Cleaning up cold email subscribers 🧹

I am FINALLY "cleaning up" my list by removing cold subscribers who don't raise their hand to stay on our list.

Over the next week or so, I am sending 3 emails to a huge segment of subscribers who haven't opened our emails in a while.

Giving them one last chance to let us know they'd like to stay on our newsletter...

Then we're removing them!

I always thought this process would be super scary. I avoided it for so long (literally this has been on my list for years, and has been at the top of my list for 9 months while I diligently ignored it and bumped it to next month 10 times).

But now that I'm doing it, it's really not that bad!

I wrote the 3 emails. Created a "link trigger" in Convertkit for people who want to stay on to click.

And I sent the first one out this morning.

Would it be helpful to you all to see the emails I sent after I'm done with this process?

Personally I found that every example email copy and template I found online wasn't that great and sounded really formal/awkward, so I wrote my own to match our brand voice.

Happy to share them as I'm sending these over the next week if it's helpful as an example!


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