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Have you also waited for the perfect moment? Do you resonate with what we experienced? Are you trapped in the consumption wheel?
Viviann Napp
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Debbie Muller
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I can totally identify with your experience. I'm a perfectionsit and It's my curse. Unfortunately, I missed out on a lot of opportunities in my life because I felt I wasn't ready, and I will never be. But now I just learned to let go of perfection and take the first step whether I'm ready or not. And that's what I'm doing here joining your community. I'm not ready to be a teacherprenure but I'm doing it anyway.
GPT Prompt for Teachers
I've been helping some teachers design their brand's copywriting campaign leveraging the power of AI. If you want help create a successful copywriting campaign for your course or business - and want to use the power of surprise - send me a DM and I will share the prompt with you! :) Bonus: I will show you how to get metrics for it too.
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Catriona Walker
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I'm interested.
Hello TSN community! This is Adrian from Spain. I came to know LYE recently and have been following you guys since then. Love what you do! I want to have accountability and support for my business ideas to move from 1:1 sessions and being paid per hour to a more flexible lifestyle, spending time on what I love most: motivation, mindset, listening and pronunciation. My business is called: The Language Potential and I promote a stress-free environment where learners can develop their language skills in a healthy way. I offer coaching sessions, although right now I'm creating a crash course for people to become independent learners To launch the course and offer it first to my former and current learners. As I mentioned before, I'm looking for accountability, support, and any feedback you might want to offer. I'm a newbie in the concept of creating digital courses, but I would be glad to offer my help if anyone needs it. 😉 Ok, that's all from me. See you around! Adrian G.
Safa Alamoudi
Adrian Navarro
Andrew Woodbury
Michael Toczek
Galina Dhanoon
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Hello Adrian. This is Safa, also a new member of TSN community. I'm glad that other tecahers like you are also interested in autonomous learning. The course I'm planning to create revolves around that too. Maybe we could exchange some ideas and benefit from each other's experience. See you around.
🚨 Exciting New Webinar For Teachers, Teacherpreneurs, and Course Creators!
Teachers, Do you want to optimize the creation of your course? Ever wondered how AI can enhance your course creation process? Would you like to learn how to design optimal tasks for your programs/courses? Well, we have good news for you. Our November webinar is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 We've invited Sam Gravell, who is a TBLT enthusiast and course designer like us, to talk about ... 🙏 COURSE CREATION WITH CHAT GPT 🙏 In this webinar, we'll explore the power of using Large Language Models (LLMS) such as ChatGPT to create courses from scratch. Interweaving principles of effective course design and pedagogy with the exciting affordances of AI, this practical session will empower teachers and course creators with a roadmap for getting the most out of these truly revolutionary tools. This webinar is ONLY for TAP and TSN members! If you have any teacher friends who would like to access this, invite them to join our community! The event has been listed in our calendar. See you there!
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Joanna Newman
Andrew Woodbury
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Missed it :(. Hope you post the recording soon.
Recording: Webinar with Cecilia Nobre
Here's the recording of today's workshop with Cecilia Nobre. Cecilia talks about using video-based lessons as a way to make learning more dynamic. She also touches on adding a Dogme approach to this. There are many potential challenges to using videos: - what about proficiency level? - how long should a video be? - how do we choose a video? Cecilia walks us through all of this, shows us how to grade the task, and how to use a transferable process for each student and still make it personalized. What are your biggest takeaways from this session? Drop them below and let's continue the discussion. Enjoy the weekend! P.S. Cecilia has a new book out - check it out here. She also was kind enough to share 17 authentic videos she likes to use in class - see that here.
Safa Alamoudi
Alina Eliza
Andrew Woodbury
New comment Sep 24
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For some reason, I couldn't open the video. Is it just me? Or is there a technicL problem. I checked some other posts with videos attached to them and everything seems fine. Could you please check if this video is working on or not ?
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@Andrew Woodbury it's working now. Thank you
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Hello everyone. This is Safa, an English teacher from Saudi Arabia. I've been teaching general and business English to adults for 8 years.
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