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about me
I'm a teacher entering the world of online teacher-preneur , I'm slowing moving across to becoming more independent teacher still teaching on platforms but ready to break free.😁building and constantly learning what and where i can to help me grow and my students to succeed. I mainly teach business English for construction professional's coming from a strong background in construction field myself where i also got to teach a lot and made me wanting to pursue teaching full time on a more flexible basis. happy to be here.
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Looking for a community
Hi, my name is Jill. I've been teaching one-to-one online for five years, I started out on italki but now mostly have my own, private clients. I would really like to start moving away from the one-to-one model and providing asynchronous courses but it feels like a long way off at the moment. My business goals for the next 30 days are to get a clearer picture of what I am going to offer and get a basic website up and running. I'm hoping to find a community here of people on similar journeys. At the moment I don't know anyone else in a similar career.
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Something about me
Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here. I'm a freelance language teacher and translator based in Italy. I teach Business English classes for adults online and in-company.
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Hello everyone, I am very happy to be here and extremely excited to begin this new adventure and meet you all. Here’s a little bit about me; I grew up in the beautiful city of Brisbane, in the sunny state of Queensland, Australia. After completing my university studies, I moved to Naples in 2006. In Australia, I worked as a mainstream primary and middle school teacher. I have always been very passionate about teaching, considering it more than a job, but a mission. I have always considered myself lucky because I have the opportunity to do what I love. When I moved to Italy, I decided to obtain my ESL and sectoral translator qualifications. I began working for private and state schools in the city, while building a private clientele, primarily made up of primary, high-school and university students. Approximately three years ago, I began working with adult professionals seeking English coaching and training to advance their English language skills in their career contexts. I realised that I absolutely LOVE teaching adults. I now work for a company where I teach professionals (from different sectors: banking, legal, pharmaceutical etc), but my dream is to build my own online business, teaching\learning community for such business professionals, my dream is to become a true teacherpreneur. I have joined the TAP community \project because of this dream, because I feel I need guidance to help me transform this dream into reality. In the next 30 days I am hoping to build my business foundations and get clients. I know that I will learn very much from all of you and I am looking forward to sharing ideas and making progress step by step. 😊 Ciao, Silvia
💥Comfort zone renovation 💥
Hi everyone 👋 I've been an English language teacher since 2006. I would like to build my own online school + learning communities for Vocational ESP students. I'd like to get better at asking for help and moving outside my comfort zone 😬
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