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Lego Serious Play
Good Morning Workshoppers, is anyone of you using Lego Serious Play as a facilitation method? I‘m currently wondering if I should imvest in a 2-days certification course for LSP. Do you think it can be an invest that pays off for me as a Self-employed Consultant and facilitator? Thank you and have a nice day - Chris
New comment Apr 16
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@David Newman Any tips for becoming an established facilitator for higher ed in the U.S.?
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@David Newman Got it, thanks!
Creativity and AI research
Hi All, today during the community call, I was asked to share an article I just published about AI and creativity. Here is the link for it: Here are some relevant points for us: 1. AI can't help with problem definition; human skill is required for that 2. AI helps a lot with brainstorming but should be done after the human(s) do it on their own just to fill gaps. Some reasons are that it could limit creative thinking, cause fixation of the mind, and limit scope of human responses. 3. AI can't evaluate solutions, that requires human skill. Conclusion: It's a great tool when used correctly, and it can be limiting when relied upon.
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@Bertha Barrera please do! Thank you
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@David Newman sent you a DM on LinkedIn because I check it more often than here. Thanks!
Hello from Brazil!
Hi everyone! I'm from Fortaleza, Brazil and I own a social innovation consultancy called Adverso Lab. I've been working as a facilitator for 5 years, guiding workshops on ESG, social impact and business strategy. 🌍I'm very excited to exchange knowledge and connect with other facilitators from all over the world!
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Oi, bem vinda!
Q&A Call Recording - December 19th 2023
Hey everyone, here’s the call recording from Tuesday’s session with @Rebecca Courtney and me. Big topics for this week: - How to review 2023 and plan for 2024 - Intro to the Strategy Signal - How @Sabrina Habib blew her students out of the water with her first workshop - How to set expectations at the start of your workshops Enjoy the session!
New comment Dec '23
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I had help from this awesome community!
Facilitation in the are of web3
GM and hello everybody, currently I am thrilled and enthusiastic about two areas - facilitation of sprint workshops and the whole web3 space (including AI). web3 as an internet revolution is here to stay and will affect all of us and everybody sooner than later. Now I am wondering, how we as facilitators can help to onboard and teams in this space or find potentials to come up with business models or adjust existing business model to this new paradigms. I'd like to find out if there are some people here who are also digging into web3 and who would be interested to give this some more thoughts. Have a great weekend everybody!
New comment May '23
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I am doing a study about using AI as a brainstorming tool. Preliminary data: even those who didn't like it still found it useful.
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@Jörg Winterhoff Yes, we will be finalizing everything soon then I'll share :)
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Sabrina Habib
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I have often been called a "unicorn." I am an academic and UX researcher with a background in creative advertising, branding, art, and facilitation.

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