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Fastbot + Zapier Integrations
I've successfully integrated Fastbot via Zapier to Facebook Messenger. It's pretty cool, and I have a client who needs it, so I was excited to try it out. Have you all been able to integrate Fastbot via Zapier with other Integrations? My next goal is to see if I can get Fastbot to read a Google Calendar to see if I have availability or if I'm busy. What other Fastbot / Zapier Integrations have you all tried?
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I watched the webinar on Jason West's YT channel "FastBots White-Label AI Chatbot Agency" he states that for now the 20 spots have been filled. Therefore, is there any news on when the new cohort will be available or anything at all? Is there a way I could join this currently?
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Joined Agency Today!
After being unemployed for the past 16 months, I decided to take a big step and start my own Chatbot Agency using Agency by @Jason West. I am super excited and thank you @Jason West for providing an amazing platform to do this! I am excited, nervous and anxious to get started!!
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New GPT-4o Now Available On
I'm pleased to announce that my team has now added GPT-4o already! ⚡️ This gives you access to create chatbots you can use on your website with the most powerful LLM available right now. The ability to use voice and upload images etc will be coming in the next few weeks,, but for now you get the normal text chatbot features with a super fast model at half the cost of GPT-4 Turbo. If you haven't signed up for FastBots yet, we offer a free chatbot that uses GPT-3.5 or you can upgrade to the Essential plan from just $16 per month for all the LLMs including Claude 3! 👉 Claim your free chatbot at:
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The High Performance CEO Show Podcast
I recently did a podcast with one of our group members here, @Sebastian Schieke 🙌 If you want to learn more about how AI Chatbots can be useful for your business, take a listen 🎧 Linkedin Event: YouTube Live: Facebook Live: Thanks for the Podcast invite Sebastian. 🤝
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