I think alot of viewers would be interested in - Made the video much shorter than my usual vids - Tried to focus on making a title and thumbnail that would get high CTR - No intro/outro just cut straight to the point - Added "questions" into my video that the viewer would want answered - Used actual question marks to help insinuate it. - Delivered on what the title and thumbnail said - Overall just tried to have full audience retention the whole video RESULTS - The video has only been up a few days but it got almost double the CTR of my normal videos! - It was a shorter video BUT it managed to get a much higher average viewer duration than normal. (Usually 10-20%. This one was 50%+) - And the most important: I learned alot! Focusing on CTR and AVD completely changed how I structured my videos. Learning to focus on THE IDEA more than anything else is so crucial. Thanks Andrew!
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