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How to Create & Edit Images With ChatGPT's DALL-E
DALL·E is a powerful tool for generating images from text descriptions. You can describe virtually anything you can imagine, and DALL·E will create an image that matches your description. The process is pretty straightforward: 1. Provide a Detailed Description: The more specific and detailed your description, the more accurately DALL·E can generate an image that meets your expectations. You can specify subjects, actions, styles, and even emotions. 2. Select Image Size and Quantity: You can choose the size of the image (standard, wide, or portrait) and the number of images you want to generate. By default, it creates one image, but you can request more. 3. Review and Edit: Once the image is generated, you can review it. If it doesn't quite meet your expectations, you can refine your description and try again. New Editing Features The editing features are designed to refine or adjust the images generated by DALL·E. While direct image manipulation (like cropping, adjusting brightness, or adding text) is not available, you can iteratively refine the generated images by adjusting your text prompts and selecting areas of the image to adjust. This iterative process allows you to tweak and perfect the images to better match your vision. Tips for Refining Images - Be Specific in Descriptions: If certain elements of the image aren't to your liking, adjust your description to change those aspects in the next generation attempt. - Adjust Styles and Themes: You can specify artistic styles, historical periods, or even imitate the techniques of famous artists (pre-1912 for copyright reasons) to give your images a unique flair. - Iterative Feedback: Use the images generated as a starting point for further refinements. Describe what you like and what you'd like to change for subsequent generations. Also, here are some of the different styles you can use for your images: - Photorealistic: Images that look like actual photographs, capturing real-life detail and lighting.
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Free GenAI Image Tool With Infinite Scrolling
Just tested Freepik Pikaso AI Image Generator, which also includes Reimagine, Sketch to Image, and Image Enhancer (coming soon!) -- super easy to use and generates gorgeous photorealistic images What I particularly love is their Infinite Scrolling 🔄 -->> After prompting you will get 4 images -->> As you scroll, Freepix shows you 4 more images (premium account) -->> Keep scrolling and you'll get more n more variations, FOREVER
Edit Images Created on ChatGPT
Quick heads up you can now edit any images you create within ChatGPT. Just select the area of the photo you would like to change and prompt 🙂
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Free AI Logo Generator >> SoLogo
Came across Sologo which is currently a free AI logo generator. I tried it and it did a good job with my company logo. Check it out >> Sologo If you try it, please share your logo in the comment. I'm interested to see what it generates for you
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ai logo generator
Any recommendation about ai logo generator?
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