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FB groups for the win!
Just made a post this morning in a fb group with my offer and got 31 hand raises!! Sending them all a google form to fill out to see if they qualify for a DR! Feeling super excited!! 😋 I do have a quick question though! Is it okay to run DR’s for people who are not in the states? I would assume so, would probably just need to get the country area code, yes?
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    LOL. Search the threads. DR is all over the place(s)!!
Hey everyone - been lurking in the HighLevel scene for a year or so. Invested in the Extendly team and finally got my sights set on making this business grow. My Niche is Hypnotherapists/Mindset & Mental Health Professionals. I came across Robb in the HighLevel courses interviews with experts I believe...
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    Welcome @Isaac Lomman!! Please explain your the nature of your business in more detail. The title is very interesting.
Database Reactivation - Client Pushback
What to say to potential clients who say they don't want to give up their lead list - The ones who are precious about it have been popping up for us, stating we could go on and sell the lead list ourselves to another client, etc. We have been saying that this isn't what we are doing, can get a contract signed, have their own unique account in HL etc. Has anyone else come across this and handled it any differently?
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    Even with a small list, you can go over the hook, the script, the objections that may come up and how to overcome them, the close and the fulfillment. When you do this a few times with the client, and then get on actual phone calls when booking for appointments, it will definitely clear the ice and make for a great relationship. The more of the who, what, when, where, how, why and how much they understand, the more they will open up to you and give you their list after testing. It's all about relationship building.
* * * WATCH VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST 📺* * * But in case you want to know the why, read this: WHY LEARN ROBB’S TRADEMARKED DATABASE REACTIVATION + LEAD NURTURING SYSTEMS? First, it helps to get to know him. Robb Bailey is the founder and CEO of multiple 7 figure agencies & consulting programs. His first notable agency, FitClub Accelerator, served 535 clients in just 21 months with over $2.1 million cash collected 📈. After successfully exiting that agency, Robb partnered with the founders of High Level (All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform Built For Agencies) to help them launch out of Beta 🚀, and has continued to grow the HighLevel brand since. Over the past 6 years Robb has personally trained over 20,000 agencies on the new era Agency/SaaS Hybrid model that is finally helping agency owners escape the old time-for-money rat race. If you are looking to add more predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), increase the exit value of your agency, and have way more fun & freedom along the way, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Let’s look at success resources available to you in this AMAZING community Robb built . . . . Classrooms: This has our extensive and incredibly valuable training, systems, and implementation courses. 📖 Success Stories: Proof that folks just like you are getting massive revenue growth, wins and scale in this community. 📖 War Chest Resources: Proven 3rd party tools/services, and GHL add-ons we've vetted and know get results. 📖 Lvl 1: High Ticket Retainers: An overview of how to go from $0 - $10K, 2x or 5x your client LTV. 📖 Lvl 2: Inbound Lead Nurturing: The step-by-step technical implementation to set GHL up and use it to make sure every new lead (both paid and organic) gets reasonable and prompt follow-up starting now and only stopping when they buy, or they opt out, or the world ends. 📖 Lvl 3: Database Reactivation(tm): Step-by-step training and over your shoulder look at exactly how to launch your first Database Reactivation campaign within 90min!
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HVAC DR Results
DR Offer: {{contact.first_name}}, it's Crystal at Cozy D Heating & Air. Today we are giving out a few 20% off vouchers towards annual Spring Check-ups. This offer is good until April 30th. Would you like one? If so, reply YES.If you need to opt out, reply STOP. Campaign ran from March 16th thru March 28th from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm sending out 10 SMS offers every 3 minutes. Overall list size: 2911 # of appts set: 189 % of appts set: 6.49% Avg sale value: $110.40 Results: 189 new purchases X $110.40 = $20,865.60
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    @Josh Crouch several ways through the workflows. Phone tracking, calendar tracking, text tracking, pipeline tracking, maybe other AI based as well. It's all in the lessons and the threads. It would be nice to have a catalog as well so if you forgot the title of the video, you can still look it up in the glossary under the catagory, where you may be able to see many other videos as well, on the same subject.
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    @Dylan Kelley than you sir. Happy trails!!
More Prospects Today
I met with a recording artist, a medical coding school owner, a property owner, a software engineer, a pastor, and a Volunteer For Life Non-Profit Business Owner. Basically all I could do was make sure I got tons of referrals. Not one had a database to reactivate. They were all very nice people, though. I got a chance to practice my script as well. I'll be back with better news tomorrow!!
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    @Abraham Prieto most definitely!
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    @Michael Harmon find out how he does it, develop a story from it, and offer the story as a lead magnet to that specific industry who has a related database. People will buy your services because of his story. Remember facts tell, but stories sell. Many businesses will be able to relate
A2P Snapshot
Did anyone here implement the A2P Snapshot from Extendly? And is everything working, all links in the emails? Please, let me know, I am looking for help to finish this up. Thank you so much.
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    Celia, you may want to contact Haplin because I haven't seen a link for A2P Support. It's a shame that we don't know how to contact them any quicker and have to wait not knowing how to fix whatever problems they are having with us.
AI with database reactivation
I ve seen guys selling highlevel and chat gpt integrated as a fulltime sales assistant, I was wondering if we can add chat gpt and activate it on our DR offering pipeline? so it helps the business owner with qualifying and giving the initial information? also if y'all want the chat gpt prompt to train it, drop a like and comment I'll send it to you ;)
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Ready to win in the SWAAS Game!
Hey guys I'm here to get my first 5 clients in the next 2 weeks by putting my head down and grinding like my life depends on it because it does! I wish everyone good luck and will help anyone I can when I can! Cheers!
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    @Dony K Welcome to the group Dony K!!
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    @Christopher Honore you're welcome
Cold calling
Although I know cold calling is not the best method, I was just curious if anyone here has done any cold calling to generate database reactivation clients?
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    I just started cold calling a few weeks ago, and I am now trying to fulfill on a pastor and a music artist, although my niche is building construction. I'm cold calling local businesses. Most businesses around where I live speak spanish and I don't so it's a bit of a struggle for now, but we'll make it by putting in the numbers. The numbers are the numbers.
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    Cold calling is one of the best ways to hone your craft, in my opinion.
New to GHL
Hey guys! I’m new here with lots of questions lol.. There’s always a learning curve with new software but there’s just so much you can do with GHL, it’s incredible but also a little overwhelming 😅 I’ll start with this first. I plan on reaching out to businesses and offering reactivation campaigns as well as google review campaigns. However, I’m wondering.. do I need to purchase a number to use for each sub account or am I able to use my sub account phone number to reach out to their clients under there sun account? Any guidance with this would be wonderful. Thank you!
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    You have to purchase a number for each sub account. That's a great thing because you don't want to mix contact lists together. It would create such a mess. Also, taking the time to get each individual account Application To Person (A2P) compliant will knock out 90% of the competition because few will ever take the time to complete the form and even fewer will have the patience to wait (lol). It's a beautiful thing.
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    @Cyan Misencik you are so very welcome!!
G suite or subdomain for emails???
When connecting an email to gohighlevel, does it make more sense to connect your g suite, or connect a subdomain, the annoying thing about a subdomain is that it wont actually send from your domain, for instance I will have to send emails from instead of (I know I can mask it but still, deliverability issues etc.)
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    What I just read is so far over my head that I cain't (can't) see nutn but jumbo jet contrails
Who uses zappychat, or chatgpt
Anyone here use zappychat or chatgpt to do Ai setting in GHL?
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    I'm get'n there
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    So much info😳. It'll be retained as I get clients
DR @ 10pm Post 😳
Posted this 40 mins ago. Already have 2 DM’s from interested business owners, 3 likes, and 2 interested comments. It’s 10:38p. 😳😳😳 Hang on. Robb’s stuff really works? 🤯 **Yeah, it’s little lengthy but this is a group of 1900+ local business owners. I felt more comfortable giving them a bit of an explanation.
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    Congratulations @Shelby DuBois!! Nothing beats a good understanding.
🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™ Program Doors Open!🌶️ (only 10 avail)
As most of you know, i officially “retired” from selling purely courses as our biz model over here. I think it’s been 11+ months or so. Instead, we switched to helping as many of you find success getting started on High Level as possible. So we’ve given a lot more away for free in our community. Most of you have seen that happen. But, we also get asked for 1-1 help from a small percentage of you who are serious about getting help shortening the curve. For the past few months, our team has been working with a handful of SYSTEMpreneurs™ in an implementation style environment, which means quite a bit of small group and 1-1 help. Now, we’re opening spots again. This time, we're ADDING the following to everything we provide to all SYSTEMpreneur™ members (as long as you're a paying member, you'll get all this too): ✅ FREE White Label use of Video Text Back™ ✅ Full Licensing Rights to 100% of our Systems ✅ Power Offer Training ✅ High-Converting Group Funnel + Free Mini Course Give Away ✅ 7 Fig Prospecting, Sales & Appointment Setting System ✅ Sales Call Reviews ✅ $100-$500/mo Power Offer Ads ✅ More Coaching Support To keep quality of your experience high, we're capping this round to ten. Which means should you decide this is right for you, we will get to know each other very well. :) Make no mistake about it, this will still require you to show up and work hard. BUT, if that doesn't bother you, our program will get you absolutely stellar results. More on that later. What I've noticed over the past 7 years coaching agencies, is the ones who have turned their offer from a "service" or "software" into an outcome -based "system"... have pulled away from the pack. Most of them CLEAR a million or more after all expenses. Life changing stuff. 🔥They make more money 🔥They have better margins 🔥They have more free time 🔥They aren't stuck being the only person who can sell or fulfill well anymore 🔥They experience less stress 🔥They have time to think, learn, and grow 🔥They take better vacations (my fave)
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