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12 contributions to ChatGPT Users
ChatGPT 3.5 vs ChatGPT 4.0
Is it worth the upgrade? Lately, I have been experiencing some lags from ChatGPT 3.5. No answers or cut off answers. I am also curious if ChatGPT4.0 can help me create logos and photos. What’s your experience and thoughts?
New comment Mar 1
0 likes • Mar 1
@Atilla Bilgic thanks for the recos! super helpful and will definitely try those :)
0 likes • Mar 1
@Destiny Martinez yeah, there are still glitches and kinks from time to time. Lately, been experience a lot of delays again with GPT 3.
Free AI Logo Generator >> SoLogo
Came across Sologo which is currently a free AI logo generator. I tried it and it did a good job with my company logo. Check it out >> Sologo If you try it, please share your logo in the comment. I'm interested to see what it generates for you
New comment Mar 13
1 like • Feb 29
Nice!! Thanks @Zahida A Khan for always sharing new insights and updates! Will check this out
Best way to combine/process large amount of content?
I have a couple of long form content pieces (about 30 pages each, or around 20k words total). I want to give GPT some instructions and input both of these pieces of content to create a combined document, taking elements from both and creating a single, merged piece. Total output would be between 20-40k words. I'm using the API in an external tool (Team GPT) and it has the option to use various versions up to GPT 4. Is it possible to put all this content in and have it process the document plus provide output, or would I need to use a different tool/method for that?
New comment Feb 25
1 like • Feb 25
Yes, you can use ChatGPT. Upload the documents to ChatGPT and make sure your prompts/instructions are specific. Something like.. You are a xx expert. Follow these instructions: 1. Read and comprehend the 2 documents I will be uploading. 2. Create a new document combining both papers. Make sure the documents is no more than 40k words 3. Take the ff elements from both docs : X Y Z 4. This document is for a XX report or would be read by XX students.
Good News for Chatbot Agencies!
Source: Bloomberry AI is having a major impact on freelance jobs — but the impact is unevenly distributed. That’s the key takeaway from a new piece of research from Bloomberry, a publication that analyzes labor market trends. The study looked at 5 million jobs across the 12 most popular job categories on the freelancing website Upwork in the past 84 days and found the following trends: - Writing jobs have seen a 33% decline, experiencing the most significant drop in demand. - Translation and customer service jobs also saw a 19% and 16% decline. Both roles have been a major target for generative AI tools launched over the last year. - Translation jobs also saw a 20%+ drop in hourly rates. - Other roles seem to be safe from AI, and some, like video editing and sales, are seeing a big increase in demand despite the emergence of AI tools in these categories. Among AI jobs, those related to chatbots have seen the biggest increase, growing 2,000% over the last 2 years. Other AI-related roles like AI content creation and ChatGPT API integration have also seen an uptick.
New comment Feb 22
2 likes • Feb 22
@Julie Helmer thanks for sharing this! From my experience, AI also has an impact in the info product landscape — shifting from courses/products to more group coaching and consultations.
Can OpenAI Take on Google Search?
Reports suggest that OpenAI is working on a new web search product that could rival Google Search. (Source: Business Insider). This potential development has caused a recent drop in Alphabet stock, Google's parent company. We knew this was coming, and do you think OpenAI will become the dominant Search Engine?
New comment Feb 29
1 like • Feb 21
It depends. Google is working on Gemini to rival ChatGPT. A lot of people are excited for Gemini. Google ain't going down without a fight
1 like • Feb 21
@Zahida A Khan I still use Google a lot though I only have ChatGPT3.5 lol🤣 but it has definitely decreased since I started using ChatGPT. I think it's cause I use ChatGPT a lot to help me with writing copies more than anything. How about you? What do you use ChatGPT for?
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