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About a month ago I challenged the members in our Monetize community to do something wild:

I said, “Let’s create and launch a new community or product from scratch in just 3 WEEKS!”

We called it the “Skool Sprint”. And we got to work!

We gave our members all the tutorials, templates, and tools in Monetize to make it as easy as possible for them.

They did all the hard work, used the tools available to them, inspired and supported each other, and made magic happen in just a few short weeks!

🎉 Please join us in celebrating our members who went from zero to launch in just 3 weeks, featured here in this post so you can be inspired and check out the products and communities they created during the Sprint.

As you browse through their creations, you’ll see that some are free communities you can join, some are paid offers like courses or memberships. I encourage you to click around and see what you find that speaks to you.

All of our members' products, communities, or courses you see here are hosted here on Skool - the community platform for creators.

Skool is our sponsor and partner and has made the Skool Sprint possible - huge thank you to the Skool team and the platform they’ve built!

(You can get a FREE Skool software account included when you join my premium Monetize program).

🔴 IMPORTANT: We do not endorse any of these products or businesses, we have not taken the courses or used the products in this list. Please do your research and understand we are not endorsing any individual, business, or product listed. These are not affiliate links. We are featuring our members as a thank you to them for taking action and getting their groups launched during our Sprint!

Enjoy these creative products, courses and FREE communities offered by our members!

Be inspired by what they’ve created.

And we hope to see YOU in the next Skool Sprint!

💗 Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

If you’d like to launch your own community, digital product, or subscription with our tools and templates, check out Monetize today!


Build Your Most Effective Landing Page from A Creative Join Matt Cici to connect and expand your network with like-minded individuals, all while receiving specialized website training suited to your needs. Transform your ideas into a professional website that mirrors your unique personality and caters perfectly to your audience.

ADHD Untamed from Ana Urban ADHD Untamed is for adults who want to: Learn strategies that serve your ADHD brain and play up your strengths. Complete what's important while making time for rest. Meet deadlines without the frantic, last-minute rush. Identify your subconscious triggers and rewire your limiting beliefs.

The Van Conversion Planning Guide from Bear Hug Campers A community for people to collaborate in learning how to create beautiful self-built van conversions. Share knowledge, learn tips and tricks, and have your questions answered by van conversion experts at Bear Hug Campers. We believe vanlife is for all, and we help regular people build their own vans, with whatever space they have available and often with limited tools and knowledge.

21 Days to Savvy Savings from Beyond Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC Embark on a transformative 21-day journey with our '21 Days to Savvy Savings' mini-course! Discover actionable strategies to save money and cultivate lasting financial habits. Delivered straight to your inbox, each day brings practical tips, budgeting techniques, and savings insights. Join a supportive community, engage in daily challenges, and witness real financial growth. Enroll today and celebrate a more prosperous future!

Unlock LinkedIn from Communications with Sara Leverage LinkedIn as a purpose-driven business owner to: 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Build and strengthen your professional network 🏆 Be recognized as an expert and thought leader 💰 Get inbound interest from dream clients

Perfect Little Business: 2024 Planning Workshop from Course Paradise Free 2024 Business Planning Workshop and community for coaches and course creators who want to enter the New Year with their SMART goals outlined and clear strategies to implement that will increase their profits and save them time without burnout. Join Cindy from Course Paradise for a comprehensive, roll-up-your-sleeves workshop experience that will not only help you understand exactly how to conquer your biggest business objectives in 2024 efficiently, but in this workshop, Cindy will help you optimize your offer and messaging to ensure that your efforts are effective.

Medical Practice Growth Mastery from DreamCatcha Consulting This is a place for unlocking Business Metamorphosis for Wellness Practice Growth. It is for business owners and health practitioners to share ideas and expertise, discuss strategies and successes and support each other in growth.

Electric Design Collective from Dynamo Ultima A free community for design business owners in search of inspiration, advice, and connections with fellow designers. Where strategy and magic come together to spark your creativity, energize your motivation, and electrify your design business. Whether you're a web designer, graphic artist, brand studio, template shop, or design freelancer, you've found the right place!

The e-Architect from e-arkitekten For more than 25 years Danish Architect Pernille Arends has helped home owners design and plan home renovation projects. The architect’s vast experience with private clients forms the basis for developing a unique methodology that supports you, the home owner, taking charge of the process yourself following the proven system of The RENOVATION ROADMAP 2.0 & The ROOM Method. Starting with outlining the process in a 2 hour long workshop, a series of 16 workshops all together can be attended live or recorded. Combined they cover every aspect of a home renovation from A to Z, providing a full overview of the process.

Enneagram Base Camp from Enneagram Type Guide Welcome to Enneagram Base Camp – your ultimate jumping-off point for all things Enneagram! Whether you're a curious newcomer just embarking on your Enneagram journey, or an enthusiast hungry for deeper insights, you belong here! Our doors are wide open to all! More than just an online forum, the Enneagram Community is a lively, nurturing haven curated with care and expertise.

F WIN from F WIN A private group for female entrepreneurs to connect with each other and grow together their online business. I will host a live workshop every month for the various online business topics, and there are online networking parties too.

Home Studio HQ from LIVE Video Lab A Simple Way to Get Professional Video Quality & Audio In Your Home Office ...without hiring any help (even if you aren't techy) ATTN: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Podcasters, and Consultants... Never Show Up Looking Bad on Camera Again 🎥 Never Show Up Looking Bad On Camera Again 💻 Level-Up Your Home Office Studio ✅ Great Lighting & Clear Audio ❌ No more Embarrassing Angles

digital marketing foundations™ from MulsonMedia LLC The NO BS group where no one gets left behind. Learn skills, build income leverage, and get the support you need to grow.

onlinewize from Onlinewize.com from Roechelle Williams Welcome to Online Wize, where wisdom meets digital prowess! If you are a Coach, Health or Wellness practitioner or digital business fledgling that is yearning to soar above the social media grind, you've landed in the right nest.

Knowledge Mastery Mavens from People Who Grow Knowledge Mastery Mavens is a vibrant community dedicated to personal development through innovative knowledge tools. It's a space where individuals passionate about self-improvement converge to explore the realms of journaling, Notion, Obsidian, and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). This collective focuses on building a 'second brain' — a system that helps store, manage, and enhance knowledge and ideas, facilitating personal and professional growth.

Elegant Efficiency Collective from Ponderlily Productivity Co. A hub for working moms reimagining success with productivity, reinvention, and well-being. Join us in crafting career and personal fulfillment. ✨

Be the BOSS Club from Rebecca Muriuki Co A 6-month Club Membership for Black Corporate Women Managers who are ready to break through self-doubt and become fiercely confident leaders. In Be the BOSS Club, you’ll have all the tools, accountability and support to: 🔥 Level up your Meeting & Boardroom Confidence (goodbye imposter syndrome) 💎 Elevate your Executive Presence & be seen as the leader you deserve to be 🏆 Develop your skillset to lead a high-performance team

Challenge Conversion AI Club from Signature Success Welcome to all members of the Challenge Launch Method -powered by Ai. Perfect for Course Creators who need higher conversions with better messaging.

The Hive from Susanne Rieker 🚀 The biz-building community for female entrepreneurs 50+ 💰 Grow your audience & sales while navigating hot flashes and menopausal brainfog 🤯

BAIS CAMP from The Bemused Studio BAIS CAMP is THE foundational course you need to get a handle on how to use and implement ChatGPT and DALL-E in your creative workflow, business and everyday life! Plus its like, fun! 😉

The Chronicle Club from The Roar Movement THE CHRONICLE CLUB is where survivors of s**ual violence go when they need guidance, resources, and support. Because you have places to go and dreams to fulfill. And some of these survivor-hood challenges you come up against have the potential to leave you feeling hopeless, lost, and really really frustrated. And it's difficult to achieve your goals when all your time, energy, and focus are busy navigating through survivor-hood struggles. We’re here to support you through that with a community forum where survivors can connect, discuss, and solution together, and every week member questions are answered on the private podcast.

Simply Empowered Interactive | 30-Day Purpose Pop-Up! from The Simply Empowered Way, LLC Simply Empowered Interactive is a sacred community where conscious creators, spiritual entrepreneurs, and lightworkers unite to awaken their soul's calling, overcome self-doubt, and create meaningful impact. Join our transformative 30-Day Purpose Pop-up! to unlock the next level of your journey!

TUS Writing Intensive from The Unexpected Shape Writing Academy The Unexpected Shape Writing Academy is a full-service, online school for ambitious writers living with limitations who wish to learn about writing personal nonfiction and/or memoir.

Cosmical Collective from Cosmical Collective A free, private community where your cosmic quest finds companionship. It's not just about understanding the stars; it's about connecting with people who share your curiosity and passion. Engage in enriching dialogues, forge real connections, and share your personal story with others who are just as astro-obsessed and curious as you! Whether you're seeking guidance, friendship, or knowledge, our group is the ideal place to explore the cosmos and its impact on our lives.

Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel from Vibrant Rebel LLC A 30 day journal with a focus on the inner transformation. It is powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way you approach your weight loss journey, your health and well-being. This is a gateway to transforming your thoughts into inspired, tangible actions and manifesting the vibrant body you desire.

The Creators CFO club from Catrina M Craft, CPA Introducing The CREATORS CFO Club - your ultimate solution for Entrepreneurs in the CREATOR Economy who are ready to take their business to new heights using Tax Strategies, Cash Management Techniques, and Wealth Advisory.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a creator business. You know we are CREATORS too 😉, who are also CPAs, CFOs, and accountants.

We provide customized wealth strategies, group coaching courses, and self study courses focused on CREATOR business owners.

5th Dimensional Reiki from Christel Hughes, If you’re a seeker of Higher Consciousness, wish to open your Intuitive + Spiritual gifts organically & naturally...If you're interested or Love Reiki, this is a place for you. We're all being called to evolve & open to greater personal Awareness, so it's important to have a safe & sacred space to share. Unlock Brilliant offerings & courses that teach practical spirituality. Rock your Reiki to the next level!

Quantum Content Mastermind from Danielle Sutton Unlock your full potential with the Quantum Content Mastermind! 💫 In only 2 hours a month, create authentic marketing content to grow your online presence.

Join monthly coaching sessions with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs to say goodbye to overwhelm as you gain clarity in your messaging and streamline content creation (so you can focus on clients!)

Soul Business Circle from Éva Raposa 💜 The Soul Business Circle is your online home for support, community, and resources to help you birth, brand, grow, and scale the business of your dreams. In a world full of bots, we're driven by soul! 💓 Founder Éva Raposa has been building websites since 2006, has licensed her raw food signature course to hundreds of teachers all over the world, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make miracles. Whether you're multi-passionate or laser-focused, skip the overwhelm to get 'er done with easily customizable websites, branding tools, and heaps more made-easy hacks and templates.

Badass Creatives Marketing Accelerator from Mallory Whitfield The Badass Creatives Marketing Accelerator (BCMA) is a mentorship + community for up & coming artists, makers & creative businesses who are struggling to build a cohesive brand and market themselves online. Maybe you've sold handmade products on Etsy or at local craft shows, but you're ready grow your business. In BCMA, you'll develop a marketing strategy for YOUR unique business. Plus, get the comfort of knowing you have a safe, supportive place to ask questions & get feedback about your business.

Dreams Getting Achieved Club from Shari Walker Welcome to the Dreams Getting Achieved Club with me Coach, Poet and Strategist Shari Walker. Join my group to give your biggest dream goals a boost of empowerment – absolutely free! I'm all about making that dream journey feel like home: warm, encouraging, and full of friends cheering you on. Think of me as your personal dream-building team, offering hands-on strategies, fun and interactive LIVE workshops, and one-on-one group support that’s all about you and your goals. Whether it's climbing the career ladder, mastering a new skill, or launching your passion project, I'm here to help you make it happen, without any cost. My club is your safe space to dream big, learn lots, and celebrate every win along the way.

The Multi-Passionate Mastery Club from D'Ana Joi Welcome to the Multi-Passionate Mastery Club, where we understand what it’s like to be a person with many interests, talents, and desire to share your gifts with the world— while refusing to pick just “one thing.”

In this club, refusing to niche down is celebrated. Every resource is designed to help you expand into more of who you are, and you’ll never be asked to fit into a box that wasn’t meant for you. Plus, you’ll be in good company.

Decrypting Genius Lab from Kristy Evans Decrypting Genius Lab: Join us as we demystify the secrets to creative ecstasy and career bliss! In the Lab, immerse yourself in the transformational career journeys of influential icons and learn how to break free from unfulfilling work and expand into your Genius. Coming up, explore how Taylor Swift transitioned from Pigeonholed in Country Music to Highest Grossing Pop artist of all time. (Spoiler: she mastered the three universal phases of career development).

Driven & Ambitious Creators from Kassy Pajarillo Consistently sign high-ticket group coaching clients & enroll high volume for your passive income courses for Driven & Ambitious course creators🏆

RICH MOM SOCIETY from Meg King Rich Mom Society is a monthly membership for mompreneurs to connect with mompreneurs who get it, learn how to make more money using social media, simplify your business, and embrace the season of life you're in as a mom and business owner.

The Content Cookout from Banks A' Millie Pull up to “The Content Cookout," where the vibe is warm, and the AI insights are sizzling! This is your go-to virtual community for peeling back the layers of AI in content marketing with ease and a touch of fun. Short on time? We get straight to the juicy bits. Overwhelmed? We serve bite-sized wisdom alongside a buffet of resources. Whether you're a curious newbie or a seasoned creator, this is your spot to swap stories, discover AI tools, and unlock masterclasses that turn your content into currency. Grab your spot at our table and let's cook up some success together!

Bottleneck Eliminator from Rein Leitch Unleash business potential by identifying and conquering process challenges. Access exclusive content, engage in live monthly challenges, & join a supportive community for continuous growth. Your journey to streamlined success starts here!

Brand Book Plan-a-Palooza! from Jessica Andersen Brand Book Plan-a-Palooza is a private planning party for entrepreneurs who want to map out and sell their profitable Brand Book idea... before they even write a word of it!

We are strategizing, brainstorming, outlining, writing, and promoting a Brand Book to act as an evergreen marketing machine and to leverage all sorts of awesome new opportunities.

Join our community to map out your Brand Book by year's end with the help of Jessica's systems and templates.

Selling Society from Chromatical The Selling Society is a Society of digital entrepreneurs on a mission to sell more courses/ memberships/ programs, without burning out and while protecting our energy. We talk about evergreen sales funnels, launching, building your digital business, strategy, mindset, marketing, words, consumer psychology & more.


Congratulations to everyone who created and launched during our 2023 Sprint!

Here’s what some of our members said about the Sprint:

“I really liked having the deadline in place and the incentive of sharing to help us feel motivated. “

“I loved this sprint! I was able to come up with an idea and launch my free community quickly. I am a huuuuge fan of sprints.”

“Loved the motivation to get things going!”

“I loved this Sprint to get me going towards my goals - sometimes launching is the most difficult step, no matter how good the product or successful the business, beginning something new is always scary. Thank you!”

“I loved how you broke down the steps to make it easier for me to take action, as I work full-time. The sprint really helped me pace myself. I also loved the additional templates you shared, made everything so much quicker to implement!”

“Mariah's teachings are always on point. Thank you for the guidance to keep it simple!! Sprint is fun and easy to use!”

💗 Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

If you’d like to launch your own community, digital product, or subscription with our tools and templates, check out Monetize today!


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