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Changing affiliate GHL til Robb's?
Is there anyway of changing who the affiliate is in GoHigh Level? I signed up way back with someone I have 0 value from and want to get the value from being affiliated with Robb. Do I need to cancel my existing account and create a new one or is there another way?
New comment Mar 24
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I got it done through the support tickets at Go High Level.
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How do you communicate with clients?
Hey there guys, I'm setting everything up and one of the last things that just popped into my mind was how you communicate with your current clients. Do you guys just use something simple such as Whatsapp, Facebook or Slack or do you have an external software where you can manage everyone easily that potentially even connects with GHL? Let me know how you guys do it :D
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@Nikki H That's going into some innovative depth!! Thanks much
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@Nikki H You're welcome
OK Y'all - from Level #1 - #5 in 3 days 🔥
So, guys, gals, if you want to have all this incredible, explicaladocious education in a flash... you can do it in 3 days.... I just got to level #5...from level #1 - since Saturday (Australia time). I did not think it was possible. But hey! How hungry are you to have it all.... just go for it. Was it work? Nah. It was fun. I learned from others' journeys and shared some of mine - including my many mistakes. Share! ASK? Comment! Like! and get all these courses opened up as you contribute to those around ahead and coming into the community. Thanks to @Haplin Milgrom-Hills for creating such a genius way to learn and engage. Thanks to all who have played along with me to get to level #5... I might be a bit busy now for a while as I digest Level #4 - and #5 Meanwhile....
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OK Y'all - from Level #1 - #5 in 3 days 🔥
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@Alain Demunck You know it!!
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@Roy Brock very well stated. Cheers!
I'm new and don't understand this below...
I'm looking to target home renovators and of course the classic gym niche but in terms of the home renovation niche, I can't wrap my head around it working. If you send an offer for extensions, roofing or kitchen/bathroom remodeling, the previous clients will have had these services or similar done previously so 1. most of them wouldn't need it again 2. how would a random message make them go ahead and buy the service, if they really needed it would they not have called someone already? Might be stupid but I haven't seen results for this niche and wondering if anyone can help clear my mind fog.
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@Nenad Krsnik awesome! You can offer an upsell in most niches, and time the time them every so often such that the customer has you on their mind often enough. Great thought. Thanks much.
Help - Real Estate
I got a punch in the gut this morning when speaking with a Real Estate broker friend of mine about her business She is a broker inside of another locally owned & operated agency not like REMAX or Century 21. She told me her “mother” agency used KV core, which is available free for them and her broker partner used Brian Buffini & Company How can GHL compete against these companies?
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Get referrals from them. Ask "Who do you know who...."
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