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⏰ It's May 20, 2024 ➡️ And It's Time To "Next It" ⏰
Okay... No more time for poking around. No more time for procrastinating. No more time for questioning, wondering, wandering, or letting fear choke your dreams. It's time to try something. You're going to "mess up" but failure can't happen without imperfection, baby!!! It's time to STEP INTO who you are. So, start by clicking on this poll and choosing a place that represents where you will start next. Let's NEXT IT. What is your next step, next action, next great push forward. No excuses, friends. IT'S TIME. "You were born to do great things and it starts with one small step." Get in there. Get in the game. Get in that ring! To your continued growth and success. --Josh P.S. ...and without a deadline, nothing will ever get done so create a deadline for this awesome and brave leap of faith here. P.P.S. Add your own goals with a date in the comments if these don't fit your style. WHAT'S YOUR "NEXT"?
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New comment May 20
⏰ It's May 20, 2024 ➡️ And It's Time To "Next It" ⏰
2 likes • May 20
By Wednesday, May 22, 2024, I have created the lead magnet for my client.
How I decrease my cost per client
One of the easiest ways to drop your CPA… Is by doing more with what you already have. Sounds simple, right? It is. Yet most companies just don’t take it seriously… So they get a reasonable cost per lead but an unreasonable cost per acquisition.. And often, it’s due to leaks in their sales process. Specifically the lack of follow up. How much and how often do your leads hear from you if they don’t convert? For my client the leads hear from us for nearly 2 weeks… They receive texts, emails and phone calls if they do the following: 1. Don’t take action post opt in 2. Ghost us mid convo 3. Don’t book a call when proposed 4. No show 5. Cancel 6. Etc… If they still ignore… They go into a never ending sequence of randomized follow ups that hit them every 5-10 days. And we’re not spamming them.. We’re sending them training, invites to live events, and other value assets meant to help them. And if your CPA is high and you’re not doing this already… You should consider doing the same. To show that you care… Because if you don’t get your leads on a call to help them change… By letting them slip through the cracks of your funnel… They usually won’t change themselves. what measures do you take to reduce your CPA? and go 👇👇
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I agree with everything you said. Great system to have in place. And businesses needs to implement this. Everything is the question of priorities and that needs to be addressed first. In general 2 processes are missing in companies. Incremental improvement and maintenance. To find time to look at everything in the business and make sure things work and make sure things improve.
No Procrastinator Status Allowed
Hey everyone, my name is Jordan. I'm new to this group and joined because its incredible value that is shared by Ted. AND after joining Ive realized my status was "procrastinator" which I can't... just can't... 😅 So if you're a kind person and try to ditch procrastination as much as I do, you can like this post just need 5 likes to this post to get out of this procrastinator "status" tho 😁). P.S. Ted Carr's story really inspired me especially when he talked about his mentor (Bob Proctor). It’s been year I’m his student. What inspired you to join this group? P.S.S. My bio says everything for me so if I can serve, I'm glad to connect.
New comment May 22
3 likes • May 20
I was inspired by an interview with Max Perzon. I left Max’s group to join this one. How are you going about positively impacting 1 billion people? Through your acting or are there other activities?
Do we understand why are we stuck? (No clarity, procrastination, etc.)?
I spent a lot of time wondering why I don't do things. At some point, I thought I was lazy. Years later it turned out I was deeply depressed. Then I thought I just procrastinated all the time. Then I have no clarity. I don't know what to do exactly. Then I had this feeling, a strong negative feeling I couldn't describe when I tried to do something and I made no progress. Then I came across the quote from Alex: "Building a business is hard. “Hard” feels shitty. This is what hard feels like. And this is why most people can’t do it. But you can." That quote "This is what hard feels like." was repeated several times in his inverviews and it got stuck in my head. Until one day, I had another session of doing something I couldn't make progress with. The strong negative feeling came. The quote was whispered in my mind "this is what hard feels like." Then I realised why it is hard because I'm stupid. That strong negative feeling is the feeling of stupidity. I want to do something, and I can't because I don't know how. Then I started thinking about it and I realised that procrastination is just being stupid. Because we don't know what to do (prioritization), we don't know how to do it (knowledge, experience, skills) and we don't even know why to do things (knowledge, experience). When we understand why, how and what, we just do it. There is no procrastination, there is no hard, there is just activity. Therefor it is simple. If you don't know, your next step is to know. Find out, search, sit on it, ask questions, ask others, read books, watch videos. But that is just one part of it, knowledge is great, experience is better. When you learn, practice. Get your skin in the game. If my understanding of why am I stuck is not complete, please do share your insights, so I can learn from you and everyone else, so I can expand my understanding, expand my being and be able to be and do more. Thank you.
New comment May 18
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@Brianda Smiths What kind of profitable business do you want to give me?
My Offer based on my understanding of the training
I coach and train people to use ebay to set up their own online business. I came up with the offer 10K in 90 Days eBay Growth Incubator. Join the "10K in 90 Days eBay Growth Incubator" and experience unparalleled support, expert training, and a vibrant community dedicated to your success. We promise that by following our comprehensive program, you will reach $10,000 in eBay sales within 90 days, or we’ll continue working with you until you do—guaranteed. Would love any feedback to improve this. Thanks so much
New comment May 16
0 likes • May 16
I have one more suggestion. The offer doesn't state who is it for. Most people don't see themselves as eBay sellers. Is your offer for someone who already sells on eBay? Or is it for someone who is thinking about selling on eBay? Or is it for someone who wants to make money, they don't know how and see that, and think: "Maybe I can sell on eBay?". I believe every offer's clarity depends on the following: WHO IS IT FOR WHAT IT IS EXACTLY FOR HOW MUCH HOW FAST WHAT IS THE REQUIREMENT Example: New eBay Sellers, for $99 a month join "10K Sales in 90 Days eBay Growth Incubator" community and coaching, no experience needed. Most offers are vague, especially with pricing and requirements. This is clearly stated.
0 likes • May 16
@Jason Benson I would ask why? The market is divided into the following: 1. People who don't know they have a problem. 2. People who know they have a problem. 3. People who know they have a problem and know about some solutions. 4. People who know they have a problem and are set on a specific solution. 5. Ready to buy. Which means you would target either 2, 3 or 4. In case of 2, you would just present eBay as your option forward to income problem. In case of 3, you would present eBay as an alternative to whatever they know. In case of 4, you would have to present eBay as a better alternative to whatever they think is the solution to their situation. But if you target case 4 where they know they have a problem and identified eBay as a solution, that would be the easiest way forward. You are offering a ready-made solution to their already chosen direction. I see the other 2 as more work. Which I'm not against. If you still wish to target people don't know that eBay is the solution. Why tech savvy? Again, I'm just looking for clarity. If you go after tech savvy people, you still need to define who they are. IT support people, IT managers, programmers. Or ask ChatGPT to define a groups of people who are tech savvy outside of IT people. BTW, I'm an IT person :) One more note. My first attempt at business was selling on eBay. My friend launched a successful business selling on eBay, I built him an online shop 20 years ago to sell on his shop as well, I used Zencart and later Magento. I would not do eBay again even if someone paid me £100,000 up front. :)
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