Hello TSN community! This is Adrian from Spain.

I came to know LYE recently and have been following you guys since then. Love what you do!

I want to have accountability and support for my business ideas to move from 1:1 sessions and being paid per hour to a more flexible lifestyle, spending time on what I love most: motivation, mindset, listening and pronunciation.

My business is called: The Language Potential and I promote a stress-free environment where learners can develop their language skills in a healthy way. I offer coaching sessions, although right now I'm creating a crash course for people to become independent learners

To launch the course and offer it first to my former and current learners.

As I mentioned before, I'm looking for accountability, support, and any feedback you might want to offer.

I'm a newbie in the concept of creating digital courses, but I would be glad to offer my help if anyone needs it. 😉

Ok, that's all from me. See you around!

Adrian G.


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