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About a month ago I challenged the members in our Monetize community to do something wild: I said, “Let’s create and launch a new community or product from scratch in just 3 WEEKS!” We called it the “Skool Sprint”. And we got to work! We gave our members all the tutorials, templates, and tools in Monetize to make it as easy as possible for them. They did all the hard work, used the tools available to them, inspired and supported each other, and made magic happen in just a few short weeks! 🎉 Please join us in celebrating our members who went from zero to launch in just 3 weeks, featured here in this post so you can be inspired and check out the products and communities they created during the Sprint. As you browse through their creations, you’ll see that some are free communities you can join, some are paid offers like courses or memberships. I encourage you to click around and see what you find that speaks to you. All of our members' products, communities, or courses you see here are hosted here on Skool - the community platform for creators. Skool is our sponsor and partner and has made the Skool Sprint possible - huge thank you to the Skool team and the platform they’ve built! (You can get a FREE Skool software account included when you join my premium Monetize program). 🔴 IMPORTANT: We do not endorse any of these products or businesses, we have not taken the courses or used the products in this list. Please do your research and understand we are not endorsing any individual, business, or product listed. These are not affiliate links. We are featuring our members as a thank you to them for taking action and getting their groups launched during our Sprint! Enjoy these creative products, courses and FREE communities offered by our members! Be inspired by what they’ve created. And we hope to see YOU in the next Skool Sprint! 💗 Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool! If you’d like to launch your own community, digital product, or subscription with our tools and templates, check out Monetize today
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Amazing to see how many amazing products there are.
Looking for podcast guests 🎙️
I'm the host of the Blissful Biz podcast and I'm looking for new podcast guests! I’m right in the middle of pivoting my niche from yoga teachers to women entrepreneurs in midlife. You would either be an entrepreneur in your fifties (or around that) or working with entrepreneurs in midlife. Here you can learn more about me and the podcast (still with the old branding): Send me a DM if that resonates with you 🤗
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Looking for podcast guests 🎙️
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I’m keen however I can’t message you.
Cleaning up cold email subscribers 🧹
I am FINALLY "cleaning up" my list by removing cold subscribers who don't raise their hand to stay on our list. Over the next week or so, I am sending 3 emails to a huge segment of subscribers who haven't opened our emails in a while. Giving them one last chance to let us know they'd like to stay on our newsletter... Then we're removing them! I always thought this process would be super scary. I avoided it for so long (literally this has been on my list for years, and has been at the top of my list for 9 months while I diligently ignored it and bumped it to next month 10 times). But now that I'm doing it, it's really not that bad! I wrote the 3 emails. Created a "link trigger" in Convertkit for people who want to stay on to click. And I sent the first one out this morning. Would it be helpful to you all to see the emails I sent after I'm done with this process? Personally I found that every example email copy and template I found online wasn't that great and sounded really formal/awkward, so I wrote my own to match our brand voice. Happy to share them as I'm sending these over the next week if it's helpful as an example!
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Cleaning up cold email subscribers 🧹
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I follow Denise Duffield Thomas and am in money Bootcamp and she always encourages a good decluttering to allow for the new to come in. I always start with something small like my undies lol. Then do a nice upgrade! Feels good!
📼 NEW VIDEO! How I Plan My Workweek & Schedule
I've just published a 2-part series for you about how I structure and plan my work weeks and schedule as a business owner and creator. The videos show my unique approach to planning my months > weeks > days and how I manage my tasks without any “productivity apps” (just simple Google Docs). Part 1: How I Plan My Work Week & Schedule (video walkthrough) Part 2: FAQs About My Work Week & Schedule Watch the videos and ask your questions/share your insights in the comments below 👇 Enjoy!
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📼 NEW VIDEO! How I Plan My Workweek & Schedule
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I love your transparency of what you do and how you do it. Kinda refreshingly simple and clean however I am a total notion convert. Not sure I would change. I’ve create a perfect template to work the right way for me and my team. I definitely agree managing team/working together it needs to be a bit more than this. Does so much of what you are doing manually automatically….. an very pretty. Caviet is that you need to invest in set up/template. That has taken time. Love to know about how you decide what your priorities are and what you need to do first even when they are things we don’t love. I often find that is where I do things I enjoy but don’t make $$ etc - need to get clear on key deliverables to success.
What questions do you have for me about my weekly schedule❓
I have a unique weekly planning and "to-do" system I've been using every single week since March (which is a big deal because I usually can't stick to ANYTHING). It's all built in Google Docs, super simple to use. We don't use asana/trello/clickup/etc. I want to record a video walkthrough and podcast for you about it next week, and want to make sure I answer all of your questions! Ask me anything about - 3 day workweek - how I structure my days and tasks - how I balance getting things done with my ebbs/flows of energy - my ideal schedule - what I do on a regular basis - whatever else you wanna know! Excited to share more, I know this has been a recurring question for a while!
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What questions do you have for me about my weekly schedule❓
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How many hours do you work yourself vs team
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