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trying again.....
Have not had any reactions so just wandering if it reached you guys and gals..😉
Behavioral Styles Workshop excersises
Dear Community I am planning a workshop around behavioral styles and looking for some fun and engaging exercises to do with the participants around that topic (ca.20 leaders) . The important part is the external view, as in, how do others perceive us in terms of our behavioral style. Which category of 4 different behavioral styles (similar to the DISC) would others place us in. Maybe I will find some inspiration here :) Thank you all!
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Novel Communication Ideas Workshop
Dear Community, I realised that I may have asked this question inside a less frequented group. I wonder if you can help with your advice. I have been tasked with coming up with a 2-4 hour workshop concept to gather ideas for the creation of novel communication materials from 6 participants. Here is what I had intended to propose: Collect Phase: 1- Sailboat exercise 2- Lightning Demos Choose Phase: 3- Voting and hierarchy of voted negatives from Sailboat exercise 4- Rewrite top voted problem as HMW for the Create Phase Create Phase: 5- Idea storm to solve HMW from Choose phase Commit Phase: 6- 2-Year goal 7- Can we questions Do you think that this recipe will help me generate new ideas from all gathered workshop participants? Would you recommend a different approach? I am looking forward to your insights. Best regards, Sebastian
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@David Newman where can I find more info on SCAMPER and Worst Possible Idea?
Curiosity and mindfulness in the workplace - workshop ideas wanted
Hello lovely facilitators I need some inspiration/ideas for a workshop about how do develop and foster curiosity in the workplace and mindfulness in the workplace. To include intro to the concept, benefits, and most importantly some cool exercises. Maybe a "curiosity" assessment, same for mindfulness. I have some stuff but looking for more and would be hugely grateful for some crowd knowledge sharing. THANK YOU!!!
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@Salah Bouchma this is fabulous and inspiring. I am planning a short yoga nidra (NSDR) session to begin with but wanted more exercises. I am doing this with a bunch of engineers so cannot have too much meditation stuff 😆 THANK YOU!
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Wow @Holly MacLean this is a great website....lots to explore 🙂 THANKS!!
Lego Serious Play
Good Morning Workshoppers, is anyone of you using Lego Serious Play as a facilitation method? I‘m currently wondering if I should imvest in a 2-days certification course for LSP. Do you think it can be an invest that pays off for me as a Self-employed Consultant and facilitator? Thank you and have a nice day - Chris
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I do.... And I strongly recommend doing the training because it is MUCH more than just playing LEGO and putting bricks together. It is important to follow the stages, to understand the psychological aspect and neuro-science behind it all. In order to be a good facilitator with LSP practice is key. But as mentioned by @David Newman, it is not straightforward with material, space, amount of people in a workshop (ideally not more than 8, max 10), cost and time...these workshops typically take longer as EVERYONE is building and SHARING. Lots of discussions/conversations evolve as part of this process. Hope this helps.
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