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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community is designed to help you build a profitable content strategy, efficient team & automated content process. Step 1: Introduce yourself in THIS THREAD below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Read the rules and checkout our free courses and paid programs
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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
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@Radu Cirstea welcome to the group!
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@Bruce Peterson welcome! I’m sure with your background you’ll be able to make some great stuff from the information in this group
30 pieces of automated content off one transcript?
Hey guys, I recently found Stephen Pope podcast where he explained how to create 30 pieces of content from a brief video in about three minutes on Social Media Marketing Podcast. He mentioned using tools like Zapier to automate the process. We run a physical therapy business, and here's the flow we assume: 1. Record a 90-second reel edited in CapCut. 2. Use a transcription tool to get the text. 3. Use Xavier to process the transcript. 4. Take the transcript and put it into ChatGPT to: - Create a Google Sheet with details for image carousels (so we can manually create them in Canva). - Generate a blog post. 5. Finally, get everything into our content management software to schedule posts across different platforms. I've spent hours looking for ways to automate this entire process, but I can't find a way to go from the video to smaller videos, a blog, and image carousels based on Canva templates, all automatically. Can someone please point me in the right direction or share how to actually pull this off? I don’t mind paying for the course on it if it gets right to it Thanks!
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There’s 2 videos I can think of that @Stephen G. Pope made that should answer your questions:
Important Question About Content Distribution 👇👇
I am running a YouTube marketing agency, and part of our work with clients is to distribute their long form video into distributed short form ones to simply post it on other platforms (IG - TikTok - Shorts - FB Reels) to channel the attention from these platforms to the YouTube channel. So, now I want to do this task effortlessly or automate it, I tried a tool called opusclip to do this task for our clients but I think it's generic and the content is not the best in terms of the hooks and the CTAs, so what should I do in this case?? I just want to convert YT videos into high quality SF content.
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I’ll be curious to hear if anyone has found a good solution for this. In my experience it has been better and faster to do it myself. For long videos I will export the transcript, upload to ChatGPt and prompt it to find the clips I want.
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This is awesome!!!
🥇 The #1 Thing Missing In Most Businesses
All the hype that you can scale a business out of nowhere with little experience does a lot disservice to people. There are a few rare folks out there that can talk and market there way to success with no real product that works, but most of us can't. I think it takes a hackers mind and maybe a lack of ethics to do that. But the problem is, if you go online you'll see all these people with success, telling you what to do, how to do it, you just need this ONE thing. It's super confusing honestly. For myself I've turned off a lot of that noise. I don't really listen to all the get rich schemes. I have learned a lot online from people, but I build my own unique path. I used to save all the strategies and tactics I saw in an Airtable database (of course =). It was overwhelming to say the least. I would have to spend HOURs just sorting through it all. And I mostly never to use any of it. Now I don't write down all the ideas I hear, or save posts, none of it. I keep my mind free from all that. I only keep track of my goals, my current blocker, and I only try and solve that one blocker. I don't create 10 other things to do tomorrow. I started to develop this awareness personally when I started to develop a mission and vision for what kind of world I wanted to help build. A mission and vision gives you a clear set of values and boundaries to live your life. They don't always give you the perfect answer to every question, but in the beginning they surely help you avoid a lot of the noise, and it immediately eliminates all the things people say you need to do. You ALWAYS can check the information that comes into your brain against that mission, and start to discard 99% of what you hear, because it just doesn't apply to you. Even still, every successful business owner says you need one (a mission and vision), but to me it still felt quite vague. Or it felt manufactured when I tried to build one. So for a long time I never put much effort into it. It started to change when I met someone really passionate about building a vision and we got to crafting one for myself.
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I really enjoy these posts! A great read to start my day with
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