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GPT Prompt for Teachers
I've been helping some teachers design their brand's copywriting campaign leveraging the power of AI. If you want help create a successful copywriting campaign for your course or business - and want to use the power of surprise - send me a DM and I will share the prompt with you! :) Bonus: I will show you how to get metrics for it too.
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Leonardo Gomes
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@Colin Young I've been using it for feedback and after a while it did provide some good feedback that reads well and has somewhat my voice in it.
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@Alex Becker DM here on the platform.
🚨 Exciting New Webinar For Teachers, Teacherpreneurs, and Course Creators!
Teachers, Do you want to optimize the creation of your course? Ever wondered how AI can enhance your course creation process? Would you like to learn how to design optimal tasks for your programs/courses? Well, we have good news for you. Our November webinar is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 We've invited Sam Gravell, who is a TBLT enthusiast and course designer like us, to talk about ... 🙏 COURSE CREATION WITH CHAT GPT 🙏 In this webinar, we'll explore the power of using Large Language Models (LLMS) such as ChatGPT to create courses from scratch. Interweaving principles of effective course design and pedagogy with the exciting affordances of AI, this practical session will empower teachers and course creators with a roadmap for getting the most out of these truly revolutionary tools. This webinar is ONLY for TAP and TSN members! If you have any teacher friends who would like to access this, invite them to join our community! The event has been listed in our calendar. See you there!
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Want To Find Your Ideal Student?
If you are a teacher, content and course creator, or just aspiring to start your business, I have three questions for you: 1. How many of you have ever struggled with creating a course that caters to everyone, only to find it doesn't resonate deeply with anyone? 2. Have you ever wondered why some courses have raving reviews and dedicated students, while others, seemingly comprehensive, don't get as much traction? 3. Who here believes that a 'one-size-fits-all' approach is the best for language learning? And who thinks a tailored, specific approach might be more effective? The truth is: when it comes to course creation, many teachers believe in creating a successful course that will be helpful to anyone wanting to learn a language. But the reality is: the opposite is true - specificity is the key to a successful learning experience. While it might seem counterintuitive, narrowing down your target audience can significantly enhance the impact and credibility of your course. If you're an instructor aiming to create a course that resonates, this workshop is for you. By the end, you'll be equipped with the tools and insights to define your ideal student, ensuring your course content is not just relevant but transformative for them. See you tomorrow! :)
Want to start TEACHING listening and stop TESTING it? Read on 👇
Ever wondered why some students can answer comprehension questions but still struggle with real-world listening? Want to help your students go beyond basic comprehension and truly develop their listening? Our upcoming webinar, will focus on doing perception work when teaching listening so that learners are better able to decode spoken language. You will leave our webinar equipped with some ideas and tasks to help you teach - NOT test - listening. When: October 22, 12 pm EST You can register for free here 👉
A Recent Arrival!
Hello, I am a recent arrival to this group. I came to the conclusion the other day that the time was ripe for me to enter a network of like-minded teaching professionals where I could benefit from accountability and mentorship. Time and again, I have learned that these two factors are crucial to helping us reach our goals. Example: I joined a health club 15 months ago where I acquired a personal trainer providing accountability and mentorship. End result: loss of 45 pounds coupled with strength training, both physical and psychological. The results speak for themselves! My goal here is to start my own teaching business. In the past, I owned an art gallery/framing enterprise in Estonia. And yes, I had a mentor! Currently, I am teaching online but for a company that is sadly, not mine. I miss the independence and creative aspects of ownership. I look forward to making new friends and colleagues here! Viviann
Michael Landry
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Leonardo Gomes
Michael Toczek
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Welcome to the group! It's great to have you on board and I'm glad you made the decision to join. You're absolutely right about the importance of accountability and mentorship in reaching our goals. It's amazing how having someone to guide and motivate us can make all the difference. It's also exciting to hear that you're looking to start your own teaching business. Owning an art gallery/framing enterprise in Estonia and having a mentor in the past is an impressive achievement. I'm sure you'll bring that same level of dedication and creativity to your new venture. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing our experiences as teaching professionals. Let's learn, grow and support each other as we pursue our goals. Leo
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