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✨️ GHL Explainer Videos - Explained ✨️
Struggling to create explainer videos for your agency? 🤔 Most people start by trying to create a few videos themselves or maybe hiring someone from Fiverr or Upwork to make them for you. It starts off ok… you throw a short script their way, some supporting screenshots, maybe hop on a call with them to “explain” what the video is about. Next, you’re knee-deep in writing a more detailed script (because the person creating the video needs more explaining before they can create the explainer video - lol). Before you know it you’re weeks into what was supposed to be a simple project - not to mention the budget is more than expected. ✨Introducing GHL Animation Studios: High-quality explainer videos, fully branded to your brand, and designed to engage visitors and turn them into leads. The “easy-button” to explain your GHL SaaS within seconds to potential buyers. We know HighLevel’s more than just business software. It’s the fastest path to revenue, a future, and a way to build a legacy for your family. We also know it’s not necessarily easy to build all of this out on your own. 👀 Checkout GHL Animation Studios: High-quality explainer videos, fully branded to your brand, and designed to engage visitors and turn them into leads. Mahalo, 🤙 Robb
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Synchronicty, Robb. Perfect timing. I just started a project using animation yesterday and after a 2 week search for a good contractor on upwork (following a disaster on Legiit). Thanks for this. 👍🙏
I have a VA $5 an hour if anyone needs
Hey I have a VA that used to work with me for over a year, she's just needing someone to work with. The person she's currently working with is only giving her 10 hours, shes looking for more hours or full time! She's a very hard worker and learns quick!
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Where is she based?...working hours? I'm looking. And yes must have GHL skils as Darren mentioned.
Critique my Cold Call Script
Hey, Susan! How’s your Tuesday? Prospect: Um, ok…what can I help you with? I’ll get right to the point. My name’s Danny with [agency name]. We’re growing sales for salons and spas by 600% in Philly and South Jersey, and we don’t work with competing brands. Do you want to learn more about how we can guarantee you new clients and a full calendar with no up front cost to you?
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Skip the how are you? I got this from John Logar. Try it... "Craig here. Did you see my email sms? " (send one just before calling if you want) Regardless of answer.... "This is a sales call do you want to hang up now or give me 60 secs? " ..... "We are working/ are crushing it with other (spas, plumbers,etc) in (City) on strategy to build more revenue with no ad spend and keeping 2-3x more sales opportunities in their sales process with our custom systems, its a rapid set up and results within 7 days or so. Would you be open to learning and seeing how we are doing/do this? Yes - book in a sales call...time date and ask if they will actually show up. Confirm and get off the phone. NO - next....
chat widget
anyone know how to add a chat widget to a non ghl website?
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This is a $10 job with a web dev on Upwork.
Selling by numbers
Can anyone remember the YT video where Rob (or someone else on his team) goes over how to sell with presenting numbers by asking the prospect their numbers?
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Is it either of these @Karlene Hibbert? Or this series..
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