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Help with Home Contractor Appointments
Hey DBR Family! Can anyone suggest or recommend a simple (preferably conservative cost) option to book in some calls? I started a cold outreach campaign about a week or so ago, and currently have a little over 60 ppl to book on my calendar. I'm finding the hardest time keeping up with the replies of the people who have said yes to my offer. I've tried Upwork and Fiverr before, for other projects, and would prefer an alternative if possible. Any thoughts, suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated 🙂
New comment Mar 6
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@Michi Huhn id love to know too
What’s your advice?
Me and my partner want nothing more then to see our agency take off. We have no money right now and cold calling just doesn’t seem to be working for us. We’ve been generating about 5 meetings a week through calling (all we do atm is CC) and have had hardly any show ups and the ones we’ve had have been the worst people I could have asked for. Our software subscription free trials are all ending soon zappy GHL uphex etc. Has anyone got any proven free lead gen methods or ways we can make cash quickly?
New comment Feb 29
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@Luigi Bertolini niche: martial art gyms offer: free week of DBR 5-15 members. I’m good at cold calls it’s just people seem to want to do it on the call and then something changes after they book a call.
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@Suzanna Kiraly this is definitely a problem we need to fix.
We have no money for a layer: how do I write legally correct contracts?
We have another lead who wishes to move forward with a free trial using enquiries but his partner is a lawyer and he wants to read the contract. However, we can't afford a lawyer yet and I was wondering if anyone had any templates or advice for me? Please help.
New comment Feb 22
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@Luigi Bertolini I will contact him today B and ask, hopefully they reviewed it over the weekend
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@Michael Lewis damn more value from you yet again
✨️ GHL Explainer Videos - Explained ✨️
Struggling to create explainer videos for your agency? 🤔 Most people start by trying to create a few videos themselves or maybe hiring someone from Fiverr or Upwork to make them for you. It starts off ok… you throw a short script their way, some supporting screenshots, maybe hop on a call with them to “explain” what the video is about. Next, you’re knee-deep in writing a more detailed script (because the person creating the video needs more explaining before they can create the explainer video - lol). Before you know it you’re weeks into what was supposed to be a simple project - not to mention the budget is more than expected. ✨Introducing GHL Animation Studios: High-quality explainer videos, fully branded to your brand, and designed to engage visitors and turn them into leads. The “easy-button” to explain your GHL SaaS within seconds to potential buyers. We know HighLevel’s more than just business software. It’s the fastest path to revenue, a future, and a way to build a legacy for your family. We also know it’s not necessarily easy to build all of this out on your own. 👀 Checkout GHL Animation Studios: High-quality explainer videos, fully branded to your brand, and designed to engage visitors and turn them into leads. Mahalo, 🤙 Robb
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I would like to personally kiss the person that created this. If you know who it was please comment below. Thanks.🙏
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@Fer Patel thanks and what's their addresses so I can book my flight?
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