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Import previous chats between Copilot and Chatgpt
You can now import, connect and use your previous conversations in existing or new ones and also use them between chatgpt and copilot. This is possible with a new tool called TopicsGPT, check the video to see how it works. Link to the tool in comment.
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Webflow vs Wordpress?
A question, can most the tools be used with Webflow too? or mostly just wordpress. I am revamping my website (moving off of go high level) and was going to move to Webflow but the ai angle is important, I plan to have my own custom bot at some point with my own content loaded.
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Meeting Post! Hello everyone
Hello Everyone, I am one of the prominent ChatGPT users who is happy to share my knowledge and help anyone who needs help in their RAG, grounding ChatGPT answers based on personalised data. I am happy to provide my experience in the field. A bit of background about me: I am one of the founders of a popular GPT in the top 12 in the GPT store and one of the developers of popular ChatGPT plugins. Have a great Friday, everyone!
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How can I analyse my google docs now without plugins?
I use chat-gpt to analyse my clients google documents...before I used plugins. How can I perform the same workflow without plugins?
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📙Learn Faster: AI PDF Summarizer
Found this nifty tool which summarizes PDF, as well, you can use their AI to ask questions and pull out pertinent insights faster: Check out >> AI PDF Summarizer Let me know what you think 🤔
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