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Design Sprint Masterclass
Hi there, I wanted to ask about the design sprint Masterclass by AJ & S. Did any of You finish it? Could You share Your thoughts on it? It's not cheap and the sales funnel to it is build perfectly that makes me a bit uneasy with choosing it.
New comment Apr 22
3 likes • Apr '23
@D Scott Angle Great question. Time is a very scarce resource! When stakeholders are unfamiliar or skeptical about a workshop or honestly anything new they won't be willing to give you any time at all. In short, we'll take the time we have available and see how we can move the needle just a tiny bit. This could be as small a start as a Note n Vote, Note and Map or an LDJ if you have 90 minutes. You'll also find a few more shorter workshops in the Remote Design Sprint Masterclass. As you get more time from stakeholders you can expand to halfday workshops and eventually full day and multiday workshops like the Design Sprint.
1 like • Apr 22
@Reimo Rehkli Thanks for being part of it!
📣 Join me in a Free Live Training Session Tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th @6pm CEST)!!
Hey Facilitators! 👋 I have something exciting to share with you! I wanted to invite you all to a special free LIVE training event that's happening tomorrow, Wednesday April 17th at 6PM CEST. In this invite-only training, I’ll introduce you to the most up-to-date version of AJ&Smart’s versatile problem-solving workshop, the LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam). The LDJ workshop is a structured session designed to help teams quickly identify issues, generate solutions, and decide on action steps without getting stuck in lengthy discussions that go nowhere. In this session, you’ll learn… 👉 Why collaboration is broken in teams and how to fix it. 👉 A step-by-step guide on facilitating the most refined version of AJ&Smart’s signature workshop, designed to help ANY team solve ANY problem. 👉 Practical tips and tools you can use right away to improve your meetings/sessions and team collaboration. If you’re interested in learning how to help ANY team solve problems and make decisions together in a more productive, efficient way, then definitely join me tomorrow. We’ll host the event on Zoom, so you'll just need to join using the link you'll receive via email after you register. 🔴 To secure a spot, all you have to do is register here. I can’t wait to see you there!!!! Rebecca P.S. There won’t be a recording of this session, so I’d recommend setting a reminder so you don’t miss it!
New comment Apr 23
📣 Join me in a Free Live Training Session Tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th @6pm CEST)!!
1 like • Apr 17
This is going to be the BEST!
Q&A Call Recording - December 19th 2023
Hey everyone, here’s the call recording from Tuesday’s session with @Rebecca Courtney and me. Big topics for this week: - How to review 2023 and plan for 2024 - Intro to the Strategy Signal - How @Sabrina Habib blew her students out of the water with her first workshop - How to set expectations at the start of your workshops Enjoy the session!
New comment Dec '23
Q&A Call Recording - December 19th 2023
🚨 Our last Q&A call of 2023 + Christmas break 🎄
Hey Facilitators! 👋 As we're getting close to the end of the year, I wanted to let you know about our call schedule for the coming weeks, and when we're "closing" for the holidays. Tomorrow (December 19th), we have our regular Coaching Call at 4pm CET. After that, we'll be taking a break from calls for the holidays, with calls resuming on January 9th (the first coaching call of the year is January 9th 2024 at 4pm CET). We'll also be slow to respond in the community between December 22nd and January 3rd, BUT we'd urge you to keep using the community over the holidays to connect with your fellow Facilitators 💛 We've really enjoyed getting to know you all this year - thanks for making this community so amazing. Happy Holidays from all of here at AJ&Smart! 🤗
New comment Jan 4
🚨 Our last Q&A call of 2023 + Christmas break 🎄
2 likes • Dec '23
Happy holidays everyone!
Q&A Call Recording - December 12th 2023
Hey everyone, here’s the call recording from Tuesday’s session with @Rebecca Courtney and @Tim Höfer Big topics for this week: - How to approach a big organizational transformation project in a short workshop - How to organize a fun, engaging workshop showing the value of creativity and collaboration for gifted schoolchildren - What experiences does the community have about collaboration vs competition between agencies working for the same clients Enjoy the session!
New comment Dec '23
Q&A Call Recording - December 12th 2023
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