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How to start your teaching business
Starting a business is like driving really fast to the next red traffic light. Be prepared to hurry up and wait. I talk to teachers all the time at the beginning of their journey and they usually ask me how long it takes to see results. There is no answer to this, of course: what results, specifically? And if you’re starting a business, that’s probably the wrong question. A better question might be: what foundations do I need in place that would allow me to have sustained results over the next 5 years? This may not be the optimistic answer people want to hear, but it’s the honest one. And most businesses around the world operate the same way. What you need is: 1. A proven offer that solves a problem people need solved 2. A series of steps that you can walk people through 3. A way to get in front of people who have that problem 4. A way to gain the trust of those people 5. A way to invite them to have their problems solved That’s the strategy of a business. It sounds simple, and it can be simple - it just takes time. To achieve #1 and #2 on the list requires testing and iteration - sometimes months, often over the course of a year. Be patient, think like a scientist, and be along for the journey. Don’t race to the next traffic light. Instead, be proud you’re laying the foundations that will allow you to keep driving for the next 5 years. And if you want to chat with us about yours, book a free consult here:
Finding True Value in Teaching Languages
Diogenes of Sinope, a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynicism, once pointed out a curious truth: we often trade valuable things for items of little worth. This insight is a wake-up call for us, especially as language teachers stepping into entrepreneurship. Consider this: society spends fortunes on luxuries like diamond-encrusted sofas, yet the truly important things, like integrity, can be undervalued. The market's logic is flawed because it's driven by people's irrational choices. Diogenes taught us to see beyond this, to understand the true value of what we have and do. As language teachers about to start our own businesses, this lesson is crucial. We might be tempted to chase after the latest trends or shortcuts to success. But remember, the real value lies in the knowledge and connections we create through language, not in material gains. So, let's ask ourselves: What valuable things do I sell too cheaply? Is it the depth of our expertise, the care for our students, or our passion for teaching? Recognizing and honoring the true worth of our contributions is key to building not just a business, but a legacy. Would you like to find the balance and set up the foundations of your teaching business the right way? Book a free 1:1 with us: Together, let's explore the true value of our work and support each other in making meaningful impacts. Talk soon.
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What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
Did you catch the live @Leonardo Gomes and I did earlier today? We talked about imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced it? Many people seem to perceive it as a negative. We look at it as a positive. That may sound strange, but hear us out. First, go watch the recording. Second, there is a lot of research suggesting the opposite. Justin Welsh likes to say he's never met an unsuccessful person who has imposter syndrome. Researcher Adam Grant shows why the syndrome happens and what it means for competence rather than actual confidence. He uses this formula: Competence > confidence = imposter syndrome Confidence > competence = arrogance So, if you have imposter syndrome, it's likely a benefit, or a symbol of something positive. It may also be connected - as we discussed - to your identify and what you really want for yourself. Check out our conversation and let me know your thoughts on this below. Takeaway: don't let it slow you down, but rather let it fuel your introspective work that makes external validation less important.
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What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
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@Nick Swerdlow I haven't actually. Is it online? That would be very interesting.
Just because it's Tuesday...
Hi Everyone, We all made it through Monday. Now, it is time to look to the future. Let's keep things positive and share a recent success you have had with your teaching or business recently.📈
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Just because it's Tuesday...
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Presenting at a conference last weekend! The first in-person one since Covid. It was a blast.
Want to improve your sales skills? Free Summit
Are you looking to improve your sales skills? Join us at the upcoming Teachers Talk Sales Summit - a free event happening June 13-14. I'll be there talking about using curiosity and questions to sell more - both things help detach yourself from the sale. Grab your free ticket here: In my talk, I go over: - the most common objections you may get on sales calls - how to handle them with questions early in your calls - how to identify objection cues early in calls and overcome them - how to give your prospects permission to buy your offer - and more I've used these skills to generate over $600K in sales revenue in the last 2 years. The mission of the summit is to help ambitious language teachers and coaches to sell effectively. There are many talented speakers - 15 I believe - who I know you'll learn from as well. From scaling your business, running effective language group programs, mindset of sales, and more, if sales is a skill you want to build this will help. Do you have any questions about sales? We can get the discussion going here. Once again, grab your free ticket by clicking here. Hope to see you there!
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Want to improve your sales skills? Free Summit
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@Tatiana T Hi Tatiana! Would you mind trying it again? The link is working for me. Try in a different browser, in an incognito window, or a different device as well. Let me know?
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