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Have you also waited for the perfect moment? Do you resonate with what we experienced? Are you trapped in the consumption wheel?
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@Teresa Dossor Sorry to hear about that. But it seems like you are learning from that small obstacle 💪! Are there any other platforms where you could share your slides? Might be worth exploring other options.
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@Teresa Dossor I have done 5 in 30 and in my opinion it's worth it. It helped me have more clarity about my niche and the problem I solve.
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Do you resonate with what we experienced in terms of trying to please everyone? What's your experience with this?
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3 likes • Jan 5
I was quite reluctant to be specific in what I help people with, as I always think a language is not just about an academic paper or an exam, it's also about connecting and communicating. Perhaps one of its important raisons d'etre. But I see why you talk about this as a mistake. We need to bring what makes us us into our teaching. That's our added value. In my case, I can see now that I'm more about personal growth, mindset, psychology, neuroscience. So bringing all that into the sessions I have makes me really enjoy and be in a state of flow. So I can see that I need to perhaps cater to an audience who is also interested in all this and they don't just want to learn English, they want to grow as individuals. I'll be reflecting more on this for sure.
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@Andrew Woodbury Thanks man! Awesome! Watched last evening and it was great. I was taking notes non-stop. 😅
Hello TSN community! This is Adrian from Spain. I came to know LYE recently and have been following you guys since then. Love what you do! I want to have accountability and support for my business ideas to move from 1:1 sessions and being paid per hour to a more flexible lifestyle, spending time on what I love most: motivation, mindset, listening and pronunciation. My business is called: The Language Potential and I promote a stress-free environment where learners can develop their language skills in a healthy way. I offer coaching sessions, although right now I'm creating a crash course for people to become independent learners To launch the course and offer it first to my former and current learners. As I mentioned before, I'm looking for accountability, support, and any feedback you might want to offer. I'm a newbie in the concept of creating digital courses, but I would be glad to offer my help if anyone needs it. 😉 Ok, that's all from me. See you around! Adrian G.
New comment Nov '23
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@Michael Toczek Thanks for your lovely comment! How about you? What's your business idea? How's that going?
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@Michael Toczek I see. I have got a colleague from Italy who set up her online business not long ago. Maybe you could try and find other people who are working in Italy to see how the've done it. Your idea is to become economically independent, I guess
Hello everyone
Hello everyone. Glad to be here with you. My name is Safa and I've been mainly teaching English to adults,on and off, for almost 9 years. Currently Working as a freelancer teaching 121 online. I joined this community because I need a place where I can connect with like-minded people- people who can give me the boost I need to become a successful teacherpenure. I'm also looking to learn about the dogme/TBLT approaches as I believe they will help me a lot to cut down on prep time and achieve work-life balance, which is exactly why I decided to venture into freelancing and online teaching. One of the teaching areas I'm interested in the most is learner autonomy. I've always believed that autonomous learners can attain their goals faster. It's also our duty as teachers to equip our students with the tools needed to build those effective study habits so they can continue their learning outside our classrooms. Thus, I thought It would be a great idea to create a whole course around this topic. The aim of the course is to help students be their own teachers. I would teach them some learning techniques (e.g, noticing lexical chunks, recording language on their notebook , reviewing vocab using active recall techniques, working on their mindsets , building a system they can stick to, creating an action plan, etc.) My goal for the next 30 days would be to come up with a topic outline of my course and think of the course format (mostly asynchronous) with one or two live sessions. Do you think this is a good idea for an online course? Your feedback is highly appreciated. By the way, I'm using your free e-book "Course Creation Workbook" to get things done .So you're helping me already. Thank you so much, guys ( Leo, Andrew, & Mike). You're the best.
New comment Sep '23
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Hey again, Safa! just read your interesting post. Definitely we are on a very similar path. What I find is that my learners don't stick to a routine, and kind of expect that, if they attend sessions with me and do some here and some there, that would be it. So I thought I had to tackle this issue ASAP. I have created my on IG profile and have been asking my very few followers about this. And for some it is clear that they need a system and a routine to practise more regularly. I like your 3 points (Problem and Benefit). I would add the feeling of accomplishment as a benefit. I mean, they don't realise that, by postponing/procrastinating their language practice, their self-esteem is weakened, so they end up believing they can't do this. So my aim is to help them realize they can do this, and if they can, the boost on their self-esteem is going to be awesome! However, in terms of "selling" that to potential customers, I find that there's a general view about English as vocabulary, grammar, speaking and some listening and they usually want help getting a certificate or something short-term oriented. So in order to show the benefits you mentioned, I believe we need to help them unlearn about what they usually expect. They need time to see it from a different perspective. I don't know what you think about that but i'd be really happy to discuss it. :)
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@Safa Alamoudi Any time! Would love to have a chat about our insights. Whenever you are available.
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Hey there! Welcome to the Teacherpreneur Support Network! @Michael Landry , @Leonardo Gomes and I are excited to have you here. Over the past half decade, we’ve surveyed thousands of teachers from around the world, and there are two things they are passionate about: finding news ways to improve their teaching and having a steady income. These combined play a major role in teacher wellbeing, and the main goal of this community is to help you develop in both of these areas. To kick things off, Step 1: Make your first post HERE by using the template below: Let everyone know: 1. Your name 2. Why you joined this community 3. Your business goal for the next 30 days 4. What you're looking for help with in this community. Step 2: Learn how to get unstuck & set up your foundations - start with Module 1 here. *See Step 3 below _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The goal of this network is to help YOU and other aspiring teacherpreneurs feel confident in setting up their teaching businesses the right way. Watch the video below, answer the poll, and introduce yourself as an orientation to the platform and this community. The community here will be what we all make it. Let's not consume passively but rather contribute actively, build accountability, and help each other along the way. Some ways to do this: - make useful posts consistently - share tips that have worked for you - ask good questions - offer advice to those you believe you can help One thing is for sure: everyone here wants to see YOU succeed. STEP 3 RESOURCES: Everyone is at a different stage of their business, and we have resources here to help you with where you are.
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START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
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Hi, everyone! Glad to be here with all of you. Just wrote my introduction and trying to get used to the patform. Thanks for accepting my request and see you around!
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