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The Riches are in the Niches - Free AI Tool to Discover Your Niche
I recently explored the powerful concept: "The Riches are in the Niches." Many struggle with selecting a specific niche, so I compiled a list of 3,967 business categories from Google My Business. Using Claude 3.5 Sonnet, I organized these into a detailed spreadsheet outlining industries and target markets for each. From there, I developed a comprehensive guide to help you discover your ideal niche. Try it out for yourself: Do you have a mailing list of brides-to-be? That's a potential target market. Do you have friends and family who are all dentists? That's a specific business type. Perhaps you have extensive experience in home repair? That's your industry. But those are completely unrelated. What now? Start right where you are and use this free tool to pinpoint your best niche. Commit to focusing on it for the next 90 days. Develop tailored content exclusively for this niche, even if you serve other markets. Avoid the trap of thinking "Everyone's a potential customer." By concentrating for 90 days, you'll witness remarkable results. Please try it out and share your feedback with me. I value your thoughts and any ideas you may have to improve this tool. It's one of my first custom GPTs but certainly my favorite. I'd love to know your thoughts on how to improve it.
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Here's how I'm using the ChatGPT Queue chrome extension to conduct research with real time data
Here's how I'm leveraging the search capabilities to conduct research through ChatGPT and organize them into tables. Must be using GPT4 or GPT4o Prompt: I want you to use your search capabilities and return back information in a inline table. When I say "more" find 10 more items. Generate a list of popular paid applications built for diabetics. After this prompt you just queue up a few "more', "more" messages with ChatGPT Queue and let it run.
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Patent knowhow
Would tools like Claude or Perplexity be able to search for Patents and Patent documentation on a particular topic, analyze the same, provide clear simple summaries with benefits and risks for each, and provide some kind of trend analysis on that topic? I'd also like to learn if there is anyway to use these tools to create technical designs and Patent documentation for new application.
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Queue up messages in ChatGPT to automate content writing, coding and more
Hello everyone! Happy to be part of the community. My names Joel, and I love building. After not being able to find this feature online, I created a chrome extension that allows you to queue up messages to ChatGPT. Would love your feedback!
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Get Time back! it's the only thing that matters.
Hello everyone, Has anyone of you got a good handle on time management? I'm an actor and soon-to-be first-time dad and business owner, so managing my time effectively has become incredibly important. Its like sand, slipping through my fingers. I'm curious if anyone here has used ChatGPT in combination with Google Calendar to create a plugin or extension for optimizing your day. If so, could you share your experience and any tips you might have? Warm regards MK
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