How I decrease my cost per client
One of the easiest ways to drop your CPA…
Is by doing more with what you already have.
Sounds simple, right?
It is.
Yet most companies just don’t take it seriously…
So they get a reasonable cost per lead but an unreasonable cost per acquisition..
And often, it’s due to leaks in their sales process.
Specifically the lack of follow up.
How much and how often do your leads hear from you if they don’t convert?
For my client the leads hear from us for nearly 2 weeks…
They receive texts, emails and phone calls if they do the following:
  1. Don’t take action post opt in
2. Ghost us mid convo
3. Don’t book a call when proposed
4. No show
5. Cancel
6. Etc…
If they still ignore…
They go into a never ending sequence of randomized follow ups that hit them every 5-10 days.
And we’re not spamming them..
We’re sending them training, invites to live events, and other value assets meant to help them.
And if your CPA is high and you’re not doing this already…
You should consider doing the same.
To show that you care…
Because if you don’t get your leads on a call to help them change…
By letting them slip through the cracks of your funnel…
They usually won’t change themselves.
what measures do you take to reduce your CPA? and go 👇👇
Volo Mar
How I decrease my cost per client (Free)
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